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State of Louisiana
Parish of Livingston
Louisiana State Seal

Sale of Land
Samuel Richardson to George Richardson,
Ralph S. Smith and Thomas Kennedy
06 April 1837

Be it Known and remembered that on this Sixth day of April in the year of or Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and thirty Seven,

Before me, Thomas Kennedy, Parish Judge and Ex officio Notary Public, in and for the State of Louisiana and Parish of Livingston,

Personally came and appeared Mr. Samuel Richardson of said Parish, who declared that for and in Consideration of the sum of Three Thousand Dollars, to be paid as herein after expressed, he does bargain, sell, convey, assign, set over and deliver to George Richardson of the Parish, Ralph S. Smith and Thomas Kennedy, William Akers present and accepting for George Richardson and Ralph S. Smith, and Thomas Kennedy present accepting for himself,

A certain tract of land situated in the Parish of Livingston on the border of the lake Marsh, Containing Seven hundred and twenty acres, one tract on the mouth of Silcus Creek of Six hundred and forty acres, Bounded North by the lands of George Richardson, East and South by Public lands, and West by land of C. T. Preston, also two other tracts of land of forty acres each making 80 acres.

One of said forty acres tracts is the North west quarter of the North west quarter of Section No. 29 of Township No. Seven South of Range No. Eight east.

The other forty acre tract is the Northeast quarter of the North east quarter of Section No. Eight east,

To have and to hold, the above described tracts and parcels of land to the said Purchasers, to them, their heirs and assigns, to their proper use and behoof [sic] forever.

The said vendor binding himself, his heirs and assigns, that he will warrant and defend the above described tracts of Land to the same purchasers against the claims of all persons, whomsoever, by these presents.

This sale being made for the sum of Three Thousand Dollars, Two Thousand Dollars of which is paid down in cash, the reciept [sic] of which is hereby acknowledged, and for the other Thousand Dollars, The said purchasers have furnished their Joint promisary [sic] Note for the sum of One Thousand Dollars, payable twelve months from the date there of, and dated the fourth of February ...

Then, to these presents came and Intervened Mistress Rachel Hamilton, wife of the said Samuel Richardson, and by him duly assisted and authorized to the full extent and Validity there of, who declared that in becoming a party to this Instrument it is her wish and Intention to release in favour of the said Purchasers all the Mortgages, liens and Claims which she has on the above described land.

Whereupon I, the said Judge and Notary, did inform the said Mistress Hamilton, That by the laws of this State, she has a General mortgage on all the property of her Husband and well as on the property herein sold; for the restitution of Dotal property brought by her in Marriage or subsequently acquired either by succession, donation or otherwise, for the restitution of her paraphernal [sic] property of which her said husband has had the administration or enjoyment and has been alienated by him for Indemnity against debts which she has contracted and for which she has made herself liable Jointly with her said husband and for mutual presents.

But wishing to give the said purchasers a perfect title to the property herein sold, the said wife declares that she does persist in this determination.

She has above expressed and does by these presents, forever and of her own free will and acord [sic], renounce and relinquish to the said purchsers all the mortgages, liens, and claims which she has on the above described tracts of land, arising from any cause whatever, binding herself at all times to ratify and confirm to them this sale and the validity of the renunciation she now makes.

By examination of the records of Mortgages of this Parish and of this date, it appears that the property herein sold is free of any Mortgage or lien recorded in this office in the name of the present Vendor.

Thus done and passed in presence of Moses Vinyard, and Thomas McCabe, competent witnesses who have signed their names with the said appearers and me, the said Judge and Notary, this day and date above written.

Mistress Rachel Richardson, not knowing how to write her name has made her ordinary mark.

Samuel Richardson
Rachel X Richardson [her mark]
William Akers
Thomas Kennedy

Moses Vinyard
Thomas McCabe

Thomas Kennedy, Parish Judge

I hereby certify the foregoing act of sale has been duly recorded in my office this fifth day of May Eighteen hundred and thirty seven.

Thomas Kennedy, Parish Judge

Truly Recorded April 3rd, 1870
Geo. D. Wells, Recorder

Source: Conveyance Records - 1835-1865, Livingston Parish, Louisiana (FHL Film 0355915)

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