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Chancery Court, Perry County, Missouri

Clement Knott vs Lewis Thorpe & wife, Sally or Sarah Mossey,
James Preston, Amzil Chandler & Samuel Bartlett & wife
Original Bill

June Term 2nd day & 15th day of the Month A. D. 1841
No. 35

This day the defendants by their solicitor come and move the Court and file their [motion] to dismiss this cause. -----

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June Term 5th day & 18th day of the Month A. D. 1841

This day came the parties Anna Thorp & Serene Bartlett by their Solicitors and having filed their answer and the complainant having filed his Replication thereto therefore this Cause is set for hearing at the Next Term of this Court and the above named Ann Thorp, and Serene Bartlett, having failed to appear according to the commands of this Court, after having been duly sumoned [sic] to do so, the complainants bill is taken for confessed, as to them and unless they do appear at the Next term of this Court, and answer the complainants Bill, the decree will be made absolute against them and this Cause is continued to the Next Term of this Court.-----

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October Term 5th day & 15th day of the month 1841

This day came the parties by their Solicitors & this suit, having been set for hearing at this Term it was taken up, upon the Bill and answers of the defendants & other Exhibits and the Testimony of Isidore Moore Senr.

Whereupon the court after mature delibaration [sic] being had, does order, adjudge and decree, that all the right title and Interest which Jonathan Preston had in and to the one hundred and sixty acres of Land in the complainants Bill mentioned at the time of his death pass to and be vested in the said Clement Knott, his heirs and assigns forever as fully & compleatly [sic] as the same was in the said Jonathan Preston at the time he executed to the complainant his title bond or at any time since,

And the Court does further order, adjudge and decree, that the defendants herein as heirs and legal representatives of the said Jonathan Preston deceased do convey to the complainant, Knott, his heirs or assigns by general warrantee deed of conveyance therein, conveying all the right, title & interest which they have in and to the said one hundred and Sixty acres of land as the Heirs and legal Representatives of the said Jonathan Preston deceased

And it further ordered adjudged and decreed that the complainant have & recover of the defendants his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended and have execution thereof.

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