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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 30 August 1872


PIUS MCCAULEY has bought a half interest in the saloon belonging to Frank Cobbs.

MR. WILLIAM FURTH left town for St. Louis and the west last week, on business, and will return the present week.

JAMES BURGEE, ESQ., announces himself, this week, a candidate for the office of Public Administrator of Perry county.

SICKNESS. -- There is a good deal of sickness reported in the county at the present time. The chills and fever is the most prevalent disease.

PROBATE COURT will convene at the court house in Perryville on Monday morning next, it being the first day of the September term.

THE DELEGATES to the Congressional Convention from this county left for Fredericktown on Sunday morning and returned home Tuesday morning.

MR. FRED. KLEIN received a large lot of saddles and other goods in his line on Wednesday evening, which he will sell at the very lowest cash figures. Give him a call.

DIED, on the 29th of July, 1872, of hemorage [sic] of the lungs, in Texas, William L. Dickinson, formerly of this county, in the twentieth year of his age.

THE PERRYVILLE MILL is being run night and day, and is manufacturing large quantities of wheat in to flour. We are glad to know it. Messrs. Schaal & Schindler deserve success.

GEO W. GOSTORF, ESQ., of the city of St. Louis, arrived in our town one day last week. He will remain with us but a couple of weeks, as he will again return to St. Louis to attend his law studies.

MR. HENRY J. TUCKER completed the carpenter work of our new office building on Tuesday morning. Mr. Tucker has done his part of the work quick and done it well, and he is now ready for another job. He guarantees his work.

LIGHTNING RODS. -- We have just had some lightning rods put up on our new office by H. G. Kiesler, of this place. Having had some of his rods (the star galvanized) on our residence for several years, we can safely recommend them to our citizens as the best in use.

AUGUSTUS DOERR’s little child has entirely recovered. The physicians who performed the hazardous and danger task of extracting the grain of corn from the little child’s throat deserve much credit for the way in which they managed this case, and they will doubtless receive it, too.

LAYTON AND BESEL. -- Thomas Layton has just purchased the drugs, medicines, fixtures, &c., belonging to Tho. Besel, and will, we understand take possession of the same in a few days. He has rented the building from Chas. A. Weber, and will move to it in the course of a few days.


DROWNED. -- On Saturday last a fine mare and colt, belonging to Dr. J. C. Staley, accidentally fell into a sink hole, which was full of water, and before any assistance could be had, they were both drowned. The Doctor we understand, valued the two animals at high figures. It is quite a loss.

SNAKE BIT. -- We have been informed that a lady, accompanied by a little girl, was attacked by a snake the other day in Bois Brule Bottom, but the lady make her escape, while the child was bitten two or three times by the reptile. We understand however, that the child was not dangerously hurt, and will get well.

MURDERED. -- A man by the name of Thomas Matthews shot and killed a man by the name of Phillip Shall in Fredericktown the other day. He was arrested and lodged in jail, but has since made his escape. One hundred dollars reward is offered for him by the Sheriff of Madison county.

DIED, August 22d, 1872, at half past 12 o’clock, Emma, aged five years ten months and sixteen days, daughter of Peter and Jennie Obuchon.

We can not make her dead,
When passing by the bed, care
So long watched over by parental
Our spirit and our eye,
Seek it inquiringly,
Before the thought comes that -- she’s not there.

Where then is our dear little Emma, if not there?
Swiftly the angels come, tenderly bearing,
Our darling far away from this world of care,
So help us God, thine afflicted ones go to bear,
That in the Spirit land, meeting at they right hand,
‘Twill be so sweet to find that Emma is there


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