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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 30 November 1877


THIS IS A SAD, SAD period in our life. As will be seen, our paper today, is draped in mourning for a kind and affectionate wife, and a patient and devoted mother. Mrs. Mary E. Booth,our wife, bid adieu to earth and its cares on Tuesday morning of last week, aged 41 years 1 month and 25 days. There will be but few, we trust, who will not sympathize with us in this hour of our bereavement. We issued no paper last week.

THANKSGIVING day was Thursday of the present week.

DWELLING HOUSES are badly needed in Chester. Let capitalists build them.

RACCOON BRIDGE. -- An interesting article upon that structure, will appear in our next issue.

THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION of Southeast Missouri will convene at Fredericktown on Dec. 4th.

FIVE CENTS. -- Pork is on the decline, and is being at St. Marys at five cents per pound.

ANOTHER RESIDENCE. -- Frank Steiber is now making preparations to erect a brick dwelling in south Perryville.

A HORSE belonging to Edward Brewer fell into a gully last week, receiving injuries which resulted in its death.

POSTPONED. -- The adjourned term of the Perry county circuit court has been postponed until the 2d Monday in December next.

ITS DONE. -- From the Valley Clarion we learn that the laying of the ties and iron on the Chester and Kaskaskia railroad commenced early last week.

TENTED FIELD. -- We are told that several tents have recently been seen in various parts of Bois Brule bottom. pitched there by parties who are after game.

A GOOD MANY. -- The Chester Valley Clarion says: "Nearly 2,000 emigrant wagons have crossed the Mississippi river, at this place, during the past year."

A DROVE of cattle and sheep, numbering about one hundred head, passed through Perryville on Thursday evening of last week, on route for other markets.

AT HOME. -- James S. Javaux, living four miles northwest of Perryville, moved into his new brick residence on the 15h inst., and he says he is now at home again.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Stephen L. McAtee has had his dwelling house in Highland entirely rebuilt, and made improvements which have entirely changed its appearance.

HUMAN BONES. -- While digging at the penitentiary cite above Chester on the 19th inst., human bone were found at the depth of ten feet. Supposed to be Indian bones.

TEACHING. -- Miss Rosa Elder commenced a four months school at the Gorman school house, four miles north of Perryville on the 5th inst. and her daily attendance is fair.

F  Jules Rozier has 300 barrels of Salt on hand at St. Mary's.

GONE TO TEXAS. -- On Wednesday of last week Ferdinand Junnett left our county for the lone star state, where his mother and sister resides, and where he will dwell in the future.

A HUGE BEET. -- A beet weighing ten pounds, was raised upon the farm of John L. Vessels, near Allen's Landing, this year. This is the largest best ever mentioned in these columns.

HAVE DIED. -- John Lorenz, who resides on the Saline, informs us, that during the past few weeks he has lost between twenty-five and thirty-five hogs from the effects of the hog cholera. Quite a loss.

THE FESTIVAL for the benefit of the German Catholic school was a grand success, considering the bad weather, and the few persons who were able to attend. The nett [sic] proceeds amounted to $250.

A GOOD CROP. -- John Lorenz, who owns a farm in Bois Brule bottom, raised on forty acres this year, one thousand six hundred bushels of splendid corn. This is a good yield Mr. Lorenz knows how to farm.

A DANCE was given at the residence of Everastus Neitcher, three miles northwest of Perryville, on the night of the 15th inst., and the young people tripped the light fantastic toe until a late hour, and a nice time was had.

THE PLANING MILL of J. Tlapek & Co. at St. Marys is now at work, also the grist mill of Schotsic & Co. -- Lewis Schaaf & Co. speak of adding another story to their mill, also three runs of burrs, making seven in all.

BALLOU'S MAGAZINE for December is a marvel of beauty and of interest. There is such a variety in this publication, that every one will find something of interest in its pages. -- It is published by Thomas & Talbot, Boston, Mass., at 41.50 a year.

THE ST. LOUIS REPUBLICAN's prospectus will be found in another column of to-day's paper. It is unnecessary for us to speak of this leading journal, as its reputation is already established. it is recognized as one of the best papers in the country.

SHEEP KILLED. -- On last Monday night the dogs got among a flock of sheep belonging to William Hagar, residing three and a half miles south of Perryville, and killed two of them and injured four others. Mr. Hagar says he intends to make it uncomfortable for said canine, should see them.

GAME BAGGED. -- William Hagar and some others visited the forest in their neighborhood, on the night of the 15th inst., and Mr. Hagar proved the most successful of any of the party. He killed four turkeys. A few nights afterwards he again visited the same section, and returned with six turkey gobblers.

PETTY THIEVES. -- Some unknown individuals have lately been visiting some of our citizens corn cribs after night, and steal corn therefrom. -- Some parties are suspected and a sharp look out will be kept for them in the future. Rogues ought be furnished quarters in the Jefferson City penitentiary.

BIRTH. -- A little boy called at the home of John Rouh, Jr., one day last week.

A little surveyor stopped at the residence of Thomas H. Layton, five miles northwest of Perryville, last Saturday morning.

A little boy called at the residence of Reubin Cole near St. Marys on the 19th inst.

     Baby buggy

NOT SERIOUSLY HURT. -- One of our young men barely escaped being seriously injured a few nights since. While on his way to attend a party in the country, he encountered a tree that had fallen across the road, a limb of which struck him on the left side, tearing his wearing apparel and inflicted a slight wound on his left side.

WEDDING TOUR. -- W. R. Wilkinson gave us a call a few days ago. He has just returned from his wedding tour through the Southern States, having visited the lower Mississippi river, crossed the gulf of Galveston, extended up into the interior of Texas, and returned by the International and Great Northern route back to St. Louis. He will make his name, during the winter, at Alton, Ills.

BADLY INJURED. -- Archy, aged about sixteen years, and son of William Hagar, met with quite a severe accident on Friday morning the 16th inst. He volunteered to assist driving some cattle to the river, and while doing so, his animal got unmanageable and ran away with him and when near the residence of Thos. Burgee, he was hurled to the ground where he remained until conveyed home. He was found to be badly bruised, though no bones were broken.

F  Just received by Jules Rozier at St. Marys's 50 barrels of Louisville Cement.

MARRIED, a few days since, at St. Marys, by Father Lilly, Mr. Bernard Hagan to Mrs. Elizabeth Ranken.

Married, on Sunday, Nov. 18th, at St. Mary's Seminary, Mr. Jas. Layton to Miss Emma McLane.

Married on Monday, Nov. 19th, at St. Mary's Seminary, Mr. Jeremiah Pecaut to Miss Philomine Renaud.

Married, on-day last, at St. Mary's Seminary, Mr. Alphonsa Moore to Miss Jerry Seemes.

PERSONAL. -- Sheriff Guth left for the city of St. Louis last Sunday night, to attend the funeral of his deceased brother.

Rufus Abernathy, who went to the Black Hills some months ago, has returned. Capt. Turner has returned to his mines near Silver Lake, and business is being pushed. Considerable lead is being taken out.

Mrs. John B. Gotto who reside[s] at Dexter, Stoddard county, in the lower part of this state, is here visiting relatives.

John Kiefner left for St. Louis a few days ago on business, and has since returned.

DIED, on Tuesday, Nov. 13th, 1877, at his residence in Bois Brule bottom, Benjamin Cameron, aged about 50 years.

Died, on last week at her residence near what is known at the Burned Mills, in this Mrs. Stephens, aged about 40 years.

Died, on Wednesday, Nov. 14th, 1877, at the residence of his parents, four miles north of Perryville, a son of Jonah Winfield, aged about two years.

Died, one day last week, in Bois Brule bottom, Thomas, son of Mrs. Eliza Vermere, aged 4 years.

Died, on Saturday, No. 24th, near St. Marys, and infant son of Thomas Brewster.

Died, on Wednesday, Nov. 21st., at the residence of its parents in east Perryville, a child of Henry Fassold, aged 2 years.

Died, on Tuesday morning, the 27th inst., an infant child of Brown Dean.

SCHOOL CONVENTION. -- At a meeting held at the court house in Perryville on Saturday, Nov. 24th, 1877, the teachers from the different parts of the county adopted the following resolutions:

Whereas, through the labors of Profs. N. B Henry, C. H. Dutcher and others, a call has been issued for a convention of the teachers of S. E. Missouri, to meet at Piedmont, Wayne county, Mo., on the 26th, 27th and 28th of December, 1877.

And, whereas, we feel that we can derive great benefit from thus convening and exchanging ideas; therefore.

Resolved That we, the teachers of Perry county, do heartily endorse any movement tending to advance the cause of Popular Education, and

Resolved. That we especially endorse, the District Convention movement, and further

Resolved, That we will use our utmost endeavors to secure as large a representation at the convention as possible.
A motion to have the resolutions published in the county papers, was then put before the house and carried.


D. W. CROW, Chairman.

Probate Court Proceedings

Tuesday, Nov. 13th. -- The following allowances were made:

J. C. McBride vs.     L. J. Prevallet   $   7.50
M. Wingate "      Mark Adler 8.10
C. Van Voerde "      Wm. Litsch 14.95
F. X. Miles "      Varece Reed 53.50
Rockford Ins. Co. vs.      F. A. Sitner 15.90
Wm. Mueller vs.      J. A. McLane 86.98
John Cottner "      "      2.16
H. Markworth "      "      7.55
Ruppel & Co. "      "      6.30
H. Schaefer "      "      88.26
J. T. Schnurbusch "      "      5.88
Jos. T. Weiss vs.      Fred. A. Sinner 2.00
B. Modde "      Peter Vermere 11.45
Dr. Hermann "      C. E. Ferguson 5.00
Thos. Nations "      Joshua Hahn 42.29
Joseph Hicks "      "      90.75
Susan Womack vs.      "      11.55
W. D. Counts "      Andrew Biri 10.00
Fritz Hoehn "      Mark Adler 5.87
L. J. Prevallet est. "      Joshua Hahn 15.15
John H. Volz "      J. A. McLane 12.85
Abram Hahn vs.      L. J. Prevallet 3.00
B. Stuebinger "      Wm. Litsch 288.25
Mart Endres "      "      458.80
Dr. Barnes "      Phillip Cobb 10.50
Dr. Barnes "      Joel Rhyne 9.00

The following settlements were made:

John P. Welker, admr. of Joseph Schnurbush, balance $3,712.04.
James T. Greenwell ordered to take charge of the estate of Thos. A. Young.
Chas A. Sitner, admr. Fred. A. Sittner, ordered pay widow $169.75, balance of absolute dower.
Anna Maur, late of Pawnee county, Kansas, appointed guardian and curator of her own children.

Wednesday, Nov. 14th. -- The following settlements were made:

Geo. E. Bergman, admr. Peter Fassold, balance due $539.74.
John G. Wunderlich, curator of E. Wunderlich $967.78.
Joseph Biegler, admr. of Fred. Kartsen, due $2373.98.
William Popp, executor of John Popp, due $500. 26.
Carl G. Mueller, curator Paul Mueller, due $291.81.
Henry Boettner, executor of John Graef, $177.08.

The following allowances were then made:

F. Feltz & Co. vs.     T. Muncey   $   3.15
Sophia Bergman vs.      W. Litsch 292.00
August Doerr "      " "      55.55

Bonds and letters approved in the following cases: F. S. Smith, guardian and curator of Mary C., Nancy A. & Jos. Kinnison; W. D. Brewer, guardian and curator of Jas. R. and V. D. Mattingly; M. H. Weinhold, admr. John R. Fiehler; John B. Fiehler, admr. of partnership estate of John R. Fiehler & Br.; Irenius Brown, admr. Clement Hayden; John Hof, admr. John P. Poehner; Henry Schaefer, executor of J. A. McLane.
Probate of will approved in the cases of John Roth, and John Ross.
Anna Burns, ward of Jas. Burgee, acknowledges satisfaction.
Jos. G. Weinhold, curator Jos. Hecht, files receipt and was discharged.
Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. Florence Feltz, ordered to sell wheat at private sale.
Anton Lukefahr, guardian and curator of Frank Lukefahr, insane. It appearing to the court that said ward is of sane mind now, ordered that his estate be turned over to him, whereupon ward acknowledges satisfaction.
R. M. Brewer, curator of Mary Kinnison, ordered to pay Margaret Meredith $30 for schooling and clothing.

Thursday, Nov. 15th. -- The following allowances were made:

Geo. Winfield      vs.      C. E. Ferguson   $  32.90
Zach. Mueller "      Joel Rhyne 16.80
Ferd. Klump "      H. P. Cissell 229.53
Ben. Difani "      J. B. Everett 50.00
Elijah Vessels "      Thos. Muncey 9.00
Peter Sandler "      J. P. Poehner 2.45
Henry Flora "      J. P. Poehner 4.02
Chrisanthus "      " "      1.50
Gabriel End "      F. Feltz, Sr. 14.00

The following settlements were then made:

Isidore Tucker, guardian and curator of John H. Caho, due $33.50.
A. W. Thompson, admr. David Clark balance due $19.92.
F. P. Reiss, guardian and curator of Geo. W. and C. Reiss, due $71.09.
Frances Morgan, admrx. of Wm. Morgan, due $232.58.
Leon Bogy, admr. H. P. Kinnison, due $2,416.91.
James W. Hart, guardian and curator of G. M. Robinson, due $447.17; also of W. H. Robinson, $145.70.
Geo. W. Hudson, guardian and curator of Sanford Rankin et al $6.76.
Adolph Tacke, admr. of Andrew Schwein, due $614.42.
In the case of James T. Greenwell, admr. Theo. Pecaut vs. Jeremiah Pecaut, summons issued for defendant to appear in court and answer certain in interrogatories.
James Newton and Elizabeth Vertrees were summoned to appear in the case of James T. Greenwell, admr. of Mary J. Dowling, and answer as to certain notes.
Irenius Brown, admr. of Clement Hayden, report of sale of personal property approved.
Henry Boettner, executor of John Graef, petition for sale of real estate and order of publication.
Zach. Mueller vs. Joel Rhyne, on a note, notice waived, proof made, and continued for affidavit.
Anna Maur, guardian and curator of her own children, bond approved.
James T. Greenwell, admr. Thomas Muncey, ordered to sell at private sale.
Fr. P. Reiss, admr. John Reiss, ordered to pay over to the distributees, heirs of said deceased, $28.05 each.
Frances A. Morgan, admrx. of Wm. Morgan, appointed curator of the deceased.
C. D. Milster vs. Joel Rhyne, debt, affidavit made, notice waived and continued.
Adolph Tacke, admr. of Andrew Schwein, ordered to pay over to widow $1476.10 balance absolute dower.
Felix H. Layton, admr. H. N. Tucker, report of sale of real estate was approved.

Friday, Nov. 16th -- The following allowances were made:

M. V. Moore's est. vs.      J. J. Moore   $  43.01
Girard Farrar vs.      Wm. Litsch     525.61
Ferd. Hollman vs.      E. H. Palisch     7.35
H. Ehler's vs.        "       9.00
Levi E. Barnes " " "     19.60
Cassen Heinz " " "     9.00
Henry Vogel " " "     181.30
Henry Jacob vs. Geo. Schweizer     41.00
Henry Yount vs. Andrew Birl     4.15
" " Sarah J. Ragsdale     8.28
Feriol Cretan " L. J. Prevallet     1.75
Teresa Wilkinson vs. J. Wilkinson     34.20
William Sandlin " "     176.88
Geo H. Lawson " " "     22.40
E. M. Anthony " " "     10.00
W. S. Wilkinson " " "     363.80
Frank Swan     9.00
Mar. C. Foster     4.10
P. W. A. McPike     445.08
Josiah Tucker Ray Tucker     34.46
J. H. Simpson & Co. F. Feltz, Sr.     2.55
Wm B. Farrar J. A. Rutledge     120.14
Dan. N. Maddock L. J. Prevallet     30.00
John W. Farrar Miles F. Farrar     15.90
S. E. Strong Varece Reed     13.50

The following settlements were made:

James T. Greenwell, admr., C. Schleferdecker, balance due $1,534.65.
J. H. Schmidt, adr. of Julia Reuschel, balance due $244.50.
Bernard Palisch, admr. E. H. Palisch, due $2,869.66.
John B. Klob, curator Henry Meyers, due $436.72.
Henry Burfeind, admr. George Schweizer, due nothing.
B. J. Seifert, curator Rosa Seifert, yet due curator $8.15.
Joshua Newton and Elizabeth Vertrees, who had been summoned , appeared and gave up the notes in dispute to James T. Greenwell, admr. Mary J. Dowling. in the case of J. T. Greenwell, admr. Theophile Pecaut, vs. Jerry Pecaut, the defendant appeared in court, and responded to the questions propounded.
John C. McBride & F. Prevallet, executors L. J. Prevallet & Co., ordered to payover to S. L. Duvall's est. partner $185.10 and to Henry Barbier, one of the surviving partner $150.
Martin Weinhold, admr. J. R. Fiehler ordered to sell at private sale all wheat, barley and corn on hand.
Enos. L. Walker vs. Wm. H. Walker, files petition for specific performance of contract concerning bond and deed to certain land, which is ordered to be carried out in accordance with petition.
Wm. B. Farrar vs. J. A. Rutledge, on note for $13.85, rejected for the reason barred by limitation.
Bernard Palisch, admr., E. H. Palisch, ordered to pay widow $400 absolute dower to personal property.
Amelia Weinhold, widow of Wm. Weinhold, petitions the court to turn over personal property to her, which is done.
S. L. McAtee, admr., Felix P. Moore, ordered to 5th class claims.
John Black vs. Miles F. Farrar, biles note for $35.65, and admr. files offset for $28. Evidence and argument heard and continued.
Thos. J. Moore, admr. Levina M. Gagan ordered to pay curator of Alonzo and Ellena Hagan, $50.25, and as admr. of Jas. A. Hagan, files report of sale of real estate which is approved and ordered to pay 15 per cent on principal on 5th class claims.

Saturday, Nov. 17th. -- The following allowances were made:

Jos. Buisson & Co. vs.      F. Feltz, Sr.   $   8.00
J. W. McDowell vs.      S. J. Ragsdale     6.25
Isidore Layton vs.      Wm. Litsch     806.25
George T. Tucker vs.      " "     556.33
Wm. Litsch's est. vs.      Ignatz Rohner     19.50
J. B. Cashion vs.      Del. Caller     3.05
E. S. Smith & Co. vs.      F. M. Riney     19.60
John c. Doerr vs.      Wm. Litsch     43.93
Chas. A. Weber vs.      " "     67.32
R. A. McCauley vs.      L. J. Prevallet     14.37

The following settlements were made:

James Burgee curator of Emma Burns, balance due $281.75.
August Mercier admr. Callier & Mercier balance due $3,311.15.
Mary A. Ponder guardian and curator Anton Ponder balance due $317.68; also for Teresa Ponder balance due $317.68.
Matilda M. Jones admrx. Jule Rozier & Co. balance due $803.65; also for Rozier, Prost & Co., balance due $373.65.
Theo. Estel guardian and curator Henry Gerlach, balanced due $487.76.
August Lueders admr. Palisch & Lueders, balance due $5,417.77.
August Doerr curator Thomas Phillips, balance due $10,242.25.
W. D. Brewer curator of Jas. M. Mattingly, balance due $280.27; also for V. D. Mattingly, balance due $250.11.
Elizabeth Davis, guardian and curator John T. Davis, balance due $798.32.
Thomas J. Moore, curator of Alphonse Moore, balance due $49; also as executor of James J. Moore, balance due $2914.43.
Wm. P. Faherty, guardian Louis DeLassus, bond approved.
Wm. D. Brewer, curator of V. D. Mattingly, ordered to pay Jerome Power $25 boarding and clothing of ward.
Sarah E. Allen vs. John Wilkinson, on note, filed and continued for waiver of notice of administratrix.
August Mercier, admr. Callier & Mercier, ordered to pay James T. Greenwell, admr. Delphien Callier, $185.20.
Matilda M. Jones, executrix of F. L. Jones, ordered that all personal property be turned to widow of deceased.
Geo. T. Tucker, admr. of F. M. Riney, files petition for sale of real estate. Order of publication made. Same order in the case of S. L. McAtee, admr. F. P. Moore.
James T. Greenwell, admr. Perry E. Davis, order of sale of real estate.

JUSTICE PEACE BLANKS. -- Execution, Summons, Subpoenas, Writ of Attachment Affidavits to Attachment Suit, and various other blanks neatly printed and for sale at this office at lowest figures. Come and see for yourself.

It is thought to be a fine thing to point to the rapid building of the Southern Pacific railroad in California as an evidence that no government aid is needed to secure a trans-continental railroad on a Southern line. The fact, however, that the Southern Pacific is receiving pecuniary assistance from the government, for it is in reality a branch of the Central Pacific, and the money which is expended on it is derived from the treasury of the Central Pacific. That road refuses to pay what it owes to the government and puts the money into the Southern Pacific, by which it hopes to retain its present monopoly of transcontinental traffic. -- St. Louis Republican

F  Do your whole duty.



Taken up by Vincent D. Layton, living in Saline township, Perry county, Mo., on the 26th day of November, a certain bay horse about six years old, about 14 1/2 hands high, with a lump on the right knee and had on, when he came to the farm of the taken up a small bell, and is appraised at $25.


Final Settlement

Creditors and all others interested in the estate of Wm. W. Vessels, dec'ed, are hereby notified that on the fifth day of the probate court, to be held in the town of Perryville, Perry county, Mo. on the second Friday in February 1878, I will make final settlement of said estate.



THE STORE HOUSE belonging to the estate of Leon J. Prevallet at Silver Lake, is for rent at low figures. It is a splendid stand for business. For further particulars apply to

Silver Lake, or to
Perryville, Mo.
October 26, 1877


Notice is hereby given that on Monday, the 3rd day of December, 1877, the county court of Perry county, Mo., will employ some suitable person to take charge of the County Farm, under a new system, for a term of 12 months or longer, and to this end, sealed bids will be received until 9 o'clock A. M. of that day, the court reserving the right to reject any and all bids. For full particulars call at my office.

By order of the county court,
CHAS. A. WEBER, Clerk,
Perryville, Nov. 14th, 1877

F  Read a Local Paper like the Union.


It has been over fifteen months since the firm of Bey Brother was dissolved, and yet many have failed to come up and settle, and now we give the last notice, that we need money, and must have it, and unless those knowing themselves to be indebted to the undersigned, do come forward and settle by the 1st of September we shall place their notes and accounts in the hands of proper officers for collection.

Perryville, Aug. 10th, 1877

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