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Marriage Records

Halifax Co., VA Marriage Bond Register

No. 1, 1753 - 1889
Pages 84 and 185

Page 84
Date Husband Name Wife Name Bondsman Name Witness(es) Signer(s) of Certificate Relationship
[Aug 27] 1813 Berry Robert [T]erry Diana [R.] Terry James W Terry Jas. W Terry Joseph  
Terry Coleman
[Aug 26] 1813 Willard John [his X mark] Caiada Susannah Shaw Joseph [his X mark] Shaw Joseph [his X mark] Caiada James [his X mark] Father
[Sept 27] 1813 Wilks Joseph Clay Delpha Terry Johns      
Nov [13] 1813 Wash[er] John Tune Francis Tune Thomas [his X mark]      
[Feby] 1813 Womack Abraham [his X mark] Wade Milly Houghes Jeremiah [his X mark] Vaughan Jas. V Wade Sally Mother
Houghes Jeremiah [his X mark]
[Feby 23] 1813 Wood Joseph Wood Nancy C Lovelace Wm Lovelace Wm Wood Benjamin  
Wood Mary
[Mch 8] 1813 Wood Jeremiah Stand[ley] Elizabeth Jeff[ress] Wm B [Sous____] Washington Standley Elizabeth Mother
Wood Joseph
Dec 2 1813 Ru[pl]es Joshua D. Healey Elizabeth Healey Edward [his X mark] [_____] Danl Healey Elizabeth Self
Healey Edward Thompson John (for R[___]) Guardian 
S[ow___] Washington
Apl 11 1814 Beazley Cornelius Abbott Rebekah Libscomb J[ason] Abbott Henry Abbott William Father
[Nov 9] 1814 Chappell John Pate Patty Jordan Richard Jordan Richard Pate Matthew Father
Williams Samuel
Aug 23 1814 Chandler [_e_e] Featherson Sarah Chandler Hardaway [Whitlow] James F. Featherson Sarah [her X mark] Mother
Henderick L[ewis]
Jany 8 1814 Co[c]ks Francis Owen Patty Hardwick Lewis [his X mark] Adams John Owen J[e]ncy [her X mark] Mother
June 10 1814 Canaday Willis Wilk[s] Anne Wilks Banister      
Feby [1]2 1814 Crews Matthew R[eves] Susanna R[eves] Charles      
Mch 4 1814 Clowdis George Wiley Elizabeth Clowdis Francis Clowdis Frank Clowdis Eliza Mother
Clowdis James
Johnson Thos [X mark]
[Mch] 8 1814 Do[dson] George Hitt[son] Elizabeth Hitt[son] Alexander Hi[ttson] Alexander Jr Hitt[son] Elizabeth Self
[Fby] 22 1814 East John Miller Polly Bowles Allen East Richard Miller Elisha Father
Comer Daniel
[Mch 4] 1814 Estes Josiah Chissum Elizabeth Chi[ssom] Edmund      
[Jany 7] 1814 East Elisha Farmer Hannah Conner David Coner Daniel Farmer Hannah [her X mark] Self
East Richard
Dec 28 1814 Franklin Thomas Purkerson Lizzy Purkerson Joel      
[___ 25] 1814 Fleet John [his X mark] Curtis Betsy Miles Hezekiah      
[_____] 1814 Green J[im] [his X mark] Long Nancy Long Cato [his X mark]      
[___11] [1814] Godby Emond Comer Jin[c]y Comer Nathaniel [his X mark] Comer Nathaniel [his X mark] Comer Archibald Father
[_____] [____] Hall George [his X mark] Young Jincy Strange Julius [his X mark] Strange Julius Young Jin[s]y [her X mark] Self
[_____] [____] [Hughes] Edward P. Brame Martha C. Hughes Jno. Goodwin Lu[s]inda Brame Elizabeth Mother
[_____] [____] [_____] [_____] Hendrick Ch[auby] [Na]nce William Nance Wm Hendrick Cha[ub]ey [her X mark] Self
Dejernett Wal[_]er
[_____] [____] [_____] [_____] Seay Lockey Seay John Seay John [X] Seay Lockey [her X mark] Self

Page 185
Date Husband Name Wife Name Bondsman Name Witness(es) Signer(s) of Certificate Relationship
May 6 1848 Bell Adam S. Faulkner Elizabeth A Bell James [T]. Bell Jas. [T.] Faulkner James Father
Taylor Wm M.
Jany 5 1848 Blackstock James Taylor Emily M Taylor Wm M Taylor Wm M. Taylor Mary [H] Mother
[Oct] 23 1848 Covington Edward Roberts M[ri]ana A. C. Chandler John J. Chandler John J. Roberts [Mra]na A. C. Self
Sept 24 1848 Caban[u]s Charles H. Purkins Martha J. Purkins G. W. Purkins G. W. Purkins Martha J. Self
J[une] 26 1848 Crowder John Jordan Martha S. Crowder Giles [N] Crowder Giles [N] Jordan John Father
[Feby 14] 1848 Coleman [_____] M. Marable Mary [H] Davis C. H. Clapton R. A. Marable Benjamin Father
Davis C. H.
Jany 24 1848 Dickson Lafayette [M] Crews [K]azia O. Crews Robert T. Crews Robert T. Crews Kazia O. Self
Jany [3] 1848 Denton Me[lc]hizedec[h] Anderson Elizabeth James John H. James John H. Anderson John Father
Anderson Tabitha [her X mark] Mother
M[ch] 27 1848 Edmunds Littleton White Sarah Howard Jennings Robt. G. Davis Jasper W. White Thos. W. Father
July 31 1848 East William D. Moore Caroline F. Moore Raleigh W. Moore Wm H. Moore Wm B.  
Moore Rolley W.
Apl 9 1848 Farmer John H. [Harbour] Elizabeth [_] Farmer [_____ _] Farmer A. [H.] [Harbour] [Harrison] Father
Dec 21 1848 Ferrel Alexander Fitzgerald Mary [C.] Callaway James B. Callaway Jas. B. Fitzgerald Sarah Mother
Jany 15 1848 Green Nathaniel Hodges Permelia Hodges Royall [L.] Hodges Royall [L.] Hodges William Father
Oct 23 1848 Glenn John J. Loyd Elvira Chandler John J. Chandler John J. Loyd Thomas [his X mark] [blank]
Jany 8 1848 Hancock Samuel [his X mark] Whittemore Mary Mullins Paul [_] [his X mark] Mullins Paul O. Whittemore Jane [her X mark] Mother
Jany 31 1848 Harris Hubbard [his X mark] Stuard Elviry Ligon Henry [his X mark] Ligon Henry [his X mark] Stuard Elviry [her X mark] Self
[Mr] 8 1848 Hawkins Woodson [his X mark] Stevens Betsy Hall Wm S.      
July 7 1848 Hill Henry [his X mark] Davenport Anne D. Cole John [his X mark] Cole John [his X mark] Davenport Ann D. Self
Dec 13 1848 Jones Thomas A. Wilkerson Mary A Ha[sl]ey Saml. R. Jones Elizabeth [her X mark] Jones Washington [blank]
Wilkerson Mary A [her X mark] Self
Sept 25 1848 Jones Fleming Hensley Mary Jane Hensley Wm      
[Nov] 28 1848 James Geo. W [his X mark] Williams Cassandria Daniel Terry      
[Dec __] 1848 Jennings John W. Pringle Sarah A Pringle John A. Jennings C. [K.] Pringle William Father
Dec [18] 1848 Kent John S. Davis Mary Ann Davis Jacob Davis Jacob Davis Susan O. Mother
Sept 23 1848 Lowry William [his X mark] B[owen] Nancy Yancy Wm Nun Wm [his X mark] Bowen Mrs. Nancy [her X mark] Self
Yancy Wm
J[any] 3 1848 Manfield Martin A. Rice Lucy Ann Rice Wm H.   Mansfield Banister [X]  
Mansfield Susan  
Nov 2[7] 1848 Malone William Blankenship Ann H. Snead Alexander [his X mark] Snead Alex. [his X mark] Blankenship Ann [K.] [her X mark] Self
[_____] [20] [____] Marable George B. Faulkner Ann C Chappell John A Chappell Jno. A Faulkner John Father
[_____] [10] [____] Mayo Powell [his X mark] Mills Ann Harriet Mills Robert [his X mark]      
[_____] [22] [____] Martin William H. Ballow Rebecca A. Medley James, Jr. Ballow Chas. A. Ballow Charles A Father
[_____] [__] [____] Martin [Nathaniel] [his X mark] Hensley Ann Hensley Wm      

Submitted and transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek from pages 84 and 185 of the Halifax Co., VA Marriage Bond Register No. 1; 1753-1889; Microfilm reel #83 at the Virginia State Library Archives (VSLA), Richmond, VA.

My notes and/or items I had difficulty reading are enclosed in brackets [ ].
[The reason I have pages 84 & 185 online is that these are the pages that my ancestors marriages are on (Elisha East & Hannah Farmer -- page 84; and William D. East & Caroline Francis Moore -- page 185). I copied both pages from the microfilm at the VSLA, which I have transcribed & put online instead of just the 2 records pertaining to my ancestors.]

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