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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 29 September 1871


CONVALESCENT. - Dr. Shelby, after several weeks illness, made his appearance in town this week.

CORN is selling at fifty cents per bushel in our market at the present time.

OUR FARMERS are busily engaged plowing their land, preparatory to sowing wheat.

ALMOST every day we notice emigrant wagons passing through town, all westward bound.

JUDGE NICHOLSON, after a week’s absence in St. Louis, returned on Monday last, looking well.

IRISH POTATOES are a scarce article in our market at present, and can scarcely be had for either love or money.

OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL opened on Monday morning last with quite a large attendance. Father Blume’s School commences next Monday.

OUR VICINITY was visited by a refreshing shower of rain on Monday night, accompanied by heavy thunder, lightning and some hail

A SON of Mr. Raymond Schindler, some eight or nine years of age, died of congestive chill on Monday morning last, after a short illness.

THAT WOOD. -- We have six subscribers on our books, who promised us wood, and unless the wood is forth coming the paper will be stopped.

THE ST. LOUIS FAIR commences next Monday, and we understand a number of our citizens will leave here on Sunday next to attend the same.

MR. LEONARD FATH and family, former residents of this place, are at present on a visit to their relatives here. Mr. Henry Fath, lady and daughter are also here on a visit.

JOB WORK. -- We have just received a new supply of Job Type, printing material &c., and can get up a Job in a very tasty and workmanlike manner. Give us a call, and we guarantee satisfaction.

FAIR. -- We noticed a coop full of hogs passing through town on Monday last, en route we suppose for the Madison county fair, As our county can boast of some very fine hogs, we shall expect of hear of some of them carrying off a share of the premiums at the fair.

SWEET POTATO. -- Sheriff Robert N. Dean presented us with a sweet potato, grown upon his father’s farm, which measures eighteen inches in circumfrence [sic], and weighs three pounds and thirteen ounces. Can our neighbors in the swamp counties beat it? Don’t all speak at once.

BACK HOME. -- On Sunday last we left town for the city of St. Louis, reaching Ste. Marys in due time. -- We took passage upon the steamer Adam Jacobs, and reached St. Louis on Monday. No clever or more gentlemanly officers can be found anywhere. While in the city we stopped at the Everett House on Fourth Street, and we must say we were never better treated, and those visiting the city should, by all possible means, patronize this popular House. We met Wm. Wacker and Mr. Arensburg, of Wittenberg, the former going to Iowa to visit his relatives. We arrived home Wednesday.


Notice is hereby given that the undersigned curator of Joel Thoarp [Thorp], has made a just and true exhibit of the accounts between himself and his ward, and filed the same with the Judge of the probate and common pleas court of Perry county, Mo., and that on the first day of the next December term, 1871, he intends to apply to said court for leave to make a final settlement of his curatorship accounts and for his discharge as such curator.


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