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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 31 October 1873


CORN. -- Many of our farmers are still busily engaged gathering their corn.

THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER, though very low, still continues to run down stream.

PLAYED OUT. -- Spring and summer time. Their throne will now be occupied by colder seasons.

CIRCUIT COURT will assemble in Ste. Genevieve next Monday morning. It is the regular November session.

THE COUNTY COURT will convene at the court house in Perryville next Monday morning. It is the first day of the November term.

MUSIC. -- The Sisters who are teaching the Catholic school here, have commenced giving lessons on the piano. Charges moderate.

THE WEATHER has turned quite cool since our last issue. On Monday night a few flakes of snow fell here, but remained on the ground a very short time.

ROBBED. -- On Wednesday night Henry Verscheldon was robbed of over eighty dollars. The Sheriff is hunting up the thief, and we hope he will be caught.

A SINGING SCHOOL has been commenced in our town. It was started in the public school house on Saturday night last, and it was pretty well attended.

DIED, at her residence in this county, on the 1st day of October, 1873, Mrs. Polly Milster, in the 78th year of her age. She leaves many relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

MOVING. -- Herman Binz, with his family, moved in to the building near our office on Monday.
On Tuesday Jos. A. Elder moved into the dwelling belonging to Dr. M. V. Moore.

COLORED SCHOOL. -- The first colored school ever taught in Perryville commenced here last Monday morning. F. R. G. Pasani, the colored gentleman who is teaching this school, comes well recommended, and is an educated man.

PERRY COUNTY PREMIUMS. -- Perry county took several premiums at the Cape Girardeau Fair. The premiums are as follows:

White wheat 1st, J. G. Ehlert, Wittenberg; 2d Leo Moore, Perryville.
Boar, 1 year and over, 1st, Geo. M. Shaner, Altenburg.
Sow under 1 year, 1st Geo. M. Shaner.
Sow, 1st, George M. Shaner.
Buck sheep, 1 year and over, 1st George M. Shaner;
Ewe, 1st George M. Shaner
Buck any age or breed, 1st George M. Shaner;
Ewe, George M. Shaner
Jeans coat, made by a lady, Miss Leo Moore, Perryville.

The fair is said to have been a financial success. The receipts were $3,500.

Circuit Court Proceedings

Tuesday, October 28 - ...Augustus Klump et al vs. Andrew Gorman et al; suit for injunction. The defendants filed their answer. ...

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