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Wills and Probate Records

Pittsylvania Co., VA Will Abstracts

East & Brightwell Surnames

Name Date WB # Page # Mentions
Batterman, Louise W.21 Jun 19429242Nannie Sue East, Bud East, Cornelia Barley, Mary Clark, Rich'd Barley, Charlie Barley, Laura Petty.
Burch, Peter L.19 Nov 18944137F. {C}. Burch, Robt. W. Burch, James A. Burch, Emily T. Burch, Mary L. East, Sarah C. Robertson, Martha A. Davis (his widow).
Doolittle, G. W.28 Jul 19327482{Irene} Doolittle East, Mildred D. Brizendine, Katherine Fields.
East, G. W.14 Jul 1928780Carrie H. East
East, {N}. W.5 Jan 19398572Rebecca T. East
Lain, Pleasant18 Jul 18532758Eliz. Lain, Hiram Lain, Hilary Lain, Christopher Lain, C{o}la Lain, Prudence Ridgeway, Martha East.
Mickelborough, Henry17 Oct 1808D & W 11318Francis Cheatham, Eliz. Harper, heirs of Robt. Mickelborough, Sarah Kirby, Maria Sutherlin, Carter Mickelborough, Jane Mickelborough, Alden Mickelborough, Patsey Lumpkin, James Mickelborough, Lucy Harris, {Eliz.} Cornwell, Larkin Cheatham.
Milton, Richard20 Feb 1809D & W 14325Judith Milton, Polly East, Betsy East Milton, Rich'd Milton.
Stone, Mary16 Jun 18451513Maggie East, Polly Harrison, heirs of Joshua Stone, heirs of Wm. Stone, heirs of John Stone, heirs of Coleman Stone, heirs of Clark Stone, Heirs of Polly Terry.
Worsham, Henry21 Feb 1820D & W 11528John Worsham, David, Worsham, Permelia Worsham, Wm Worsham, Eliz East, Martha {Bybe}, Nancy Worsham, Sally Worsham, Agnes Worsham.
Brightwell, John T.21 Dec 18873426Sarah E. Bennett, Jane H. McDaniel, Luther B. Brightwell, G. G. Brightwell, Louisa C. Brightwell.
Farsan, Wm. Robert28 Oct 194710532Janie Brightwell, Lillian Ingram, Nannie {Lee} {Milam}, Geo. Robt. Farsan.
Ferguson, Wm.16 Jul 18552198Eliza Owe{n}, Nancy S. Gardner, Henry H. Ferguson, Billington Ferguson, Caroline Glasgow, Sarah Brightwell, Mary Ann Gardner, Nancy S. Gardner, heirs of James Ferguson, Creed H. Ferguson.
Gardner, N. W. 20 Jul 19034347Joseph C. Gardner, Nat. Anthony, Saml C. Blanks, Annie S. Blanks, L. G. & Josephine Blanks, Saml J. Gardner, Mary Jane Wilkinson, Louisa C. Brightwell, {_} D. Gardner, Martha Ann Jennings children, Nannie B. Glasgow, Wm. L. Gardner.
Lewis, Benj. G.25 Feb 190852Bernard Lewis, Georgie L. McNeely, Mary Edna Warren, Geo. Thos. Brightwell.
Shelton, Henry R.18 Jun 18944125Mary A. Shelton, Joel M. Shelton, James H. Shelton, Geo. W. Shelton, W. T. Shelton, Emily Chaney, Mary Neal, Raleigh Dodson, Henry Dodson, Lester Dodson, Lula Dodson, Mattie Brightwell.

Submitted by Susan Shields Sasek

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