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William Thorpe's Court Appearances

At a general Court for New Haven the 4th of the 10th month, 1656

The townsmen informed that they hear there is a great disorder in cutting wood in the ox-pasture, and that some do take up their fence about the field that is fenced, and carry it away, which they ought not to do, but to leave it in good repair.

For those which have cut wood disorderly, it was declared that the names of the offenders should be given in, and the Marshall gather the fines, according to Order, which if they refuse to pay, then to warn them to the next Court;

And there was now mentioned William Davis, Henry Glover, Jeremiah Whitnell, Thomas Meekes, William Thorpe, and Samuel Whithead; and they or any other are desired to give further information of such as they know have offended in the like kind, that so order may be attended; and after Court was brought in to the Secretary, Mr. Wakeman, Robert Hill, Richard Hull, John Ponderson, Mr. Gibbard, John Gibbs,Thomas Powell, and Mr. Goodyear.

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