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Joel Calvin Thorpe & Margaret Catherine Manning

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Early Life

Joel Calvin Thorpe was just 9 years old when his father, Lewis Thorpe, died in 1859. His mother, Elveretta Phillips, was left with 8 children to raise on her own: six from her marriage to Lewis and two from a previous marriage to Joseph Sadler. Within a year, she married for the third time to James A. Burns, son of Michael Burns and Rebecca Long. James was a widower, his first wife being Monica Moore, and brought his three children into the family: his son Henry, and his stepdaughters, Theresa and Jane Hooss (from Monica's first marriage to George Hooss). By 1863, James and Elveretta had two daughters of their own, bringing the total number of children in the family to thirteen. James A. Burns became the guardian of the minor Thorpe children, and served in that capacity until his resignation in 1867. Thomas Jefferson Moore took over as guardian and curator of Joel and his siblings.

Little is known about Joel's life as a child. The Burns family were members of the Bois Brule Baptist Church, so it may have been at school or at a local event that he met his future wife, Margaret Catherine Manning.

Margaret was born September 01, 1851. She was the fourth child of John Basil Manning and Minerva Ann Horrell. John Manning was born in Perry County in 1824. His family had been part of the Maryland League, a group of Catholic families that left Maryland after the Revolutionary War and settled in Kentucky. His father, Mark Manning, received a Spanish land grant in 1803 and moved to Perry County in 1804. Minerva Ann Horrell had been born in Kentucky in 1823. Her family moved to Perry County before 1836.

In 1857, John Basil Manning died at the age of 33; his daughter Margaret was just 6 years old. Her mother Minerva, did not remarry. She raised not only her own six children, but she also took in her half-brother, John Basil Horrell, when his mother died in 1848.

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Family of Margaret Catherine Manning

John Basil MANNING, born 1824 in Perry County, Missouri; died May 02, 1857 in Perry County, Missouri. He was the son of Mark MANNING and Margaret HEARD. He married Minerva Anne HORRELL April 22, 1845 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Bernard HORRELL and Mary GOUGH; born 1823 in Kentucky; died January 14, 1901 in Perry County, Missouri

Children of John MANNING and Minerva HORRELL are:

i. Mary-Matilda Manning, born February 16, 1847 in Perry County, Missouri.

ii. Clarissa/Clara Manning, born November 29, 1848 in Perry County, Missouri.

iii. James B. Manning, born May 19, 1850 in Perry County, Missouri; married Lavina Ann Tucker November 02, 1874 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Rafael Tucker and Candace Brewer; born March 28, 1852. James and Lavina were the parents of four children: John Josiah Manning, James Basil Manning, Margaret Candace Manning, Anna Eliza Manning.

iv. Margaret Catherine MANNING, born September 01, 1851 in Perry County, Missouri; died March 27, 1916 in Perry County, Missouri; married Joel Calvin THORPE April 18, 1871 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri.

v. Lucy Anna Manning, born December 13, 1852 in Perry County, Missouri.

vi. Ellen Josephine Manning, born December 13, 1853 in Perry County, Missouri; married Felix Pius Moore August 04, 1873 in Perryville, Missouri 1880 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. He was the son of Louis William Moore and Theresa McAtee; born February 19, 1854, died February 1880. Ellen and Felix were the parents of one son: Joseph Vincent.

vii. Mark Theophilus Manning, born April 05, 1854 in Perry County, Missouri; died December 30, 1931 in Perry County, Missouri; married Mary-Rosella Miles October 18, 1880 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. She was born January 03, 1862 in Perry County, Missouri; died April 09, 1925 in Perry County, Missouri. Mark T. and Rosella were the parents of twelve children: Margaret Ann, John James, Mary, Robert Theodore, William Henry, Matilda, Louis Emmett (married Cecilia Lucille Merkel), Clara, George Edward (married Pearl Agnes Regelsperger), Leonard Joseph, Ralph Bernard, and Bertha (joined Sisters of Loretto as Sister Rosine Marie).

viii. Theodore Manning, born December 23, 1855 in Perry County, Missouri; died October 18, 1957 in Perry County, Missouri.

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Marriage Record

Marriage Record -- Click on image to see a larger view

Joel Calvin Thorpe and Margaret Catherine Manning were married in a Catholic ceremony at St. Mary's Church of the Assumption in Perryville, 18 April 1871.

"18 April [1871]
I, the undersigned, this day married Joel Thorp (a Christian), son of Lewis Thorp and Elveretta Phillips, and Margaret Catherine Manning, daughter of John Manning and Minerva Horrel. Witness James Manning and Martha Thorp.[signed]J. V. Brennan, C. M."

Source: Marriage Records, St. Mary's Church of the Assumption, Perryville, Missouri (translated from Latin)

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Family Life

Joel and Margaret set up housekeeping on the family farm, located about 9 miles northeast of Perryville, and began to raise a family there. We know a little about their daily life at this time from some brief items that appeared in the Weekly Perryville Union. Life in the country meant frequent and dangerous encounters with wildlife. Once a snake was killed on the farm which measured 10-1/4 inches around its belly and weighed fifteen pounds. Joel demonstrated some skill with firearms when he once killed a wolf on the Joseph Klump farm. He and his step-brother, James Sadler, often went hunting in the woods, bringing back prize coon skins.

Even domesticated animals could be a problem. Joel is reported to have lost control of a team which was pulling his wagon as he was returning home. The team became frightened and ran away. Joel wasn't injured, but the wagon was "broken in several places".

Another hazardous occupation was wood cutting. There's one account of Joel or his brother injuring his left hand while "cutting timber". A man who was visiting the Thorpe farm, injured himself severely when he struck his right foot with the axe. He was unable to return home for a few days.

In 1881, Joel built a new house for his family, which had grown now to include five children. They moved in the day before Christmas, and celebrated on the 26th with a dance. A few weeks later, Joel's cousin, Milon Thorpe, paid a visit to his Perry County relatives. Milon, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, was the son of Lewis Thorpe's brother, Bezaleel.

In 1882, Joel was involved in the tragic incident of the disappearance of Orlando T. Lewis. Orlando was the son of George Lewis and Rebecca Phillips, who by this time were both deceased. Joel and his family were probably well-acquainted with this young man. Orlando's mother was Joel's cousin. George Lewis' first wife had been Diantha Thorpe, Joel's half-sister.

"SHOT AND KILLED. -- A terrible accident happened to Orlando T. Lewis, a young man about 21 years old, residing some eight miles north of Perryville. At about noon on last Tuesday the unfortunate young man concluded to go hunting, and accordingly got his ammunition, and shouldering his rifle, left for the woods nearby. Tuesday passed away and he did not make his appearance, when it was feared something serious had occurred. On Wednesday Joel Thorpe and John Dippold started out in search of him, and after wandering about until 4 o'clock in the evening, they discovered him, cold in death, his spirit having passed to that bourne from whence no traveller ever returns, with a bullet hole through his head. He was found one half mile from Mr. Dippold's dwelling, At seven o'clock in the evening, William Doerr, our coroner, was informed of what had occurred, when he repaired to Mr. Dippold's to hold an inquest. The jury 's verdict was that Mr. Lewis came to his death by the accidental discharge of his gun."
26 May 1882, Weekly Perryville Union

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Children of Joel & Margaret Thorpe

Joel and Margaret had six children during their 34 years of marriage. While they were married in the Catholic church, their children were not raised in that religion. Four of the children were baptized into the Catholic church as young adults, and eventually married spouses of that religion. Joel's sisters, Mary Victoria and Rebecca Burns had married brothers, George and Henry Killian. It may have been their influence that made L. B., Ora, Mary Ellen and Mattie convert to Catholicism.

Joel C. Thorpe died on 15 Dec 1905. His place of burial is unknown at this time. He may have been buried with his mother's family in the cemetery of the Bois Brule Baptist Church. In his will he left his property to his wife, Margaret, for her use until her death. Margaret died of influenza on 27 March 1916 and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Perryville.

i. Lewis Bernard Thorpe, born May 04, 1873, Perry County, Missouri; died May 30, 1956, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri; married Mary-Christina Seemes, February 26, 1900, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri.

Baptized (sub-conditional) on 29 Mar 1898, Louis Bernard, born May 04 1873, son of Joel Thorpe and Margaret Thorpe (nee Manning). Sponsor: Felix Guyotte. Priest: J. Layton, C.M.
FHCFilm #1940098, Catholic Church records, Perryville, Mo., 1857-1920, Book 2, pg. 162

Known as "L. B.", he was named after his two grandfathers: Lewis Thorpe and Bernard Horrell. An item appeared in the local newspaper in 1898: "There will be a big ball at Mary Milfelt's one night next week. L. B. Thorp will furnish the music." He was baptized on 29 March 1898. L. B. and Mary Thorpe had two children of their own and raised a nephew, Joseph Emmett Klump.

ii. James Oliver Thorpe, born November 1874, Perry County, Missouri; died November 1910, Bois Brule Township, Perry County, Missouri; married Mary-Lorene Chandler, 1898, Missouri. She was the daughter of William Chandler and Rhonda Webb; born April 18, 1881; died March 12, 1931. Oliver and Lorene were the parents of five children: Homer Oliver (married Hallie Beard), Blanche Emma (married Joseph G. Callier), Edgar Hurbert (wife's name was Edith), Hattie Irene (married John T. Evans, and Selena (married Luther Howell).

Known as Oliver, he was named for two uncles: his mother's brother James Manning (who was a witness at his parents' marriage), and Oliver Thorpe. He and his wife, Mary Lorene Chandler, had five children during their 12 years of marriage. After Oliver's death in 1910, his wife remarried and raised the children with her new husband, J. F. Stewart.

James Oliver Thorpe, Abt. 1898.  Photograph courtesy of Sharon Thorpe.  Click to see a larger view.

iii. Mary-Ellen Thorpe, born October 14, 1876, Perry County, Missouri; married (1) Martin B. Nienhous, November 20, 1894, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri; married (2) Napoleon Bonaparte Phegley, Aft. 1895.

iv. Ora Mary Thorpe, born April 18, 1878, Perry County, Missouri; died March 15, 1936, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri; married Joseph Emanuel Comte, October 19, 1897, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. He was the son of Emanuel Comte and Mary Philomena Gramonte who were both born in France; born February 5, 1870; died April 23, 1954. Ora and Joseph were the parents of at least ten children: Leo J. (wife's name was Mildred), Mary Garnetha, Margaret Zita, Charles Leslie, Nicholas Earl, Edwin Emanuel (married Ruth Moore), Bernard Raymond (married Rosalia F. Klump), Dolors, Rachel Mary (married Elliott J. Hagan), Marie Theresa.

Ora Thorpe and her sister, Mary Ellen, were baptized as adults in the Catholic church in 1894. "Baptized on 13 May 1894, Ora A. Mary Lee, birthdate not listed, daughter of Joe Thorpe and Margaret Manning. Sponsors: Mary V. Killian. Priest: James More, C.M." FHCFilm #1940098, Catholic Church records, Perryville, Mo., 1857-1920, Book 2, pg. 99, #9 The sponsor was her aunt, Mary Victoria Burns, her father's sister. Ora was killed in a traffic accident while crossing St. Joseph Street in Perryville. Joseph and Ora are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Ora Mary Thorpe & Joseph Emanuel Comte.  Photograph taken in April 1998 at Mt. Hope Cemetery by Shirley Ann Rankin. Click to see a larger view.

v. Minnie (Minerva) Thorpe, b. September 18, 1881, Perry County, Missouri; d. November 26, 1903; m. ----- Sutterer, April 27, 1903.

Newspaper article: 1898 "Miss Minnie Thorp, who has been visiting in Illinois for several weeks returned Sunday". Little else is known about her. It is believed that was married to a Sutterer and may have died in childbirth, but no record of that has been found.

vi. Martha Evelyn Thorpe, born August 20, 1890, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri; died June 07, 1969, California; m. (1) August Klump, April 16, 1907, Perryville, Perry County, Missouri; after his death, she married (2) Walter Barnes, 1920.

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