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State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

Richard Wade and Samuel Rankin
Sale of Schooner to Robert Palmer
13 May 1824

Be it known that this day before me, James McKee, Notary Public in and for the Parish of St. Helena and State of Louisiana, duly commissioned, personally appeared Richard Wade and Samuel Rankin, both of the Parish & State aforesaid, who declared that for said in Conisideration of the sum of four hundred and seventy-five Dollars to them in hand paid ... where of is hereby acknowledge; they do by these presents grant, bargain and sell unto Robert Palmer of the same parish, a schooner called the Admiral of Springfield -- together with all sails ..., and furniture, to have and to hold, the said schooner unto the said Robert Palmer, his heirs and assigns and to his and their proper use and behoof for ever, and the said Richard Wade and Samuel Rankin for themselves and their heirs, the said schooner to the said Robert Palmer his heirs and assigns against all persons whomsoever shall and will ... and for ever defend by these presents.

Done and passed at St. Helena aforesaid the thirteenth day of May one thousand Eight hundred and twenty four in presence of L. H. Moore and Lewis Woolf, witnesses who have hereunto signed their names with the appearers and me the said notary.

R. Wade
S. Rankin
Robert Palmer

L. H. Moore
L. Woolf

James McKee, Notary Public.

Source: Conveyance Records - St. Helena Parish, Louisiana (FHL Film 0355804)

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