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3rd Company Richmond Howitzers

Howitzer Battalion, 3rd Company; aka Stanard's Battery
Richmond, VA

10 May 1861 organized at the Baptist College artillery camp, Richmond, VA

SmithBenjamin H., Jr.Capt
CarterHenry C.1st Lt
PayneWilliam P.2nd Lt
ReadWilliam M.2nd Lt
AndersonJoseph J.Pvt
AndrewsAndrew J.Pvt
ArmisteadWilliam M.Pvt
AustinJohn M.Pvt
AustinThomas H.Pvt
BarksdaleHenry W.Pvt
BarksdaleThomas W.Pvt
BarnardDudley W.Pvt
BassHubert O.Pvt
BassRobert P.Pvt
BlackburnW. S.Pvt
BohannonJoseph T.Pvt
BoisseauC. C.Pvt
BowlesJohn T.Pvt
BreedenWilliam, Jr.Pvt
BrentW. E.Pvt
BrooksThomas V.Cpl
BuggJohn R.Pvt
BurwellDandridge S.Pvt
CardozaEdward S.Pvt
CaseyJesse R.Pvt
ChamberlayneRichard C.Pvt
ChastainJames B.Pvt
ChewHugh P.Pvt
ClarkeJames E.Pvt
CattrellHenry L.Pvt
CottrellJoseph F.Pvt
CourtneyWilliam B.Pvt
CropperGeorge T.Pvt
CrumpEdward M.Pvt
CrumpJohn A.Pvt
CullenEdward F.Pvt
DavisSamuel H.Pvt
EatonP. J.Pvt
EllettEdwin J.Pvt
EvansHenry J.Pvt
FisherW. H.Pvt
FlournoyHenry W.Pvt
FlournoyJohn J.Cpl
FosterGeorge M.Pvt
FourqureauCharles B.Pvt
FourqureauJoseph M.Pvt
FourqureauMatthew W.Pvt
FrenchJames H.Pvt
GambalRobert J.Pvt
GardnerHenry D.Pvt
GardnerMiles H.Cpl
GardnerMiles H.Pvt
GoodeRobert B.Pvt
GoodeWilliam E.Pvt
GreenWilliam H.Pvt
GreenWilliam W.Pvt
GretterFrederick P.Pvt
GretterWilliam B.1st Sgt
HammondJohn T.Pvt
HardwickJohn T.Pvt
HarrisJames L.Pvt
HarrisJohn C.Pvt
HerringC. O.Pvt
HerringWilliam D.Pvt
HuntClaiborne B.Cpl
HutchersonJohn H.Pvt
JeterFrancis A.Pvt
JohnsonG. E.Pvt
JamesAlfred O.Pvt
JonesEdward V.Pvt
JonesI. L.Pvt
JonesThomas S.Pvt
JonesWiley J.Pvt
JonesWilliam R.Pvt
KeeseeF. M.Pvt
LaneGeorge T.Pvt
LearJohn S.Pvt
LearWilliam W.Pvt
LevyDaniel A.Pvt
LiggonSamuel H.Pvt
LorraineEdward C.Pvt
LyellGeorge J.Pvt
LyneWilliam H.Pvt
MahoneyElias N.Pvt
MahoneyFrancis J.Pvt
MajorS. C.Pvt
MandersJames M.Pvt
MayoThomas T.Pvt
MayoWilliam C. A.Pvt
MillerThomas M.Pvt
MitchellRichard B.Pvt
MorganJohn H.Pvt
MorrisEdlow P.Pvt
MorrisonCharles R.Pvt
PageCarter B.Pvt
ParkerGeorge J.Pvt
PietWilliam A.Pvt
PlumeAugustus H.Pvt
PorterDavid E.Pvt
PorterGeorge W.Pvt
PorterPeter B.Pvt
PorterWallace D.Pvt
PowellJames P.Pvt
PowellThomas L.Pvt
PowellT. P.Pvt
PullerWilliam B.Pvt
QuarlesThomas H.Sgt
RobertsRobert R.Cpl
RobertsWilliam H.Pvt
RoperGeorge K.Pvt
SclaterWilliam M.Pvt
ScottGeorge T.Pvt
SheppardSterling C.Pvt
SizerJohn J., Jr.Pvt
SmithJ. N.Pvt
SmithOscar V.Cpl
SoubletteJames D.Pvt
SublettC. T.Pvt
SublettEdward H.Pvt
SublettPeter A.Cpl
SublettWilliam B.Pvt
SwannRobert B.Pvt
SydnorRoger J.Pvt
SydnorWilliam J.Q. M. Sgt
TaliaferroA. F.Pvt
ThaxtonGeorge D.Sgt
Thompson{not named}
TriceJ. J.Pvt
TylerE. G.Pvt
WhiteRobert C.Pvt
WhiteWilliam S.Sgt
WinnEdwin A.Pvt

Source:  Richmond Volunteers, The Volunteer Companies of the City of Richmond and Henrico County, Virginia, 1861 - 1865; by Louis H. Manarin and Lee A. Wallace, Jr.; Official publication No. 26, Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee, Richmond, VA; Westover Press, Richmond, 1969.  (See pgs. 19 - 25 of book for info on this company.)
Submitted by:  Susan Shields Sasek.

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