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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 29 October 1875


RAIN fell in these parts last Monday night.

COUNTY COURT will assemble in Perryville next Monday morning, it being the first day of the November term.

MARRIED, on Sunday afternoon October 24th, 1875, at St. Mary's Seminary, Mr. Josiah Tucker to Miss Mary F. Layton.

A FAIR ASSOCIATION. -- We understand that an effort is being made to organize a fair in our county. May be it will be a success and may be it wont.

NEW RESIDENCE. -- Our friend Mr. William Eugus, who lives near Mr. Young's store in this county, has just erected a neat frame residence on his farm.

MOVED. -- On Monday last Mr. Thomas Hooss and family deserted their old home and moved into their residence near us. They have a nice place.

MR. JAMES BURGEE, our Circuit Clerk, has just received the Session Acts of 1875, which will be distributed to the officers of the county who are entitled to them.

APPLES. -- About the nicest and finest apples we have seen this fall was presented to us a few days ago by Mr. William Hagar, residing three and a half miles south of Perryville.

A BIG ONE. -- Mr. Lewis Hagan raised upon the farm belonging to Mr. George M. Dean in Bois Brule bottom, this year, a pumpkin that measured five feet and four inches in circumference.

MESSRS. BEY & BRO. have just received a large and fresh supply of goods from St. Louis which they are now selling at 25 per cent below former prices for cash or country produce. Give them a call.

INJURED FOOT. -- A few days since Mr. Sebastian Pecaut, residing some two miles west of Perryville, while working about a harrow, accidentally had a tooth run through one of his feet, disabling him, but he is now able to be about.

SORGHUM MOLASSES. -- Mr. Frank Gagnepain tells us that he has manufactured, during this season, with his machine, seven hundred and twenty-four gallons of sorghum molasses. There has been a good deal of the article made this year.

BIG SQUIRREL. -- Mr. Jules Vallroy, residing four miles north of Perryville, killed a fox squirrel a few days since, that was pretty large. After it was dressed and head off, it weighed two pounds. Is there anybody in these parts that can do better !

RUNAWAY. -- Mr. Joseph Wucker's team became unmanageable and ran away on Thursday evening of last week. The team passed our office at a rapid rate, but was soon brought to a stand still. The wagon was not improved by the run, and nobody was hurt.

LEFT FOR TOWN. -- Our old friend Mr. P. Crozat, who has been living near the Weber & Hooss lead mine, removed to Perryville on Thursday of last week, and now occupies the residence belonging to Mrs. Guyot, east of the public square.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. John W. Thomas, accompanied by his daughter and sister, left for the city of St. Louis last Friday on a visit, and returned on Wednesday.

Mr. Frank Bey left for St. Louis on Sunday last on business.

Mr. Conrad Lanz and family, from Evansville, Randolph county, Ills., arrived in Perryville last Saturday, visiting relatives.

THE CONSTITUTION. -- Next Saturday we are called upon to vote yea or no on the new constitution recently framed at the capital of the State. Let every one who is entitled to vote go and cast it. Vote one way or the other, but we advise all to vote for its adoption, as it is far superior to the present organization in the State. We think there is no doubt but it will be adopted by a tremendous majority.

IN A PREDICAMENT. -- Recently Mr. Lawrence Moranville went to Ste. Marys with a load of wheat, and when near what is known as the grind stone hill, concluded to drive into a pond to water his horses, and in doing so, stepped off in to deep water, and the hind part of the wagon stopped on the bank, and remained in this condition until pulled out by another team. He says it will be some time before he will venture into that pond again.

DIED, of congestion, on Tuesday, October 12th, 1875, at the residence of its parents in Wittenberg in this county, Mary I., youngest daughter of Mr. Cline D. and Mrs. Isabella Milster, aged 21 months and 12 days.

Died, on Thursday, October 21st, 1875, at the residence of its parents in Perryville, a daughter of Mr. John H. Simpson.

Died, on Thursday, October 21st, 1875, at the residence of Mr. Joseph A. Elder in Perryville, Miss Elizabeth Bollinger, aged about 22 years.

Died, on Thursday, October 1st, 1875, at the home of its parents, one mile southeast of Perryville, a daughter of Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Catharine Schindler, aged 25 days.

Died, on Friday, October 22, 1875, at the home of her husband, two miles south of Perryville, Mrs. Sarah J. Ray, aged 26 years.

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