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Cemetery Records

Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Huntersville, Mecklenburg Co., NC

ca 1989

Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Mecklenburg Co., NC
c. 2005

C - J surnames

Partial listing of 592 names, including the following surnames:

Abernathy (24),    Alexander (63),   Allen (2),   Allison,   Baker (6),   Barkley (6),   Barnett (3),   Barron (2),   Barry (9),   Barton,   Bean,   Beaty (3),   Bell,   Black (3),   Blackwood (2),   Blythe (13),   Bradley (3),   Brown (3),    Butler (2),    Caldwell (2),   Campbell (3),   Cannon & Canon (9),   Capps (3),   Carr (9),   Carson (3),   Collins,   Craven (2),   Cumming,   Davidson (9),   Dohorty & Dougherty,   Douglas & Douglass (4),   Dunn,   Dunnfe,   Elliott & Elliotte (9),   Emerson,   Fullham,   Garrison,   Gathings,   Graham (2),   Grey (2),   Hampton (6),   Hannon,   Harry (7)Henderson (35),   Houston (7),   Hunter (3),   Irvin (3),   Jamison (7),   Johnson (2),   Kennerly (2),   Kerns (20),   Kerr (2),   Kincaid,   King,   Knox,   Latta (3),   Lawing (2),   Little (5),   Long (2),   Love,   Luckey (2),   Martin (3),   McAulay (3),   McClure (4),   McCorkle (11),   McCoy (5),   McCraken,   McCreaken,   McElroy (5),   McEntire (3),   McGin,   McKnight,   McLure (2),   McNeely (4),   Miller,   Mincy,   Monteith (9),   Moore (10),   Nance (2),   Parks (17),   Patterson (4),   Peel,   Peoples (4),   Petters,   Pharr (2),   Puckett (16),   Rankin (3),   Reid (2),   Robinson (4),   Rodgers,   Ross (3),   Rufsel or Russel,   Sample (18)Shields (7),    Sommerville,   Spencer,   Stephens (6),   Stevens (2),   Stewart (5),   Stinson,   Stowe (2),   Stuart (3),   Thompson & Thomson (6),   Todd (6),   Torrance & Torrence (11),   Underwood (4),   Vance (10),   Wallis,   Warren (2),   Wharton (3),   White (8),   Whitley (5),   Wier,   Williams (8),   Williamson (2),   Willis,   Wilson (18),   Winders,   Withers,   Woodruff,   Woods (2)

A - B
C - J
K - P
R - W

Name Surname Sex Title Born Birth Year Died Death Year Age at death Spouse Name Spouse Surname Parents Names Parents Surname Notes
Abigail BaneCaldwellf      May 14180232         
MaryCaldwellf      December 30183324John H.CaldwellAndrewSprings"Mary N. (M) Caldwell", eldest daughter
C. F.Campbell        April 01188765 yrs, 4 mos, 27 days         
D. W.Campbell    June 051859July 271896           
Martha E.Campbellf  April 081828February 261901  C. F.Campbell     
Edward J.Cannonm  February 151810December 05184434 yrs, 9 mos, 20 daysJane E.Cannon     
Jane E.Cannonf  September 071812December 11184331 yrs, 4 daysEdward J.Cannon     
Margaret AlexanderCannonf        1802  JamesCanon     
Martha A.Cannonf      October 08179864         
JamesCanonm      September 08178453 yrs, 5 mos +MargaretCannon    "James Canon (Cannon)", aged 53 years and near 6 months"
JohnCanonm      January 19179464         
JosephCanonm      April 04180334         
Peggy TerressaCanonf      February 1318054         
Samuel D.Canonm      May 27183427         
MaryCappsf      August 21 (24)18376 yrs, 7 mos    John & NancyCapps 
NancyCappsf      October 07183055JohnCapps     
WilliamCappsm      January 02183321 yrs, 1 mo, 7 days    John & NancyCapps 
BarbaraCarrf      July 10185867 yrs, 1 mo, 26 days         
BarbaraCarrf      March 22183382         
JaneCarrf  January 171789August 141854           
John A.Carrm      October 26183315         
MaryCarrf  September 071783January 29183955 yrs, 4 mos, 22 days         
RachelCarrf      July 04185864 yrs, 7 mos         
RobertCarrm  December 171750May 101843           
Robert WilliamCarrm  February 181852March 081855      J. H.Carr 
WilliamCarrm      June 16183052         
AnnCarsonf      November 13179930        "far from her home separated, from her people . . ."
JohnCarsonm      October 18181250         
SarahCarsonf      October 04183053         
Mary M. HendersonCollinsf  April 241848February 241924  Jas. S.Collins     
Martha A. GluyasCravenf  August 221859January 051903  Dr. Walter P.Craven     
Walter P.CravenmDr.December 291845December 051929  Martha A. GluyasCraven     
Calvin KnoxCummingmRev., D.D.July 011854March 251935      Samuel & MargaretCummingb. Hampton, Scotland; d. Davidson, NC; missionary to Japan 1889-1925; parents b. in Stranraer, Scotland
Benjamin WilsonDavidsonm  May 201787September 251829           
Elizabeth LeeDavidsonf      April 27184562 yrs, 7 mos         
JamesDavidsonm      September 1017889 mos         
James T.Davidsonm  October 211843March 041874           
Jane ElizabethDavidsonf      December 03184421 yrs, 3 mos, 18 daysDr. W. S. M.Davidson     
John W.Davidsonm      April 0718235 mos         
LizzieDavidsonf                J. R. & E. O.Davidsoninfant
W. S. M.Davidson    November 021817December 151873           
William LeeDavidsonmGeneral  1746February 011781      GeorgeDavidsonyoungest son, father res. Lancaster, PA; moved to Mecklenburg Co., NC in 1750; Brigadier General; killed at Battle of Cowan's Ford
JohnDohortym      February 16179046         
JaneDoughertyf      February 20182446         
JosephDouglasmEsq.    September 04180555         
C. E.Douglass    February 031882March 01191987 yrs, 1 mo         
Ida M. KernsDouglassf  April 021870October 241911  G. L.Douglass     
Samuel A.Douglassm  April 171826November 181905           
JamesDunnm      August 29181349 yrs, 3 mos, 6 days         
AndrewDunnfem  October 311791    71         
Andrew, Jr.Elliottm  April 091804January 111855           
Andrew, Sr.Elliottm  March 291765March 121855           
Annie L.Elliottf  December 071809June 16187363 yrs, 6 mos, 2 days         
Catherine L.Elliottf  January 181800April 051861           
GeorgeElliottm  May 171794June 21187379 yrs, 1 mo, 4 days         
Margaret E.Elliottf  January 151798June 101831           
MaryElliottf  February 101802July 01187977 yrs, 4 mos, 21 days         
WilliamElliottm  January 201816July 031856           
E. L.ElliottefMissAugust {no date listed}1813December 111891           
NancyEmersonf      September 09181676 yrs, 5 mos         
Martha A.Fullhamf  July 121831April 071905           
AbigailGarrisonf      September 03189273         
BrownieGathingsf  July 041881February 101931  Harry F.Barnett     
MargaretGrahamf      May 12182171WilliamGraham     
WilliamGrahamm      July 17181878        md; father
Freddie McMurrayGreym  July 091885February 011887           
Jane McCulloughGreyf      April 05188349Hugh A.Grey     
Charles FisherHamptonm      October 221896      J. W. & C. R.Hampton"unmarked graves in the new graveyard"
Chas. FisherHamptonm  May 041852October 221896           
Cynthia R.Hamptonf      May 311896  J. W.Hampton    "unmarked graves in the new graveyard"
Cynthia WilsonHamptonf  February 231824May 311896           
Robert ThomasHamptonm  May 101854April 181921           
Robert ThomasHamptonm      April 181921      J. W. & C. R.Hampton"unmarked graves in the new graveyard"
Laura J.Hannonf  March 301855September 02187015 yrs, 5 mos, 2 days         
{infant}Harry                  W. B. & Sarah A.Harry 
{infant}Harry                  W. B. & Sarah A.Harry 
Ann L.Harryf  September 291839October 091843           
DavidHarrym  September 301798April 241849           
John F.Harrym  August 291829August 071871          elder of Hopewell Church
Sarah LawingHarryf  December 081838July 291875  W. B.Harry     
Wm. BatteHarrym  February 261834June 171889           
{infant}Henderson    June 161897June 171897      D. R. & C. R.Henderson 
{infant}Hendersonm  March 181905May 071905      A. M. & P. R.Henderson 
AlexanderHendersonm      August 151895
          {? is year 1895 correct ?} [See Woods Henderson; headstone reads "Alexander Woods Henderson"]
Alice ViraHendersonf  February 131852January 30186310 yrs, 11 mos, 17 days    R. & M. C.Henderson 
Andrew R.Hendersonm      December 28190175 yrs, 6 mos, 20 days         
AnnHendersonf  July 211841September 231841      R. & M. C.Henderson 
AnnHendersonf      May 29183056JohnHenderson     
BetsyHendersonf      March 14182135 yrs, 4 mos         
Charissa P.Hendersonf      September 11180819         
David RobinsonHendersonm  October 261854February 101931  Theresa Carrie RobinsonHenderson     
Dovy WinslowHendersonf  June 291850February 191851           
James SampleHendersonm  March 041836November 101912           
JohnHendersonm      May 23184262 yrs, 10 mos         
JohnHendersonm      September 07180962         
JohnHendersonm      November 14179470         
John MiltonHendersonm  July 091855February 28186610 yrs, 7 mos, 19 days    R. & M. C.Henderson 
Lawson P.Hendersonm  August 181839August 17186121 yrs, 9 mos, 21 days    R. & M. C.HendersonCSA, killed at Yorktown, VA
Marcus S.Hendersonm  March 031868March 311868      J. S. & M. E.Henderson 
MargaretHendersonf      September 13180928         
Margaret E. HarryHendersonf  October 311836April 071895  James S.Henderson     
Margaret R.Hendersonf  August 091874September 291875      A. R. & R. R.Henderson 
Martha CarolineHendersonf  April 011814March 26189176 yrs, 11 mos, 25 daysRobert, Jr.Henderson     
Martha JaneHendersonf  December 081887June 191911           
MaryHendersonf      September 25182542         
MyraHendersonf  August 231842September 151842      R. & M. C.Henderson 
NancyHendersonf      June 30179317 mos         
Rachel Roxanna RutledgeHendersonf  June 191832June 181908  A. R.Henderson     
Robert, Jr.Hendersonm  March 211804February 26186358 yrs, 11 mos, 5 days         
SarahHendersonf      February 08180855         
Sarah E.Hendersonf  January 111868September 041878           
TenieHendersonf  April 301862June 221862      J. S. & M. E.Henderson"Little Tenie"
Theresa Carrie RobinsonHendersonf  December 141869June 181897  David RobinsonHenderson     
Willie P.Hendersonm  July 071863January 231865      J. S. & M. E.Henderson 
Wm. A.Hendersonm  August 161844May 19186318 yrs, 9 mos, 3 days    R. & M. C.HendersonCSA, died & buried at Richmond, VA
WoodsHenderson            17 mos         [see Alexander Henderson; headstone reads "Alexander Woods Henderson"]
Esther F.Houstonf      August 14190875         
Eunice McCoyHoustonf    1801{spring}1863  MatthewHouston     
Ida B.Houstonf  March 191866August 141870      J. M. & J. E.Houston 
Jane Elizabeth SampleHoustonf  April 101835June 141914  John MarshallHouston     
John MarshallHoustonm  July 131827June 161915  Jane Elizabeth SampleHouston     
Robert S.Houstonm  April 231857December 191861      J. M. & J. E.Houston 
W. M.Houston      1800April {no date listed}1879           
Elizabeth V.Hunterf  December 081851December 221896           
Sarah E.Hunterf      February 10183824         
Thomas N.Hunterm  April 291854April 241888          father
EdwardIrvinm      October 10179054         
MargeryIrvinf      October 29178848         
RobertIrvinm      August 11180317 yrs, 9 mos         
AndrewJamisonm      July 08181032 (52)         
ElizabethJamisonf      May 31180060 (31)         
IsabellaJamisonf      January 30181641        md; mother
JonasJamisonm      June 28186737         
RobertJamisonm  June 301774September 131832           
Sadie RebeccaJamisonf  November 141885August 281893      W. A. & A. L.Jamison 
ThomasJamisonm      December 161808           
Andrew C.Johnsonm      November 1318207 mos, 15 days         
LouisaJohnsonf      October 22184150 yrs, 2 mos, 28 days         

A - B
C - J
K - P
R - W

Also see Hopewell Presbyterian Church cemetery headstone photos that I took when I visited the cemetery.

Source:  The History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church, for 175 years from the assigned date of its organization, 1762; by Charles William Sommerville, Ph.D., D.D., Hopewell Presbyterian Church, 1939. {See pages 287 - 313 for transcriptions of inscriptions on these headstones. Also more information can be found on many of these individuals &/or their families throughout the book.}
Extracts submitted by: Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly brackets { }.

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