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Daniel Family

Supporting Documents - Tennessee

Supporting Documents - Missouri

Effie Daniel Rankin

Obituary 02 Oct 1956

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Doerr/Duerr Family

Supporting Documents

Augustus Doerr

Guardian of children of Philip Doerr, dec'd 18 Dec 1866
Marriage 28 Apr 1867
Perry County Sun obit Nov 1905

John/Johann Christian Doerr

New Store 17 Mar 1865
New Advertisement 02 Sep 1870
Goodspeed bio 1888
Perry County Republican obit 11 Nov 1911
Perry County Sun obit 16 Nov 1911

John Doerr

Deed of land to Ferdinand Klump 1880

Louis Doerr

Goodspeed bio 1888
Perry County Republican 03 Jan 1935

Rosa Pfeiffer Doerr

Perry County Republican obit 13 Jan 1921

Philip Doerr

Will 30 Nov 1861
Proof of Will 30 Dec 1861
Certificate of Probate 20 Dec 1861
Administrator's Bond 02 Jan 1862
Final Settlement 13 Jan 1865
Administrator's Sale 23 Jun 1865

William Doerr

Elected Coroner 11 Nov 1864
Perry County Sun obit 02 Feb 1911

Doerr Grove

Fourth of July picnic 10 Jul 1868
Fourth of July picnic 8 Jul 1870

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Jones Family

Supporting Documents

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Klump Family

Supporting Documents

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Livingston Parish, Louisiana

Thomas Green and Frances C. Davidson

Sale of land to James McDaniel 06 Apr 1842

James & Keziah Traylor Durbin

Sale of land to Lauson & Rice 04 Dec 1834

Christian and Mary Eliza Mathews Grenes

Sale of town lots to Patrick Murray 20 Feb 1852

James and Sarah Hutchinson Morrison

Sale of land to W. Nicol 04 Apr 1837
Purchase of land from James Hutchinson 06 Jan 1846

S. G. Parsons, Sheriff

Sheriff's sale of land to August T. McNeill 03 Jun 1833

Samuel & Mary Knight Settoon

Transfer of land from estate of John Sims 27 Apr 1838
Sale of land to Samuel Patterson 11 Nov 1840

Richard and Mary Ann Scaggs Wade

Renunciation to William Wells 04 Oct 1833
Sale of land to Donald McDonnell 19 Aug 1837
Sale of land to Moses T. Vinyard 10 Nov 1842
Transfer of Land to Wells & Grenes 03 Oct 1846
Transfer of town lot to Wells & Grenes 16 Dec 1846
Transfer of land to William Wells 16 Dec 1846
Sale of land to Christian Grenes 14 Oct 1847

Levi & Phillip Spiller

Sale of land to satisfy judgement 25 Oct 1834

Jacob J. & Mary Spiller Watts

Sale of land to Lorin Chapman 02 Feb 1853

John Wells

Sale of land and slaves to William Wells 24 Jan 1835

William Wells

Estate of Joshua B. Curtis 02 Apr 1845
Purchase of land at Sheriff's sale 03 Jul 1847
Sale of land to Spencer M. Bankston 13 Jan 1849
Sale of land to Henry T. Neal 26 Apr 1849

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McCabe Family

Supporting Documents - Louisiana

Supporting Documents - Missouri

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Michael Family

Supporting Documents - Missouri

New Haven, Connecticut

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Augustus Doerr

Perry County Sun Nov 1905

John/Johann Christian Doerr

Perry County Republican 11 Nov 1911
Perry County Sun 16 Nov 1911

Louis Doerr

Perry County Republican 03 Jan 1935

Rosa Pfeiffer Doerr

Perry County Republican 13 Jan 1921

William Doerr

Perry County Sun 02 Feb 1911

Margaret Rankin Dudzik

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10 Sep 1960

Ethel Klump Griffith

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 23 Aug 1977

August Klump

Perry County Republican 03 Mar 1916

Ferdinand Klump

Perry County Republican 10 Nov 1925
Perry County Sun 10 Nov 1925

Susannah Layton Michaels

Weekly Perryville Union 06 Jan 1871

Ann Moore Rankin

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 03 Jan 1967

Bernard J. Rankin, Sr.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 20 Oct 1962

Effie Daniel Rankin

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 02 Oct 1956

Joseph Irl Rankin

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 30 Aug 1968

Lester Norman Rankin

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 03 Jan 1967

Samuel Edward Rankin

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 06 Aug 1943

George Wade Richardson

Southern Cultivator 22 May 1858

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Perry County, Missouri

Elisha & Mary "Polly" Belsha

Deed to James Phillips 01 Jun 1824

Josephus Blandford

Guardian Bond for Mary Kline 13 Mar 1854

Michael Burns

Guardian Bond for Sarah and Barnabus Burns 05 Nov 1828

Nancy Burns

Guardian Bond for Elizabeth, Henry and Letitia Burns 26 Jun 1826

Richard L. Dorsey

Guardian Bond for James Burns 26 Dec 1826


History of Southeast Missouri, 1888

Bernard Horrell

Guardian Bond of children of Clara Manning Horrell 15 Oct 1855

Joshua Hudson

Guardian of George W. Hudson 19 Jun 1868

Ellen Kline

Elizabeth Kline, Guardian of minor daughter of William Kline, dec'd 13 Mar 1854

Joseph A. Kline

Administrator's Notice 24 Mar 1865
Peter Kline, Guardian of minor son of William Kline, dec'd March 1854

James Layton

Goodspeed bio 1888
Indictment for murder of Mary Maddock Layton, wife 14 Feb 1842
Perry County Republican account of crime 1903

John Layton, Sr.

Plea for clemency 25 May 1843
Gratitude for clemency 26 Jun 1843

Richard Maddock, Jr.

Guardian Bond for James Layton, Jr., minor heir of James Layton, dec'd 06 Jan 1844

Joseph Manning

Administrator's Notice 02 Oct 1868

Hilarion Manning

Indenture to George Killian 07 Jul 1828

Timon R. Manning

Guardian Bond for Mary and Minerva Manning, minor heirs of Cornelius Manning, dec'd 13 Jun 1853

William Moore

Indenture to James C. May 27 Dec 1825

Perry County

Register of Deaths 1883-1886
1828 Tax List, Perry County, Missouri (transcribed)

St. Mary's Church, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri

Marriages - Brides List

Ferdinand Sutterer

Marriage 02 Jun 1866

Mary Louisa Tucker

Guardian Bond for John P. and Mary Ann Kline, minor heirs of William Kline, dec'd 04 Aug 1858

Susan Manning Abernathy Twyman

Guardian Bond for Margaret E. and Simon Moore, minor heirs of John B. Moore, dec'd 02 Jul 1855

Thomas Twyman

Guardian Bond for James and Joseph Greenwell 08 Nov 1836

Sylvester Zahner

Election to Public Administrator 28 Nov 1916

Weekly Perryville Union

News items of local interest 1863-1874

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Rankin Family

Supporting Documents - Missouri

George Washington Hudson

Guardian Bond for Sanford F., George A., and Charles A. Rankin, minors 06 Dec 1875

Ann Moore Rankin

Obituary 03 Jan 1967

Bernard J. Rankin, Sr.

Obituary 20 Oct 1962

Effie Daniel Rankin

Obituary 02 Oct 1956

Joseph Irl Rankin

Obituary 30 Aug 1968

Lester Norman Rankin

Obituary 03 Jan 1967

Samuel & Elizabeth Richardson Rankin

Purchase of schooner from Micajah Spiller 20 Nov 1820
Marriage to Elizabeth Richardson 29 Oct 1823
Sale of schooner to Robert Palmer 13 May 1824
Bond to perform marriages 02 Feb 1829

Samuel Edward Rankin

Obituary 06 Aug 1943

Samuel E. & Ellen Kline Rankin

Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate 15 Apr 1864
An Accident 03 Mar 1878
Guardian for minor children of William and Maria Smith Riney 1880-1882

Sanford Rankin

Man Shot 13 Mar 1863
Adminstrator's Notice 08 Apr 1863
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate 23 Jun 1865

Sanford Sylvester Rankin

Marriage License

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Richardson Family

Supporting Documents - Livingston Parish, Louisiana

William & Margaret Richardson Akers

Sale of land to N.O.G.L.& B. Co. 24 Nov 1843
Administrator of Estate of Elihu T. Murray 12 Jun 1844

William & Rebecca Richardson Durbin

Purchase of land from David Gaines 04 Dec 1835

James & Rebecca Richardson Durbin Morrison

Act of mortgage to heirs of William Durbin 13 Dec 1856
Sale of land to Elijah Settoon 09 May 1857
Sale of land to Mary Grass 09 May 1857

Elihu T. and Deliliah Richardson Murray

Sale of land to Moses Vinyard 26 Nov 1834
Sale of land to W. W.Perkins & J. Fernum 05 Dec 1834
Purchase of land from Hosea R. Murray 08 May 1841
Sale of Estate to Rufus S. Haight 12 Jun 1844

Robert & Mary "Polly" Richardson Palmer

Renunciation to William Akers 02 Dec 1833
Purchase of land from Zelotas Tucker 22 Jul 1845
Estate Sale 18 Jun 1853

Alfred Richardson

Sale of land to Kennedy, Richardson & Smith 25 Jul 1837
Sheriff's sale to Charles Myers 31 Oct 1840

Edmond B. Richardson

Sale of land to George Richardson 29 Mar 1844

Enoch Richardson

Purchase of land from Louis Gainey 15 Nov 1833

George & Margaret Hamilton Richardson

Bill of sale to J. Wells, et al 18 Aug 1833
Sale of land from Spinks to Darling 14 May 1834
Purchase of land from James S. Morgan 02 Jan 1836
Purchase of land from James Morgan 09 Sep 1836
Sale of land from Thomas Raiford 14 Aug 1839
Transfer of land from Thomas Kennedy 04 Nov 1839
Sale of land to Thomas Raiford 24 June 1842
Sale of land to Harmon Turner 02 May 1843
Sale of land and slaves to sons 21 Aug 1843
Sale of land to John McCarroll 01 Apr 1845
Sale of land to N.O.& N. R. R. Co. 01 June 1847
Purchase of land from Adeline E. Walmsley 21 April 1852
Sale of land from Benj. Manning to Clark & Brown 31 Mar 1853
Sale of land to Thomas B. Winston 20 Jul 1853
Partition of land jointly held with Wm. Akers 31 Jul 1853
Obituary 22 May 1858

James Dickson Richardson

Sale of land to Joseph Young 15 Jun 1843
Sale of land to George Richardson 22 Feb 1844

Samuel & Rachel Hamilton Richardson

Sale of land to Richardson, Smith, & Kennedy 06 Apr 1837
Act of partition by heirs 12 Apr 1844

Samuel & Bridget Murray Richardson, Jr.

Business partner of Christian Grenes 01 Feb 1849
Purchase of town lot from Richard Wade 31 Dec 1849
Sale of town lots to Levi Arnold 29 Jan 1855

David & Elizabeth Richardson Spiller Wood

Sale of land to D. B. Cason 29 Mar 1852
Application for bounty land 05 Apr 1852

Supporting Documents - St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

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St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

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Thorpe Family

Supporting Documents

James A. Burns

Guardian Bond for children of Lewis Thorpe, dec'd. 07 May 1862
Guardian Bond for children of Lewis Thorpe, dec'd. 07 Nov 1867
Resignation as guardian for Thorp children 25 Oct 1868
Voter registration 19 Aug 1870

Excerpts from the Pioneer Families of Cleveland

Maj. Lorenzo Carter
Col. James Kingsbury

George W. & Diantha Thorpe Lewis

Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate 8 Apr 1863

Thomas J. Moore

Guardian Bond for minor heirs of Lewis Thorpe, dec'd 03 Dec 1867

William Potter

Capital Crime 1662

Lorena Chandler Thorpe Stewart

Guardian for minor children of James Oliver Thorpe, dec'd 16 Nov 1916

Dayton A. Thorpe

Ferd G. Bergman, Guardian of minor heir of Oliver Thorp, dec'd 14 Nov 1916

Elizabeth Thorpe

Miscarriages with a young man 1660

Goodwife Thorpe

Testimony at Witchcraft Trial 1655

John Thorpe

Indiscretions with Rebecca Potter 1666

Lewis Thorpe

Guardianship 10 Jul 1818
Chancery Court appearances 15 Jun 1841

William Thorpe

Passenger List of the Hector, 1637

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