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Nathaniel Jr., Moses & Joel Thorpe

Very little is known about the next three generations in our Thorpe line, other than their names and dates of birth. The Thorpe families all lived in the northern part of New Haven, which was incorporated as the town of North Haven in 1786.

A sign in town placed by the Town and the Connecticut Historical Commission in 1978 commemorates the Thorpe, Humiston and Blakeslee families.

Generation 3:  Nathaniel Thorpe, Jr. & Elizabeth Little

Nathaniel Thorpe, Jr. was born March 06, 1664/65 in New Haven, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Little Abt. 1686, daughter of Richard Little and Joan Walker.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Little Thorpe had 8 children:

  1. Elizabeth Thorpe, b. March 06, 1687/88; m.Josiah Tuttle.
  2. Rebecca Thorpe, b. May 10, 1690; m. Thomas Warner.
  3. Hannah Thorpe, b. June 07, 1692; d. October 06, 1745.
  4. Nathaniel Thorpe, b. March 07, 1694/95; d. June 16, 1726.
  5. Isaac Thorpe, b. October 08, 1697; d. July 26, 1771; m. (1) Dinah Luddington, October 05, 1725; m. (2) Ann ----- (Thorpe), Aft. 1745.
  6. Samuel Thorpe, b. September 06, 1702, New Haven, Connecticut; d. July 26, 1767, North Haven, Connecticut; m. Ann Payne, December 28, 1727, New Haven, Connecticut.
  7. Moses Thorpe, b. October 03, 1707, New Haven, Connecticut; d. September 24, 1793, North Haven, Connecticut; m. Lydia Luddington, December 05, 1732, New Haven, Connecticut.
  8. Aaron Thorpe, b. January 20, 1708/09, New Haven, Connecticut; d. July 20, 1766, North Haven, Connecticut.

29 Apr 1707
Here followeth The Claims that persons made and had Land Laid out to them in the Half Devision also allowed in the Sequestred Land which Lots was drawn aprill 3d 1704.

Nath'll Tharp his fathers 1st purchas Right.
Nath'll Tharp, Junior, 2/4 of Rich'd Littels Right in 1683.
Footnote 23. Nathaniel Thorpe, Jr. (1665-1737), m. the daughter of Richard Litle (d. 1689).
Source: Ancient Town Records of the New Haven Colony

Isaac Thorpe's son, Jacob Thorpe, was killed by the British during the Revolutionary War, 06 July 1779.

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Generation 4: Moses Thorpe & Lydia Luddington

Moses Thorpe was born October 03, 1707 in New Haven, Connecticut, and died September 24, 1793 in North Haven, Connecticut. He married Lydia Luddington December 05, 1732 in New Haven, Connecticut, daughter of Henry Luddington and Sarah Collins.

Children of Moses Thorpe and Lydia LUDDINGTON are:

  1. David Thorpe, b. December 22, 1734, New Haven, Connecticut; d. 1811, North Haven, Connecticut; m. Hila Bishop, March 02, 1757, New Haven, Connecticut.
  2. Moses Thorpe, b. July 04, 1736, New Haven, Connecticut; d. Abt. 1760; m. Lucy ----- (Dayton), May 02, 1759.
  3. Phebe Thorpe, b. November 08, 1739, New Haven, Connecticut; d. March 15, 1823, North Haven, Connecticut; m. John Hayes, June 03, 1762, North Haven, Connecticut.
  4. Joel THORPE, b. September 11, 1741, New Haven, Connecticut; d. November 03, 1790, New Haven, Connecticut; m. Mary Stanley, December 29, 1762, New Haven, Connecticut.
  5. Abel Thorpe, b. October 21, 1743, New Haven, Connecticut; d. September 12, 1810, North Haven, Connecticut.
  6. Timothy Thorpe, b. Abt. 1746; m. ELSIE BATES, Abt. 1776.
  7. Lydia Thorpe, b. Abt. 1748; d. November 14, 1810, North Haven, Connecticut.
  8. Hannah Thorpe, b. Abt. 1750; d. September 06, 1815, North Haven, Connecticut; m. Zuar Bradley, April 06, 1785, North Haven, Connecticut.
  9. Lucy Thorpe, b. Abt. 1752; d. February 09, 1815, North Haven, Connecticut; m. Joseph Dickerman, March 08, 1770, North Haven, Connecticut.

Moses Thorpe appears on the muster roll in service of the King of England in the pre-Revolutionary period.  He served from 1757 - 1759 in the 6th Company 2nd Regiment. In 1757, he defended Fort William Henry.  In 1758, he was in Louisburg. And in 1759 he was in Quebec.

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Generation 5: Joel Thorpe & Mary Stanley

Joel Thorpe was born September 11, 1741 in New Haven, Connecticut, and died November 03, 1790 in New Haven, Connecticut.  He married Mary Stanley December 29, 1762 in New Haven, Connecticut, daughter of Josiah Stanley and Mary Miles.

  1. Josiah Stanley Thorpe, b. March 13, 1764, New Haven, Connecticut; d. June 11, 1780, North Haven, Connecticut.
  2. Abraham Thorpe, b. Abt. 1765.
  3. Statira Thorpe, b. Abt. 1767, North Haven, Connecticut.
  4. Augustus Thorpe, b. Abt. 1769.
  5. Joel THORPE, b. Abt. 1771, North Haven, Connecticut; d. July 25, 1814, Battle of Lundy's Lane, War of 1812, Buffalo, Erie County, New York; m. Sarah DAYTON, Abt. 1792.
  6. Miles Thorpe, b. Abt. 1773; d. October 01, 1776.
  7. Benjamin Thorpe, b. Abt. 1773; d. October 12, 1794, New Haven, Connecticut.
  8. Mary Thorpe, b. Abt. July 02, 1780, North Haven, Connecticut; d. June 26, 1789, New Haven, Connecticut.
  9. Abigail Thorpe, b. Abt. July 02, 1780, North Haven, Connecticut.
  10. Stanley Thorpe, b. April 1783; d. November 03, 1790.
  11. Almira Thorpe, b. Abt. April 30, 1786.

Joel Thorpe, Sr. (son of Moses) served with his father in the service of the British crown, in the 6th Company, 2nd Regiment, in 1762.

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