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Death Records

Prince Edward Co., VA Deaths 1862 - 1896

Boatwright, Brightwell, East, Jenkins & Southall Surnames

Name Color Sex Died COD Age Parents Spouse Page Notes
E. BoatwrightWM29 Dec 1882age81John & J. B. 90 
Eliz. BoatwrightWFJun 1866paralisis [sic]58Charles & Mary BaldwinEdwin Boatwright12 
Judith Boatwright[not listed]F24 Jul 1879consumption36Edwin & Elizabeth Boatwrightunm74 
Judith BrightwellWFOct 1875chills & fever84Ruben [sic] & Lucy BoatwrightB. M. Brightwell45 
M. S. BoatwrightWFMay 1882dropsy66Pleasant & Mary CarterRuben90 
Mary BoatwrightWFSep 1865scrofula22Reubin & Sarah Boatwright 8 

[can't read] BrightwellWM24 Sep 1877consumption31H. & Elizabeth Brightwellunm56 
[can't read] BrightwellWMSep 1878[not listed]74[not listed]Alice61 
Adison BrightwellWMJun 1865diarrhea37William & Nancy BrightwellAdeline Brightwell8 
Amy BrightwellCFApr 1885heart disease27unkJames111 
C. S. TaylorWF1 Aug 1878child labor35Archer & Harriett BrightwellWilliam Robert66 
C. W. BrightwellCMDec 1891kidney disease71unkwidower148 
Chas. Thomas BrightwellWM17 Jul 1862wound at Gaines Mill21John & Sarah Brightwell 1 
Davy BrightwellCMAug 1865unk60Ro. & Hannah Brightwell 8 
Elizabeth BrightwellWFFeb 1878colic42S. 7 Francis HarveyAlbert61 
Ella HarrisWF15 Jul 1877congestion brain25Archer & Harriet BrightwellRobert57 
Emaline BrightwellCFMar 1867unk40unknown 14 
Emma BrightwellWF19 Jun 1874brain fever[not listed]C. & M. E. Brightwell 43 
H. BrightwellWM25 Aug 1878dropsy62Charles & Hopy BrightwellElizabeth61 
Henry BrightwellWM14 Nov 1894old age83William & Marywidower165 
Ida BrightwellWFAug 1865pneumonia11 mos.A. G. & Eliza Brightwell 8 
infantCF1862[not listed]3 mos.[not listed] 1Wm. Brightwell, owner
J. W. BrightwellWMAug 1866dropsey53Charles H. Brightwell 12 
Jane BrightwellWF3 Aug 1878[not listed]78Robert & Betsey HillJosiah61 
Janetta BrightwellWFMar 1865fever9C. W. & M. Brightwell 8 
John BrightwellWMOct 1881congestive chill50Josiah & JennieMary83 
Judith BrightwellWFOct 1875chills & fever84Ruben [sic] & Lucy BoatwrightB. M. Brightwell45 
Julia A. BrightwellWF28 Jun 1882consumption35Joe & Jane GlennJohn A.90 
Lucy A. BrightwellWF19 Sep 1862typhoid fever21M. & Julia Brightwell 1 
M. A. BrightwellWFOct 1881cancer80William & Maryunm83 
M. BerkeleyCF17 Aug 1888womb disease31Harry & Rhoda BrightwellEdward129 
M. BrightwellWM26 Jul 1882chills70William & Nancy BrightwellJulia90 
M. S. BrightwellWM11 Aug 1862wound at [Mas] Hill25Reuben & Margaret Brightwell 1 
Martha JenkinsWFMay 1868old age73Bennett & Mary BrightwellHy Jenkins17 
Mary BrightwellWFFeb 1878pneumonia42M. & Julia Brightwellunm61 
Nancy BrightwellWFMay 1865pneumonia78B. & Mary BrightwellWilliam Brightwell8 
NedCMJun 1862cold60[not listed][not listed]1Ed Brightwell, owner
Richard BrightwellWM1 Jun 1892pneumonia65unkwidower157 
Thomas BrightwellWMFeb 1878pneumonia65Barnett & Judith Brightwellunm61 
William BrightwellWMJun 1868[can't read]17M. & N. Brightwell 16 

[no name] EastWMJul 1888cholera infantism2 mos.J. & Eva Eastunm130 

Abram JenkinsWM9 Aug 1876consumption49Henry & Martha JenkinsMary Jenkins52 
Annie JenkinsWFNov 1891diptheria9J. E. & J.unm150 
J. D. JenkinsWM4 Aug 1892heart disease65Daniel & Nancymarried154 
Jane JenkinsWF10 Apr 1871disentary [sic]40 yr, 7 moHenry Jenkins 26 
John JenkinsWMAug 1867fever20Henry Jenkins 14 
Littlebury JenkinsWM16 Jun 1862paralysis100[not listed] 3 
M. L. JenkinsWMMay 1867unk32William & E. A. Jenkins 14 
Maggie JenkinsWFNov 1891diptheria6J. E. & J.unm150 
Martha JenkinsWFMay 1868old age73Bennett & Mary BrightwellHy Jenkins17 
Martha JenkinsWFJan 1879unk[not listed]Russel [sic] & Louisa Jenkins[not listed]67 
Mary DavisWFJun 1867cancer48[no first names] JenkinsWilliam Davis14 
Mary J. JenkinsWFJun 1890spasms1 mo, 14 daysA. M. & E. W.unm141 
Missouri JenkinsWFJul 1865consumption[not listed]J. HawkinsHz. Jenkins9 
R. W. JenkinsWMApr 1865consumption1H. C. & M. Jenkins 9 
William JenkinsWMJan 1879age84Obey & Sarah JenkinsElizabeth Jenkins67 
Willis JenkinsWM7 Sep 1892teething7 mosJames & Nannieunm153 

Ellen SouthallWF24 May 1894spinal affection [sic]28F. W. & E. J.married166 

Submitted by Susan Shields Sasek

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