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State of Missouri
County of Perry
Missouri State Seal

William Moore, Indenture to James C. May
27 Dec 1825

This Indenture witnesseth, that William Moore a ward, who, on the twenty second day of December instant was, of the age of fourteen years, hath put himself, and by these presents, by and with the consent of James C. Moore, his Guardian, doth voluntarily, and of his own free will and accord put himself apprentice to James B. May, boot and shoemaker, to learn his art, trade and mystery until the said William Moore shall arrive to the age of Twenty one years, during which time he shall well and truly behave, conduct and demean himself in every respect as a good and faithfull apprentice ought to do towards his said Master, during the whole time or term aforesaid.

And the said James B. May, on his part, doth hereby promise covenant and agree, to teach and instruct the said apprentice or cause him to be taught and instructed, in the art, trade or mystery of a boot and shoemaker, by the best way or means he can, and also to teach and instruct the said apprentice, or cause him to be taught and instructed, to read and write, and cypher including the rule of three, if the said apprentice be capable to learn; and shall well and faithfully find and provide for the said apprentice, good and sufficient meat, drink, clothing, lodging, and other necessaries, fit and convenient for such an apprentice, during the term aforesaid and that he will not remove the said apprentice out of the jurisdiction of this State, and at the expiration of the Term, aforesaid, shall give unto the said apprentice, a new Bible and two new suits of clothes, suitable to his condition.

In Testimony whereof the said James C. Moore, Guardian of the said William Moore, and James B. May have herein to set their hands and seals, dated the twenty seventh day of December Anno Domini Eighteen hundred and twenty-five.

James C. Moore {Seal}
James B. May {Seal}

Subscribed and acknowledged in open Court before Frederick C. Hase, Judge of Probate of Perry County

Recorded this 9th day of January 1826.
Fredk C. Hase, Judge of probate.

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