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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 30 January 1874


WE HAVE had some disagreeable weather the past week.

THANKS.-- Senator Ranney and Representative Abernathy, have our thanks for favors.

THE CHIMNEY of Mrs. Fathís residence in town fell to the ground on Thursday, but nobody was hurt.

THE Mississippi river has risen a good deal during the past week, and its stated that there were seven feet of water from St. Louis to Cairo. -- There was no floating ice in the river last Monday.

SCHOOL HOUSE, in the neighborhood of Judge Conradís was recently consumed by fire. It is believed to have been the work of an incendiary. The house had lately been fixed up and made comfortable for scholars.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. William Litsch left for St. Louis on Sunday on business.

Richard Webber and family have removed to our town. Dick is in business here.

James Greenwell, our Deputy Circuit Clerk, left for Ste. Genevieve on Monday and returned on Tuesday.

Young Charley Killian left for St. Louis on Wednesday last on business.

THE TAX PAYERS OF PERRY COUNTY, as well as its Collector, Mr. John C. Doerr, are certainly entitled to a great deal of praise and credit for their promptness and punctuality shown in the payment and collection of the revenue of 1873. Mr. Doerr has succeeded in collecting up to the 3d Monday of January more than ninety-six percent of the entire taxes levied upon our citizens, and has received more delinquent taxes (due for previous years), than he has returned for 1873. This is undoubtedly a better showing than any other county in the State can boast of, and if there is any better or even equal to this, let us hear from you.

Mr. Doerr started to Jefferson City on Sunday last to pay over the entire portion of the State, although he could have postponed this until the 3d Monday in April, as the Legislature has passed a law extended the time for such final settlement. We here in Perry had no knowledge of this law and consequently our efficient county court finished up this business before the Auditorís notice reached us. Lately, we will notice one more fact connected with the matter, and that is that all these taxes were paid without compelling the Collector to resort to the law of adding penalties after the first of January, 1874. -- Not one cent of penalty had to be added, and yet prompt collections made.

County Court Proceedings

The County Court of Perry county met at the court house in the town of Perryville, on Monday the 19th day of January, for the purpose of settling with our Collector, John C. Doerr, present were Hon. H. J. Abernathy and William Conrad, Justices, absent Judge F. F. Fischer.

The court proceeded to examine the personal and land delinquent lists of Perry county, presented by Mr. Doerr for allowance, and found thereon property returned delinquent, 471 persons and 426 tracts of land. The taxes charged on them are $476.02 for State, $315.68 for county, $103.66 road, and $302.52 school tax, which amounts were credited to the Collector.

The court then proceeded to examine the tax book further, and found erroneous assessments contained therein, as follows: $6,537 erroneous assessments of personal property, and $24,830 erroneous assessments of real estate with $141.31 State tax, $94.21 county tax, $31.08 road tax; and $10.79 school tax levied thereon, which amounts were stricken from the book and placed to the credit of the collector.

They next proceeded to ascertain the amount collected by Mr. Doerr, and found that he had collected during the year 1873, for the State $10,966.28, and for Perry county $7,812.57, road tax $1979.94, and school tax $10,647.78. Out of those amounts the Collector is entitled to his salary of $1,600. The court also transacted the following county business:

The resignation of Romanus J. Brewer, Justice of the Peace of Saline Township, was accepted, and Francis M. Moore appointed to fill the vacancy thus occasioned.

Mrs. Christine French received a warrant for $30, and George Hudson for $12, being road damages assessed in their favor by the commissioners of the Silver Lake and Ste. Marys road.

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