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Bailey Family Cemetery

Amelia County, Virginia

After getting permission from Shirley Easter (owner of the field that the cemetery is in) and Thelma Mottley (owner of the cemetery -- note it was not sold with the rest of the property, the cemetery itself remains in the hands of Bailey descendants), I returned on 9 October 1988 to clear the cemetery & determine who was buried there -- Tim Harris (my ex husband), Bill and Ruth East (my uncle & aunt on my maternal side of the family -- not related to Bailey family),Thelma Mottley and her son Jim were all a part of the day long effort to chop, clear, photograph & record. We were all determined to make a record of this cemetery, as it is so easy for small cemeteries such as this one to become "lost" over time. Time had already taken its toll on some of the headstones, and Thelma replaced a few of them back around 1961.

Here are the pictures of the cemetery being cleared

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley starting the dirty work of cutting down the overgrowth -- working in the front right side of the cemetery

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley have cut down a path down the right side of the cemetery and are working their way down the back side

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley still working down the back side of the cemetery -- we had a technical difficulty when one of the cutters lost the spark plug -- imagine us trying to find it in all of the weeds!

So far, the front right corner & half of the back right side have been cleared

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley have made their way down the back side and are working up the left side towards the front of the cemetery

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley working on the last of overgrowth in the left front corner

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley cutting down the last of the overgrowth in the front left corner

At this point, they've cut down all of the large overgrowth & we just have to cut the last of the small weeds

Tim Harris and Jim Mottley taking a well deserved break after hours of back breaking work

Read about & see pictures of my first visit to the cemetery

Next on the agenda was to photograph and record what we found . . .

View the cemetery photos after it was cleared

Read notes about the cemetery and the Bailey family

Cemetery cleared and transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek, Tim Harris, Bill and Ruth East, and Thelma and Jim Mottley on 9 Oct 1988.  Since it is likely that this cemetery will become overgrown and "lost" again, I gave copies of my original typewritten notes and photographs of the cemetery & the headstones to the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia.  I also submitted the record of this cemetery to the USGenweb.

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