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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 30 April 1869


CIRCUIT COURT, after a two week’s session, adjourned on last Saturday.

COUNTY COURT will be in session next Monday, it being the first day of the May term of said court.

DIVINE SERVICE. -- Rev. R. R. Witten will preach in the Methodist Church of this place next Sabboth at 10:30 A. M.

DROWNED. -- One day last week a little child of James French, Jr. was drowneded [sic] in a spring, some ten miles west of Perryville.

THE WHEAT crop in this county is very promising at this time, and it is believed that a very large crop will be raised the present year. We certainly hope that such may be the case.

IMPROVEMENTS. -- We notice some improvements are being made in and around Perryville. Dr. C. A. Mann is building a neat two-story brick, intended, so we are informed, for an office.

A NEW FEATURE. -- We have lately commenced the publication of articles upon subject of education. The educational department will be found interesting, and is under the supervision of our present excellent and efficient teacher, E. A. Angell. Give it a careful perusal.

AN INSTITUTE. -- We would call the attention of teachers and friends of education, to the call of the County Superintendent of Public Schools, for a meeting of the Teachers Institute. We hope to see a full attendance, for a well ordered Institute is a thing we sadly need in this county.

VELOCIPEDES. -- While in Springfield we had the pleasure of seeing three of the above two-wheel affairs with riders upon them promenading the city. The riders were not the most expert and efficient, yet they made good time. We believe we should prefer to walk instead of propelling ourself [sic] along on such a machine. We imagine it is hard work.

HAIL STORM. -- On Monday of last week we were visited with a heavy hail storm. -- We were in the city of St. Louis at the time of the storm. For about ten minutes the city was stormed with a shower of ice which descended with such force and fury as to shatter windows and street lamps in fragments. Men were knocked down in the street by the missiles, horses were killed, wagons demolished, nursery gardens destroyed, and property of various descriptions damaged to a most fearful extent. -- The total loss sustained by the city is estimated at one hundred thousand dollars. -- No one in Perryville was hurt during the storm, so we learn.

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