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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 29 May 1874


QUITE A NUMBER of persons from various parts of our county were in Perryville on Tuesday last.

STRAWBERRIES are ripe now -- canít some one furnish us with a few of these berries and the necessary cream!

MR. RUFUS WALKER moved in to his own home one day this week, and is now all right. He has a neat residence.

PROBATE COURT. -- This court convenes at the court house in Perryville next Monday morning, and will be in session all week.

REV. MR. VOGT preached at the German Lutheran Church in Perryville on Monday last, and delivered a sermon appropriate to the occasion.

A HUNTING party left our town on Monday morning last, and returned in the evening of the same day, but as to the amount of game captured we did not learn.

LOSS. -- Mr. Frank Mattingly, residing some three miles northwest of Perryville, lost a valuable mare on the 19th last. Quite a number of these animals have died lately.

READ the letter, headed "20th Judicial Circuit." in the local columns of to-dayís paper. It is from a lawyer, who is represented as being an honest, trustworthy gentleman.

THE CONTRACT for building the fire engine house will be let on next Saturday, the 30th inst. It is to be of brick, surmounted with a belfry, and when finished will be an ornament to our town.

THE PERRYVILLE Public School closed on Friday last. A term of eight months has been taught, and, we are creditably informed that it was not as well attended as the term previously taught.

MR. MICH. ZINK informs the public that he has No. 1 harvest whisky for sale, also good wine and a fine article of liquors for medical purposes, which he will sell cheaper than the cheapest.

THE FRUIT CROP of this county the present year will be better than it has been for the past eight or ten years, and we have been informed that this alone is worth at least fifty thousand dollars to the county.

MR. THOMAS SEEMES has one of his horses injured very badly on the 20th inst. It seems, that while one of his sons was riding the horse to the creek, the animal ran against a snag, which entered his body to the depth of a foot, making a large and it is supposed fatal wound. The horse was valued at $140.

BIRTHS. -- Mr. J. V. Moore recently received an addition to his family in the shape of a little son, weighing only 13 1/2 pounds.

Mr. M. Prevallet had a fine daughter born at his residence on the 16th isnt., and Mr. F. Prevallet had a good looking son to stop at his residence on the same day.

     Baby buggy

MR. JOHN P. MOORE, who resided about three and half miles northeast of Perryville, met with a sad accident not long since. While engaged in hewing a log, his axe glanced and struck his left foot, inflicting a severe cut in the hollow of his foot. The wound was properly attended to, and his is now able to be about.

THE SHOW on Tuesday in Perryville was very good, indeed. The trapese performances were the best ever exhibited in this section, and the other performances were very creditable. The show was well attended, and, so far as we know, all returned to their homes staisfied that they had received their moneyís worth.

RUNAWAY. -- Recently Mr. J. F. Raudeau met with an accident in Bois Brule Bottom. It appears that while Mr. Raudeau and another gentleman were seated in a buggy the horse became frightened and ran away, breaking a portion of the buggy and harness, but, fortunately, the occupants of the buggy escaped without receiving any injuries.

A FISHING PARTY. -- Some of our farming friends, residing not a great distance from Perryville, visited the Saline creek a few days since on a fishing excursion, taking with them a wagon well loaded with provisions indicating that they expected to remain a while, however, we understand that the party has since returned with some thing less than a wagon load of finny tribe.

HURT. -- We are informed that on Friday last, while Mr. Jules Denizet and Mr. Frank Tucker were descending the Gilbert hill, each with a wagon load of wheat, intended for the mill at Ste. Marys, Mr. Tuckerís horses became frightened and attempted to runaway. The latter gentleman was thrown from his wagon...

IMPROVEMENTS. -- Mr. Wm. Furth is making some more improvements about his home. It adds greatly to its appearance.

Messrs. Doerr & Bros. have built a good warehouse east of their business house.

Mr. Charles A. Weber is adding more improvements about his property.

Mrs. Guyot has had some improvements made about her town property north of the public square.

Mr. Xaviar Sutterer is just commencing the erection of a brick residence on his farm three and a half miles east of Perryville.

SABBATH SCHOOL. -- Editor Union, There was a Sabbath School organized at Luther Chapel, in this county, on Sunday the 24th inst. A good number was present and manifested considerable interest in the work. -- After singing a few appropriate hymns, they proceeded to organize. Mr. J. C. Krimminger was chosen Superintendent, and the school done well in selecting Mr. Krimminger, for he is well qualified, and seems to take pride and pleasure in this work. Mr. Emanuel Wynn was chosen Assistant Superintendent, and this, too, was a good choice, for he is very punctual, and earnest in his work. We also raised $25 towards purchasing a new library. We will just say that we have a fine school, with live and intelligent members, and we think with those above named, as leaders, and Mr. Cashion as librarian, there will undoubtedly be some good accomplished.


PERSONAL. -- Dr. D. S. Booth, of Sparta, Ill., accompanied by his daughter, paid us a flying visit on Friday last.

Mr. William Furth, who had been in St. Louis purchasing goods, returned home last Sunday.

Dr. R. Shelby left for the city of St. Louis on Sunday on business.

Dr. Bingerís daughters and other young persons of Altenburg in this county, were in town on Sunday and Monday attending the religious services at the German Lutheran Church.

Mr. Conrad Ochs and family, of Illinois, arrived in Perryville on Friday last, on a visit to their relatives, and left for home on Wednesday morning.

Mr. James Rice left for the city of St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon to purchase a new stock of merchandise. Look for bargains on his return, as he will sell at low figures.

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