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State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

Marriage Record
Elizabeth Richardson and Jeremiah Spiller
07 May 1820

To any Justice of the peace or minister of the gospel duly licensed - you are hereby authorised to cellibrate [sic] marrriage between Jeramiah Spiller and Elizabeth Richardson, daughter of Widdow Mary Richardson ... of this parish.

Given under my hand 5th day of May A. D. 1820.

J. R. Salisbury (P.G. & J.G.P)

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To. J. R. Salisbury Parish Judge and ex oficio Judge of the Court of Probate in and for the Parish of Saint Helena and State of Louisiana.

The petition of Jeramiah Spiller of said parish do respectfully represents that he hath entered into the Civil Contract of marriage with Elizabeth Richardson, daughter of Mary Richardson of said parish that he hath obtained the ... consent of said Elizabeth and the volluntary [sic] consent of her said mother.

The petitioner therefore prays that [a license] may issue from the Court aforesaid authorizing marriage to be celebrated between your petiitioner and said Elizabeth in ... form of law and your peitioner ... this 5th day May 1820.

Jeremiah Spiller

... license issued the same day 5th May 1820.
J. R. Salisbury (J.G. & J.G.P)

Source: Marriage Records - St. Helena Parish, Louisiana (FHL Film 0355820)

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