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State of Missouri
County of Perry
Missouri State Seal

2nd day of term July 1828
Estate of James Burns decd:
On partition of land

This day Richard L. Dorsey came in his own proper person, and presented here to the court the petition of Richard L. Dorsey and Louwecy his wife, Samuel Flynn and Mary his wife, Lydia Burns and James Burns by his guardian Richard L. Dorsey stating that Lowvecy Dorsey his wife formerly Louvecy Burns and Mary Flynn the wife of Samuel Flynn formery Mary Burns, and of Lydia Burns, and of James Burns an infant under the age of twenty one years, by Richard L. Dorscy his guardian together with David Burns and Eli Burns an infant under the age of twenty one year for whom David Burns is guardian and Elizabeth Burns, Henry Burns and Letitia Burns infants under the age of twenty one years and for whom nancy Flynn formerly Nancy Burns widow of James Burns deceased is the guardian stating that the are the owners as heirs at law of James Burns decd. of one tract of land of two hundred and fifty five acres situated in what is called Bois Brule in the County of Perry and state of Missouri in township thirty six in range eleven east being survey number six hundred and sixty-two granted to the said James Burns and one other tract of land of four hundred and sixty five acres and ninety seven hundredths situate in the same county and state aforesaid, in township thirty six in range eleven east, and further stating that they are entitled to one equal undivided share or part of each of the said tracts of land and praying that the comissioners may be appointed to make partition thereof.

It is therefore considered ordered and directed by the court here that David L. Caldwell, Hezekiah P. Harris, Aquilla Hagan, John Layton and Jonas Abernathy be and they are hereby appointed as commissioners for dividing the said land and that they after being duly sworn proceed to the premises and make division of said land in said petition mentined between the said proprietors thereof according to their respective rights and that they make return of said partition in the manner by law required to this court at the next term thereof.

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