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State of Missouri
County of Perry
Missouri State Seal

Nancy Burns, Guardian Bond of
Elizabeth, Henry, and Leticia Burns
26 June 1826

Know all men by these presents that Nancy Burns as principal and Richard L. Dorsey & George Preston as securities, are held and firmly bound to the State of Missouri in the use of Elizabeth Burns, Henry Burns & Leticia Burns in the just and full sum of Six hundred dollars, legal currency of the united States of America, the which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, jointly and severally, our heirs, Executors and Administrators firmly by these presents, sealed with our Seals, and dated this twenty sixth day of June, in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and Twenty Six, in open court.

The condition of the above Obligation is such, that if the above bounden Nancy Burns, as guardian to Elizabeth, Henry & Leticia Burns shall faithfully account with the Probate Court of Perry County, as directed by law, for the management of the property and Estate of the Orphans under her care, and shall also deliver up the property and estates agreeable to the Order of the said court or the direction of law, and shall in all respects perform the duty of guardian to the said Elizabeth, Henry & Leticia Burns according to law, then the above obligation shall cause it shall otherwise remain in full force and virtue in law.

Nancy X Burns {Seal}
her mark                    
R. L. Dorsey {Seal}
George Preston {Seal}

Signed and sealed in presence of Cornelius M. Slattery Clerk.

Recorded this 19th day of June 1826
Frederick C. Hase.
Judge of Probate.

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