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Nathaniel Thorpe

Nathaniel Thorpe is the son of William Thorp. He appears frequently in the Towne Records of the New Haven Colony.

Family of Nathaniel Thorpe & Mary Ford

Nathaniel Thorpe was the eldest son of William Thorp and his first wife. He was born abt. 1640 in New Haven, Connecticut. He was married twice, first to Mary Ford on 20 November 1662. Mary was the daughter of Timothy Ford. She had at least one sibling, a brother named Samuel.

Nathaniel and Mary Thorpe had 8 children:

  1. Nathaniel THORPE,Jr., b. March 06, 1664/65, New Haven, Connecticut; m. Elizabeth LITTLE, Abt. 1686.
  2. Mary Thorpe, b. November 1666; d. Bef. 1668.
  3. Mary Thorpe, b. February 01, 1667/68; m. John Mackay, May 06, 1692.
  4. William Thorpe, b. April 30, 1670; d. Bef. 1680.
  5. Daughter Thorpe, b. January 14, 1671/72; d. January 1671/72.
  6. Abigail Thorpe, b. May 15, 1676; m. Thomas Thompson.
  7. Elizabeth Thorpe, b. July 21, 1680; d. Bef. 1690.
  8. Samuel Thorpe, b. February 13, 1681/82, New Haven, Connecticut; d. March 14, 1764; m. Hannah Thompson, March 01, 1705/06, New Haven, Connecticut.

Little is known about Mary Ford. We know she must have died before 1692, because on 10 Dec of that year, Nathaniel Thorpe married Sarah Brooks.

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Family of Nathaniel Thorpe & Sarah Brooks

Sarah was born 09 September 1661, so she was about 20 years younger than Nathaniel. She was the daughter of John Brooks. Sarah Brooks was probably the widow of Benjamin Robbins, and may have had some children. Sarah and Nathaniel were married until his death in 1709. They had four children.

Children of Nathaniel THORPE and Sarah Brooks are:

  1. Sarah Thorpe, b. December 10, 1692.
  2. Hannah Thorpe, b. May 12, 1695; m. John Tyler, July 11, 1716.
  3. Experience Thorpe, b. March 04, 1698/99; d. September 07, 1768; m. Nathaniel Payne, February 17, 1725/26.
  4. Lydia Thorpe, b. September 12, 1702; d. January 08, 1770.

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Ancient Town Records of the New Haven Colony

  • 28 Apr 1685 Heywards. Thom. Kimberly and Natha値l Thorp were chosen heywards for Coopers Quarter.

  • 4 Nov 1689 Viewers. John Mix and Nath値l Thorp were Chosen Fence viewers of Coopers quarter forthey are Current, and since sworne by me W. J. [William Jones, 1624-1706]

  • 25 Apr 1693 For Coopers Quarter Nathaniell Tuttle and John Mix and Nath値l Thorp Chosen Heaward.

  • 28 Dec 1696 Ebenezer Blakly and Nath'll Tharp. Upon the Desire of ebenezer Blakly and nath'll tharp, Junior, the towne granted them Liberty to take in and improve for 8 years 11 acres of the towne Land for the Raising of Corn, the Land Lying on the plain on the west side the Rode that Cometh from the iron works to wallingford upon the hill side they to fenc the said Land with the wood that groweth on the Land, John and Sam'll Basset to Lay out the Land to them so as not to Damnifie any high way and att their cost.

  • 25 Dec 1699 An account of the fenc a bout the yorkshire quarter and westfield the north flank beginning at the Comon gate: Nat値l Tharp, 3 rods, 13 foots, 6 inches.

  • 18 Jan 1703 Here followeth the names of the free men in new haven entred march 1702/03. Those so marked x are Dead or Removed out of the towne. 35 x Nath値l Tharp, Senior.

    • The General Assembly in October, 1702, ordered that the clerks in the Colony towns keep a list of the freemen in their respective towns and call over the names at every meeting of freemen. The freemen were to be fined two shillings for unexcused absences, the fines to go for the use of the towne (PRCC, IV, 398). This list was obviously used for a number of years, as some of the names checked off are persons who died some years later.

  • 18 Sep 1705 It is to be notted that there is an high way beginning on the north side of samuell farrins Lott at the west end and crosseth the Lotts So far as nathaniell Tharps Lott a country Road. per W知 Thomson, NH Surveyor.

  • 29 Apr 1707 Here followeth The Claims that persons made and had Land Laid out to them in the Half Devision also allowed in the Sequestred Land which Lots was drawn aprill 3d 1704. Nath値l Tharp his fathers 1st purchas Right. Nath'll Tharp, Junior, 2/4 of Rich'd Littels Right in 1683. footnote 23.  Nathaniel Thorpe, Jr. (1665-1737), m. the daughter of Richard Litle (d. 1689).

  • 29 Apr 1712 Free men. The persons under written took the freemens oath viz't.: ...Nathan'll Tharp..

  • 22 Dec 1718 Fence viewer and haywards (chosen for the ensuing year) Muddy River field, Sam'll Todd, Tho: Ives. Haywards Nathaniel Tharpe, senior, Joshua Ray.

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Definitions of Ancient Occupations

"Fence viewer" has the power to compel citizens to share the cost of common fences, or to keep up their fences when complaints are made.

"Hayward" , an office instituted in Feb. 1647/48, supervised the use of land, inspected the fences about enclosures in his quarter, mending small defects and reporting major ones to the owner, and impounded cattle and hogs.

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