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Deeds, Land Records, etc.

Notes from New Kent County, Virginia Land Records

by Joseph Luther, ca 1990

Land Records
New Kent County, Virginia

People Mentioned
Samuel Waddy & William Winston
William Winston, John Lewis, John Crawford, David Crawford, Jr., Robert Anderson, John Brown
Precinct 22, lands of:
David Crawford, Major Nicholas Meriwether, Thomas Anderson, John Lewis, etc.
lands of
John Stroud, Samuel Waddy, John Anderson, etc.
Precinct 6
Antony Winston, widow Winston
Precinct 6
Isaac Winston for Anthony Winston
"the land bought by Mary Anderson from George Wilkinson was on the north side of Totopotamoys Creek, which is in St. Paul's Parish, and it adjoined the land of John Crenshaw and David Thomson."
Precinct 8
Major Nicolas Meriwether, William Meriwether, David Meriwether, John Poindexter
Precinct 4 Samuel Waddy, John Anderson, John Stoud, Josias Simmons
Col. Nicholas Meriwether, William Meriwether, William Fleming, David Meriwether, John Poindexter, William Ford, Capt. Crawford, Robert Netherland, William Winston, widow Waddy, John Anderson, etc.
St. Paul's Parish
Col. Nicholas Meriwether, David Meriwether, William Flournoy, John Poindexter, William Meriwether, William Ford, Capt. Crawford, etc.
Precinct 23, lands of
John Shelton, Wm. Crenshaw, David Crawford
Precinct 12, lands of
widow Archer, John Crenshaw, David Thomson, Mary Anderson, etc.
Precinct 5
David Thomson, overseer
John Poindexter buys land in "Hannover" County adjoining lands of Mrs. Barbary Winston and Benjamin Brown, Elk Creek.
Precinct 5
David Thomson, Matthew Anderson, William Winston, Nelson Anderson, etc.
Precinct 23, lands of
John Crenshaw, David Thomson, Mary Anderson, etc.
Precinct 14
William Meriwether, Robert Netherland, John Thomson, Samuel Cobbs, John Carr, Charles Netherland
Precinct 22
John Archer, Joseph Crenshaw, James Gentry, David Thomson, Nelson Anderson, the Tylers, etc.
John Poindexter's mother leaves will which mentions "lands from my father's (David Crawford) estate descending to me."
Precinct 20, lands of
James Gentry, John Shelton, the widow Tyler, Joseph Gentry, Joseph Crenshaw, David Thomson, Nelson Anderson, Tyler, etc.
Precinct 20, lands of
James Gentry, John Shelton, John Archer, Joseph Gentry, Joseph Crenshaw, Nelson Anderson, Richard Foster, and David Thompson, deceased.  NOTE:  This establishes approximate date of death for this David Thompson.  This record goes on to note that "David Thomson is now John Thomson."

It is important to look at these land records on the basis of family relationships:


Nicholas Meriwether, I married Elizabeth Woodhouse.  She apparently md 2) Browne.  Nicholas Meriwether, II married Elizabeth Crawford, daughter of David Crawford, Sr., son of John Crawford (d. 1676).  Jane Meriwether, daughter of Nicholas Meriwether, II, married Col. Robert Lewis.  Their daughter, Mary Lewis, married first Samuel Cobbs and married second, Waddy Thompson, Sr., son of David Thompson and Elizabeth Waddy.


John Crawford, the emigrant, was killed in Bacon's Rebellion, 1676.  His son David Crawford, Sr. had three children:  Capt. David Crawford, Jr. who married 1695 Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Crawford who married Nicholas Meriwether, II, and Sara Crawford who married Thomas Poindexter.


Thomas Poindexter, son of George, married Sara Crawford, daughter of David Crawford, Sr., and had John Poindexter who had lands adjacent to Benjamin Brown and Barbary Winston in Hanover Co., VA.  John Poindexter married Christian Gossage and had John Poindexter, Jr. whose daughters married Robert Cobbs and Charles Slaughter; another son of John was Joseph Poindexter whose son James married Mary Thomson and son William married Judith Thomson; both daughters of Waddy Thomson, Sr., son of David Thomson.


Robert Anderson married Cecilia Massie.  They had one son, Nelson Anderson, Sr., whose daughter married Waddy Thompson, Sr., son of David Thomson.  Another son of Robert Anderson was John Anderson who married Sara Waddy and their daughter, Ann, married David Crawford, III.  Robert and Cecilia Anderson also had a son, Capt. Robert Anderson, Jr. who married Mary Overton, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Waters) Overton, and their son, David, married Elizabeth Mills.  David and Elizabeth Anderson had a son, Richard, who married first Nancy Meriwether and married second 1779 Milly Thomson, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Waddy Thompson, Jr., son of Waddy Thomson, Sr.  The marriage of Milly Thomson to Richard Anderson was secured by W. Thompson and John Thompson, Jr.  Richard Anderson was in St. Martin's Parish, Hanover Co., VA.  Sara Anderson, widow of John Anderson of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., VA, conveyed to John Thomson 80 acres being land Samuel Waddy conveyed 1696 to John and Sarah Anderson.  John Anderson married Sarah Waddy.


William Overton married Elizabeth Waters.  Their daughter, Mary, married Capt. Robert Anderson.  Another daughter, Temperance Overton, married Capt. William Harris.  Another daughter, Barbara (Barbery) married James Winston and perhaps secondly William Winston.


Isaac Winston, Jr., had a son, James, who married Barbara Overton.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Capt. William Carr, and their daughter, Mary Carr, married Nicholas Crenshaw.  Samuel Winston's will of 1758 was witnessed by David Gentry, Moses Gentry, Waddy Thomson and Charles Cosby.


Edward Carr married Mary Jane Jennings.  Their daughter, Mary, married Sir Thomas Carr and they had two sons:  Major Thomas Carr who married Mary Dabney and William Carr who married Catherine.  Major Thomas and Mary (Dabney) Carr had a daughter, Mary, who married Nicholas Crenshaw.  William and Catherine Carr had a son, Gideon Carr who married Susan ___ and had two sons, Thomas Carr who married Ann Sanders and Gideon Carr, Jr., who married Ann Sandridge.


 Cornelius Dabney married first, Edith.  He married second, Susannah Swann, daughter of Thomas.  She married secondly David Anderson.  Cornelius and Susannah (Swann) Dabney had a son, Cornelius Dabney, Jr. who married Sarah Jennings.  Their son, John Dabney, married Anna Harris.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Bernard Brown.  Their daughter, Lucy Brown, married Nathaniel Thomson.


Col. Thomas Swann married 4th Anne Browne, widow of Col. Henry Browne of 4 Mile Plantation who was granted headrights for importing Thomas Sowerby and William Thompson.  Col. Thomas Swann married 5th Mary Mansfield and by this marriage had a son, Thomas, who married Elizabeth, daughter of William Thompson.  Thomas and Elizabeth (Thomson) Swann had a son, Thomas, whose daughter, Mary Ann (Polly) Swann, married Josiah Thompson in Cumberland Co., VA on 30 Aug 1757.  Mary (Swann) Thompson's brother, Thomas Thompson Swann married Jeanette Carson Blakely.  Their daughter, Catherine, married Col. William Mays and their son, Thomas Thompson Swann, Jr. married Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Josiah and Mary (Swann) Thompson.


The rent roll of 1704 for New Kent Co., VA shows Symon Woody (Waddy) and John Woody (Waddy).  John Waddy of Louisa Co., VA married 1770 Jane Cobbs, daughter of Samuel Cobbs.  Waddy Thomson provided security for this marriage.  His will of 2 Dec 1775 names his son, Samuel, and was ex. by Waddy Thompson of Louisa Co., John Lewis of Spotsylvania Co., and Nelson Thompson of Hanover Co.  The will mentions, "my grandfather Anthony Waddy's will."  In 1735, Anthony Waddy had lands adjoining David Thompson, David Anderson, Jr. and Abraham Fontaine.  Samuel Waddy, Jr.'s will of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa Co., VA, dated 2 Nov 1779, mentions sister, Ann Waddy, grandfather Anthony Waddy and uncle, William Craighill.  The will was witnessed by Nelson Thompson; and executed by Nelson Thompson, William Waddy, and Charles Thompson.  The widow, Jane Cobbs Waddy married David Crenshaw, son of William Crenshaw, Jr. and Susannah Carr.  This wedding of 1777 was witnessed by Waddy Thomson.  The will of Francis Waddy of St. Martin's Parish, Hanover Co., VA was dated 30 Sep 1777 was executed by Nelson Thompson and Samuel Thomson and witnessed by Charles Thomson, John Winston and William Mills.  A David Crenshaw married Elizabeth Hobson in Powhatan Co., VA on 5 Mar 1782.


The 1704 rent roll of York County, VA shows Ambrose Cobbs and William Cobbs.


David Gentry was born ca 1724 and died 1812.  He married second Mary Estes, daughter of Reuben Estes ca 1758.  David Gentry listed in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., VA from 1782 to 1812.


In 1785, John Garland's tax return in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., VA listed John Lewis, a minor.  In 1786, it listed Peter Jefferson, a minor.


Major Robert Harris, son of William and Temperance (Overton) Harris, had a daughter, Anna, who married John Dabney, son of Cornelius and Sallie (Jennings) Dabney, Jr., and moved to Sumner Co., TN.  Robert Harris also had another daughter, Lucy, who married William Shelton.


Samuel Thompson, b. 31 Dec 169_, died 1753 in Louisa Co., VA, md 1) unknown; md 2) Mary McDonald, md 3) Temperance; living in Hanover Co., 1747; settled in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa Co.  Children included:

Thomas Thompson, b. 1718, married Hannah McAllister, died 1774.

Samuel Thompson, Jr., b. 1734, married Anne Jennings, died 1779 in Amelia Co., VA, possibly a nephew of Waddy Thompson, Sr.; Samuel married Ann Jennings.  His will is recorded in Amelia Co., VA 1 Sep 1779 and was executed by brother-in-law Joseph Jennings and son-in-law Christopher Robertson.  Children included in will were:  Jennings Thompson, Nancy Thompson; other children not named included Waddy Thompson, went to Kentucky.  Waddy's daughter, Mary Pulliam Thomson, married ???.  They had Captain Ed Porter Thomson, who married his first cousin on his father's side, Marcella Pitts Thomson.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Thomson, married John Orr.  Samuel Thompson of Hanover Co., VA, in 1747, deeded land to his son William Thompson.  William Thompson, son of Samuel of Hanover, will was recorded in 1788 and mentions children:  Rhodes Thompson, William Thompson, Clifton Thompson, Asa Thompson, John Thompson, David Thompson, Ann Thompson, Mary Thompson, Eunice Thompson, Lydia Thompson, Sarah Thompson.

William Thompson who married Elizabeth.
Sara Thompson, married Bradley Kimbrough
Elizabeth Thompson
John Thompson
Joseph Thompson, married Isabell
Robert Thompson, married Mary ___, died 1783

St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia:

Robert Thompson, died 1702, married Judith, died 1709, had the following children of record (Douglas Register):

Robert, son to Robert Thompson, bap. 24 Apr 1687
David, son to Robert Thompson, bap. 4 Sep 1690
Hannah, dau to Robert Thompson, bap. 22 Jan 1698/99
Susannah, dau to Robert Thompson, bap. 25 Feb 1696/97

Robert Thompson died 12 Apr 1702
Judith Thompson died 14 Mar 1709

David Thompson married Elizabeth Waddy, daughter of Anthony


SSS Note:  Some of these families are so intertwined that I had difficulty following them just from the notes, so I created a database to help me.  Click here to view this WorldConnect database based on these notes.

Submitted by: Joseph Luther, 1990

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