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State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

Marriage Records
Augustus Richardson and Ann Gainey
October 1829

Know all men by these presents that I, Augustus Richardson and Samuel Rankins are held and firmly bound unto Burlin Childress, Parish Judge of said parish or his successors in office in the Just and full sum of Five hundred Dollars good and Lawful money of said State, well and truly to be made and for the true and final payment of the aforesaid sum, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors, administrators, and assigns, firmly by these presents.

Signed with our names & sealed with our seals this 10th Oct 1829.

Now, therefore, the condition of the above bounden Augustus Richardson has this day applied to me for License to celebrate the union between himself and Ann Gainey, and if there shall be no legal objection to said marriage, then this obligation to be null and void, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue.

Signed in presence of William Derbin and Hillery Kemp, witnesses.


Augustus Richardson {seal}
Samuel Rankin {seal}

Hillery Kemp
William Durbin

Burlin Childress, P. J.

State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

To any minister of the Gospel or Justice of the Peace in and for said parish, duly empowered to that effect, You are hereby authorised to celebrate the union between Augustus Richardson and Ann Gainey, both residents of said parish.

Given under my hand and seal official this 10th October 1829.

Burlin Childress, P. J.

State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

We, the undersigned do certify that this Marriage was celebrated in our presents [sic] this fifteenth day of October at the house of Absolom Traylor.

Given under our hands this 19th? day of October 1829.

Benj. Traylor
R. Wade
Elihu T. Murray
Samuel Rankin, J. P.

Source: Marriage Records - St. Helena Parish, Louisiana (FHL Film 0355821)

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