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State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

Purchase of Slave, Rebecca
Samuel Richardson from Uriah Stevens
29 October 1828

Be it remembered that this day came before me Burlin Childress, Parish Judge and ex officio Notary Public in and for the Parish of St. Helena State of Louisiana, personally appeared Uriah Stephens of the Parish of St. Tamany who declared that for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars to me in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I have bargained, sold and delivered and by these presents grant, bargain, and sell unto Samuel Richardson, his heirs and assigns the said party being present and accepting, one negro girl named Rebecca of the age of Twenty four, free from all incumbrances ... from the vices and maladies proscribed by law, to have and to hold, the said slave unto the said purchaser, his heirs and assigns, to their proper use and befoof forever, and the said seller for himself, his heirs - said slave to the said purchaser, his heirs and assigns, shall and will warrant and forever defend agains the lawful claims of all persons, whomsoever, by these presents. Done and passed at St. Helena in the presence of Thomas Green Davidson and Daniel? L. Gun? [or Green] witnesses who have hereunto signed their named with the parties and me the said Parish Judge ex officio Notary Public this twenty ninth day of Oct. one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight.

Uriah Stevens
Samuel Richardson

Thos. Green Davidson

Burlin Childress, P. J.

Source: Conveyance Records - St. Helena Parish, Louisiana (FHL Film 0355804)

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