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[I'm sorry this page has been unavailable for a while.  In one of the typical "Murphy's Law" unexpected coincidences that always seem to befall me; the Rootsweb site went down for a few days & during that time, my hard drive crashed & I had to reformat, etc.  (My equipment is getting a little too old -- serious need of getting new computer so I can spend more time putting records online instead of fixing my computer every time it crashes.)  When Rootsweb put the sites back online, it seems that everything after 7 Oct was not replaced.  And of course, my CD backup of the site was made on 8 Oct -- everything I had transcribed/scanned/uploaded after that time was lost.  So I transcribed all of this information again & I believe added a little more that I found in different sections of this particular newspaper.  I'm sorry if you looked for it & it wasn't available & as soon as I'm able to get a new computer; hopefully this won't happen again.  If you find any other "bad links" on the site, please put a note in the guestbook along w/ the page that's unavailable & I'll replace it ASAP.  Thanks!  Susan]

Letter from Thomas S. Bocock

Member of the House of Representatives from Virginia

Speaker of the House of Representatives sometime around the Civil War

Dated 25 Jul 1850

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[impressed seal in top left corner of 1st page:  states "Congress", beneath that a picture of a building, & beneath that, small print that I can't read]

Washington July 25, 1850.

My Dear Sir:

I am your debtor for two letters, one received
a few weeks ago, and the other on the day before yesterday,
for which I make you my sincere acknowledgements.

The five dollar note sent in the first was duly received
and disposed of according to your wishes.  I have taken a
receipt for your Subscription to the "Union" up to December
next with a memo on the receipt, that it is then to be
discontinued.  This is what you desired.

You seem to be in the midst of an interesting canvafs
for the Convention, to be held in October to reform the
State Constitution.  You seem too to have no dearth of
Candidates, from which to select the Representatives for your
District.  But I believe that there is scarcely as great a variety
of opinions, as of persons, presented for consideration:  From
the manifestations given through the newspapers, and from
what I hear, from citizens of the District, pafsing through
Washington, the Chief difference of opinion among your candidates
is, that some are in favour of remodeling every thing, while
the others are for sweeping away "every thing and a little over" forth
with if not sooner.  Reform is necefsary and proper; but
it is very unfortunate, to mistake all change for reform

It is very important, I think for the people to select men of


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Submitted and transcribed by: Susan Shields Sasek.  I don't know who the letter was sent to, but my great aunt Virginia Butler Priddy gave it to my father many years ago (if I remember correctly, sometime in the 1970s).

[SSS Note -- characters or words in brackets [ ] are either my comments or items that I either could not read or wasn't sure about]

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