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Bailey Family Cemetery

Amelia County, Virginia

There are only eight marked graves in this cemetery, 7 identified and 1 not. There are a number of large stones on the ground inside the cemetery, which could be mistaken for field stones used to mark graves; however, according to Thelma Mottley, these stones were placed at various times to fill up or cover groundhog holes. The stones used to fill these holes are very old as they were taken from the remains of the Meat House on the old [Benjamin Watkins] Bailey farm (that Thelma also owns). I placed several of these myself on the outside of the wall to fill two large holes.


1. Unidentified large, broken headstone leaning against wall. Appears to be on its side. Could find no inscription on either side of the stone.

2. Headstone. Inscription: "JEREMIAH BAILEY, Born June 2 d 1784 Died April 9 1825".
This is an old stone, unbroken, leaning against wall.

3. Unidentified large, rough stone leaning against wall. It is almost in the shape of a square. Could find no inscription on either side of the stone.

4. Unidentified small stone, looks like a foot marker. Is broken in half vertically & is unreadable. Leaning against wall.

5. Unidentified large stone, possibly part of a stone. Is leaning against wall. Could find no inscription on either side of the stone.

6. Marker. Inscription: "AMELIA HUBBARD BAILEY AUG. 16, 1823 AUG. 27, 1860".
This marker is a replacement that was placed around 1961.

7. Headstone. Inscription: "SACRED to the memory of MRS MARY E. Consort of B.W.Bailey. Born Feby 12th 1813 Died June 26th 1854; Aged 44 years 4 months and 14 days".
This is an old stone that is still standing and unbroken.

8. Headstone. Inscription: "JOHN WESLEY son of B.W. & Mary E. Bailey BORN August 25th 1842 DIED June 24th 1854 AGED 11 years, 10 months and 30 days".
This is an old stone that is still standing and is unbroken.

9. Marker. Inscription: "BAILEY JEREMIAH 1784 - 1825 MARY ANDERSON 1786-1874".
This marker is a replacement that was placed around 1961.

10. Piece of a headstone that is broken in half vertically and is leaning against wall. The inscription reads "IN MEMORY OF".

11. Two small stones, leaning against the wall. Appears to be part of a headstone. Could find no inscription or markings on either stone.

12. Footstone. Small old stone with initials "A. C. B.".

13. Footstone. Small old stone with initials "M. E. B.".

14. Footstone. Small old stone with initials "J. W. B.".

15. Footstone.

16. Metal marker. This small marker is rusted out and appears to be of the type that funeral homes mark graves with until the permanent stones are placed.

17. Headstone. This is a very thin and short (approximately 1 foot tall) stone. The stone doesn't appear to be broken but I could no find any inscription or markings on either side.

18. Headstone. Inscription: "IN MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER VIRGINIA W. BAILEY, Born Mar. 4, 1830. Died Aug. 30, 1878. Asleep in Jesus".
This is an old stone, unbroken and still standing.

19. Headstone. Inscription: "IN MEMORY OF OUR FATHER B. WATKINS. BAILEY. Born Feb. 12, 1814. Died Oct. 13, 1899. 'I know that my Redemmer liveth'.".

On the back of this headstone in the lower right hand corner, the name "J. L. MILLER" is inscribed (possibly the engraver?)

20. Metal marker similar to #16 above.

21. Footstone, broken in half horizontally. This is an old stone with the initials "V. W. B".

22. Footstone. This is a small, old, unbroken stone with the initials "B. W. B."

23. Since there is no gate or opening in the wall around the cemetery, there are concrete blocks placed inside & outside this corner of the cemetery to be used as "steps".

Cemetery Layout Photos
(the numbers correspond with the list above)

Read about & see pictures of my first visit to the cemetery

Read about & see pictures of our "adventure" clearing the cemetery

Read notes about the cemetery and the Bailey family

Cemetery cleared and transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek, Tim Harris, Bill and Ruth East, and Thelma and Jim Mottley on 9 Oct 1988.  Since it is likely that this cemetery will become overgrown and "lost" again, I gave copies of my original typewritten notes and photographs of the cemetery & the headstones to the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia.  I also submitted the record of this cemetery to the USGenweb.

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