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Rankin Family History Project

State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Helena
Louisiana State Seal

Samuel Rankin
Witness to Succession of John Sims
28 May 1831

Be it remembered that on this Twenty-Eighth day of May in the Year of out Lord, One Thousand Eight hundred and Thirty One, I, Burlin Chidress, Parish Judge and Ex officio Notary Public agreeably to the Petition of Samuel Setoon, I proceeded to convene a Family meeting or Family meeting (repeated phrase), in the Estate of John Sims for the purpose of deliberating upon what terms said Estate should be disposed of, whether a partition could be made or not and for the purpose aforesaid I have called , I have called (repeated phrase), on Samuel Rankins, Richard Wade, Zelotus Tucker, James Settoon, and Bartholemew Settoon, friends of said deceased, there being no relatons who after being duly Sworn, according to Law proceeded as follows,

Queston 1st, Do you think a partition could be made of said Estate equally giving each Heir a like share of said Deceased's property?

They answered that they thought that a partition could not be made of said Estates between the heirs, therefore think that it would be beneficial to the interest of said minors to have the sale of said Estate.

They then were asked on what terms said Sale should be made on, they answered, That the real Estate to be sold on a Credit of One, two and three Years. Purchasers, giving good, endorsed Notes, or Security, to said notes with mortgage on the property and condition of Judgement, until final payment. The Personal property to be sold on a Credit of Twelve months, with approved Security, and all Sums under five Dollars Cash in hand all Notes to draw Ten Per Cent Interest after due until paid.

Sworn under our hands the day and date above written.

Zelotus Tucker
R. Wade
Samuel Rankin
Bartholomew X Settoon [his mark]
James Settoon

Burlin Childress, P. J.

Source: St. Helena Parish, Louisiana Successions

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