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Sassytazzy's Photo Album

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1898 Courthouse 2nd courthouse in Lane Co., OR. Torn down in 1959. A different view of this courthouse is available online at the Oregon State Archives website.
I bought this photograph from a local thrift store, the online image is a partial one as the photo measures 11" x 12-7/8" which is too large for my scanner.
Susan Shields Sasek
John in front of train wreck This old photo is from the belongings of my great aunt, Myrtle Corell Myers. The caption at the top reads "John in front of bad wreck". I have no clue as to who "John" is or when/where the wreck occurred. Susan Shields Sasek
Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Co., VA Another old photo from the belongings of my great aunt, Myrtle Corell Myers. Undated. Susan Shields Sasek
Woman This old photo is from the belongings of my great aunt, Goldie Corell Honaker. Undated. Chances are pretty good this woman is one of my relatives, probably one of my great grandmothers, but unfortunately, no one wrote a name or date on it & everyone I know of that could identify her has passed on.

Now's a good time to implore everyone -- I know it may be tedious, but PLEASE identify your photos by writing names (first & last), dates & places (& anything else of interest or note about the particular photo) in pencil on the back. By doing so, you might also have nice things said about you long after you're gone -- instead of someone blaming you for being so lazy, uncaring, etc. as to leave them unidentified.

Susan Shields Sasek

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