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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 30 April 1875


JUDGE ROBBINS of Ste. Genevieve, has been confined to his room at the Hooss hotel during the past week, by sickness.

PROFITABLE. -- The Chester Valley Clarion of last week, contained twenty-two columns of a tax list. -- A fat take.

COUNTY COURT will convene at the court in Perryville next Monday morning being the first day of the regular spring term of said court.

MR. ROBT E. GATEWOOD, residing near Jones Landing, in this county, has made considerable improvement upon the farm he recently purchased in this locality.

TRANSFER. -- Mr. James Vallroy has just purchased a tract of land belonging to Mr. Pius Cissell, situated about five miles north of Perryville, containing one hundred and seventy acres.

GOING AHEAD. -- Mr. Joseph N. Vallroy has completed his blacksmith shop and now occupies the same. He is also making preparations to erect a residence on his land near his shop.

WHEAT MARKET. -- We have noticed several wagons, loaded with wheat, passing our office lately. -- Some of the wheat grown in our county [winds] its way to other markets outside of Perryville.

MARRIED, on Sunday afternoon at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. Francis Prost to Miss Louise Lhot.

Married, on Sunday afternoon at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. Narcis Prost to Miss Mary Freouix.

SHEEP KILLED. -- Mr. Raymond Tucker, residing two miles northwest of Perryville, had seven sheep killed by dogs on last Saturday night and Mr. Lee T. Dean, residing in the same neighborhood, had four sheep killed on the same night, and four badly hurt.

RUN AWAY. -- Mr. Samuel Luckey, residing near Brazeau in this county, while on his road house several days ago, his team became unmanageable and ran away, throwing him to the ground, the wheels of the wagon passing over him, but fortunately he was not badly hurt.

SOCIAL GATHERINGS. -- During the past few weeks there has been quite a number of social parties in different parts of the county, and as a general thing, those in attendance enjoyed themselves hugely, but then they were gotten up for the purpose of enjoyment, consequently a good time was expected.

BUSINESS. -- We are informed that Mr. Henry L. Caldwell of St. Marys has had a large number of cotton trees cut down in Bois Burle bottom and is still doing so. Several hundred cords have already been cut up which timber is being shipped to St. Louis, where it will be used for manufacturing purposes.

AN ACCIDENT. -- Mr. Zach. Mueller residing at Altenburg in this county met with a sad accident not long since. While seated in a wagon the team became frightened and ran away, precipitating him to the ground injuring him so badly that he has since been confined to his room, although he is convalescing.

MAY DAY. -- Saturday is the first day of May, and is usually a period of fun and festivity. The young folks, especially, have their May gatherings. In many portions of the country this day is given up entirely to enjoyment. We already notice that in some sections preparations have been made for a grand time.

CLEARING LAND. -- Trees are still being cut down, and brush burned in many portions of our county, preparatory to putting the land in cultivation. We understand that there has been a large amount of land cleared in our county during the past fgew months, probably more than there has been for a considerable time.

PAINTING UP. -- Wnotice that Mr. John Kiefner has had his building on St. Marys street painted up and it hasn't hurt the appearance of it either. This same gentleman has just raised the frame work for his new shop in the rear of his ware rooms on St. Marys street. It will be about seventy feet long and a story and a half high.

A LAST ADIEU. -- Dr. ----- who has been visiting our town regularly for the past few years, will now cease to do so. He gave as a last adieu on Saturday morning last when he, accompanied by Mr. Chas. McBride, left for Fredericktown, where he will tarry but a short time as he intends to take up his residence in Independence, Montgomery county, Kansas, where he will, in the future, practice his profession. We wish him success.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. William Furth left for the city of St. Louis on Last Saturday, where he went to get his family and purchase goods, and returns on Friday.

Judge Robinson has gone to Judge Dinning's judicial circuit to hold court, and will be absent some days.

Dr. O. W. Cline of Frohna, and Dr. S. E. Strong of St. Marys, were in Perryville Saturday last.

Mr. P. J. Crawford, formerly of Perryville, but now of Potosi, is quite sick.

Mr. John H. Simpson left for St. Louis last Monday.

Rev. M. Rubi and Mr. James E. Elder left for Cape Girardeau last Wednesday morning.

Messrs. Robert N. Dean and Pius McCauley left for Fredericktown last Saturday on business and returned on Tuesday.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Mr. Christophere Popp is making preparations to erect a neat brick building on his land near the public school building. He has also recently sold tow lots, upon which we are told, houses are to erected. If times are hard and money matters not good, it does not deter our citizens from making improvements, and manifesting some enterprise. Perryville has more than double[d] itself since we became a resident here, in the past thirteen years, and we have no reason to doubt but that it will make similar strides in the next dozen years. -- A number of costly buildings have gone up here.


Wednesday, April 21st. -- State of Missouri to use of Perry county vs. George Lodes, penalty, prosecuter filed bond for cost.

James I. Moore et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

James M. Lapeter vs. Henry Frazier, appeal from justice peace, continued at appellant's cost.

Sarah A. Kermon vs. Elijah Daniels, appeals from justice peace court, continued to next term.

John N. Frank vs. Chas. Dimkhahn, ejectment, continued generally.

R. H. Lockwood vs. William H. Higdon, action on sheriff's bond, dismissed for want of prosecution at plaintiff's cost.

Thursday, April 22d. -- John F. Dippold et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

Henry Stelling et al exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

Joseph R. Garner et al vs. Willie A. Garner et al, partition, Wm. H. Bennett appointed guardian ad litem for Annie L. Garner, files his answer and cause continued.

John Blume vs. Clement Schindler, debt, continued by consent to next term.

J. W. Langlois vs. W. W. Hamilton, ejectment, continued.

J. W. Langlois vs. H. L. Caldwell ejectment continued.

Mary C. O'Neal vs. Wm. O'Neal divorce, proof of publication default and continued.

Christ Popp vs. James M. O'Neal attachment, proof publication, default and continued.

Julia A. Lank et al vs. Isidore Layton, trustee under will, partition default of defendant and continued.

August Kreft et al vs. Mariah Tomforte, suite for admeasure dower, alias summons ordered returnable to next term and continued.

Oliver P. French vs. John F. Miles ejectment, judgment for defendant.

Joseph Freoux et al vs. Jule Gros, W. H. Bennett appointed guardian ad litem for Jule Gros, Philomine Gros, Louise Gros, Apal. Feltz, Philomine Feltz, Caroline Feltz and Josephine Feltz, files his answer and continued.

John Elder et al vs. John Chapman et al, partition, M. L. Clardy allowed $50 as attorney fee.

M. J. Wagner et al, exparte, decree and order of sale.

Henry Caho and wife vs. John Endres, ejectment, bill of exceptions filed.

John T. McBride et al vs. Fielding Lowrey et al, partition, proof of publication, default of defendants and continued.

J. L. Crow vs. Aaron Nesslein, appeal from probate court, judgment for plaintiff.

M. M. Kimmel vs. Elroy Bedwell bill in equity, judgment for plaintiff and writ of possession ordered.

... vs. James Wilson, ejectment, judgment for plaintiff for possession $300 damages and $10 per month until the possession is given.

In the above case a motion for a new trial was overruled.

State of Missouri vs. Peter Verschelden, indictment for selling liquor without license. The fine of $40, commuted to twelve hours imprisonment.

M. M. Jones et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

John N. Frank vs. James Wilson, ejectment, motion in arrest of judgment filed and over-ruled.

Mary J. Gatewood et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

John Black vs. Richard Black, debt motion in arrest of judgment overruled.

Johanna Popp vs. Simon Popp, appeal from probate court, report of commissioners approved, and cause certified back to probate court.

John N. Frank vs. James Wilson, ejectment, appeal granted to supreme court, appeal bond $600, to be filed in sixty days.

Court adjourned until court in course.

THE LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: The Platonians met at the usual hour on last Friday night. The meeting was called to order by the president. Several members were behind time, quite a number coming in after roll call. Better late than never; but better never late.

The programme of the evening having been called, Miss Zora Block and Miss Katie McAtee came forward and read. While the reading of both was good, that of Miss McAtee, with the exception of a slight inaccuracy of pronunciation, was almost faultless. The declamation and the essay were both failures. -- The persons to whom these important parts were assigned, were unprepared. A fine was imposed upon each by the chair. An appeal was taken in behalf of the party for the essay; but the action of the chair was sustained, however, it appeared afterword [sic], that the circumstances connected with the failure were of an extenuating character, and the fine was remitted.

The question for regular debate was discussed by Mr. W. A. Cashion seconded by Messrs. J. L. Crow and C. A. Killian on the part of the affirmative, and Mr. Wm. H. Bennett assisted by Messrs. D. W. Crow and A. H. Cashion on the part of the negative. The arguments in favor of the resolution, limiting the right of suffrage to owners of real estate were as follows: First, the plan of universal suffrage, admitting to the polls those who have no interest of their own to protect, places too much power at the command of corrupt rings, enable them to control important elections, and to carry out their schemes of plunder; secondly, a restriction of the right of suffrage to owners of landed property would tend to destroy the ruinous tenement system. The negative admitted that there is a certain vagabond class in our large cities and towns, which should not be allowed to exercise the rights of citizens, but the restrictions embodied in the resolution were unjust, for while they would exclude some unworthy person from polls, they would at the same time exclude many god and virtuous persons. Virtue alone qualifies a person to act the part of a good citizen. The ability of every worthy one to own real estate was denied. The points on both sides were sustained. The discussion was conducted in a praiseworthy manner,. The decision was in favor of the negative. A song trio by Mr. P. F. Halbrook, Miss Zora Block and Miss AcAtee was a success.

PERRYVILLE WHEAT AND FLOUR MARKET. Corrected weekly by Fred. Schindler:

Wheat, white choice  -  $  1.00
Wheat, red choice  -  .90
Flour, choice per barrel  -  6.00
Flour, choice per hundred  -  3.00
" XXX per barrrel,  -  5.00
" XXX per hundred  -  2.50
" XX per barrel,  -  4.50
" XX per hundred  -  2.25
Bran, per bushel,  -  .15
Ship stuff, per hundred,  -  1.25

F Passengers on the Union Pacific are being transferred in wagons over the break at Green River. Cars enough are not on hand at Omaha to carry all the delayed passengers, so it is said.

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