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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 29 March 1872


MR. JOHN KIEFNER has commenced to build an addition to his dwelling.

PLOWING. -- Some of our farming friends have commenced plowing and sowing oats.

RAIN. -- We were favored with rain on Sunday night last. Equinoctial storm, may be.

JOHN J. SEIBEL, our Circuit Clerk, has just moved into the residence of John B. Robinson, Esq.

WHEAT, during the past few days has passed our office for the Perryville mills. The mill will soon commence operations.

EXCHANGING. -- We are informed that our young friend, Jesse Merritt has exchanged his bottom farm for the hill farm of James Preston.

MR. FRED. KLEIN is prepared to accommodate the public in the saddlery line. He does his work well and cheap. Give him a call. He will treat you right.

JOB PRINTING. -- Don’t forget that we are prepared to execute every description of Plain, Fancy and Ornamental Job Printing, and at prices, defying competition.

IT SNOWED in these parts on Thursday night and Friday morning of last week, but it soon disappeared. It is probably the last of the article we shall have until next winter comes around.

MR. WILLIAM FURTH, has just purchased twenty-five acres of land off the John Manning tract, west of town, and will probably erect a spacious building upon the same during the coming summer.

AN ACCIDENT. -- We learn that John H. Nicholson, Esq., was thrown from a buggy in going down to Bois Brule Bottom on last Friday evening to attend a case before Squire Bruner. He luckily escaped with a few small bruises in the face.

GARDENS. -- There are a few persons who have already commenced gardening in this part of the hemisphere; had planted “garden truck” before the late snow storm, but we are of the opinion that they labor in that direction will prove fruitless. Gentle spring will be here before long.

TEAM RAN OFF. -- On Saturday afternoon last, while one of our farmers was unloading wheat at the Perryville Mills, the horses became frightened and ran away. Just as they reached the southwest corner of the public square, threw off the bed and damaged the wagon, but were brought to a standstill before any other damage was done.

THE APRIL ELECTIONS. -- Elections are to be held in April in about all of the counties of this State. We, the citizens of the city of Perryville will be called upon to elect city officers for the ensuing year. We are not advised, as yet, who the candidates will be. But little interest seems to be manifested in the approaching municipal struggle. One thing we do know, somebody will be elected.


From the state Superintendent of Public Schools, we learn that there are forty-three primary schools in this county, two schools for colored pupils, and forty-two pupils attend them. Our County Superintendent A. G. Abernathy, speaking of our schools, says:

“Educational progress in Perry county is not as great as in many other counties of the State. But I feel satisfied that we are making some improvement, at least. The cause of public school education, like many other good causes, has its opponents here, as well as elsewhere. That all opposition will finally yield, there can be no doubt; and this, like many other great causes, will be the gainer by the opposition.

“If school officers would take more interest, and discharge their duties more promptly, the teachers would take courage and the children be stimulated to greater exertions; and thereby, as I believe, the greatest obstacle would be removed.

“The qualifications of teachers are much better than last year, and I expect greater proficiency this year than last

“The obstacles in the way of improvement are many; but chief among them is taxation.

“The schools have all been open at least three months in the year.”


Joseph Klump, plaintiff,
Leo F. Tucker, John Kretter and Sarah his wife, Moritz Streiler and Celep his wife, Joseph Streiler and Mary his wife, William Streiler and Magdalen his wife, Francis M. Tucker and Margaret his wife, Martha Simpson and Joseph Tucker and Magdalen Tucker, defendants.

By virtue of an order of the circuit court of Perry county, Missouri, made at the Oct. term, 1871, I the undersigned sheriff will offer and expose to sale

The 16th day of April, 1872

and during the session of the circuit court at the court house door in the town of Perryville in said county, between the hours of nine o’clock in the forenoon and five o’clock in the afternoon of said day, to the highest bidder the following described real estate, situate, lying and being in Perry county, Mo., to-wit:

The south east qr of section 25 in town 36 range 11 east containing 160 acres.

Terms of Sale. -- Ten per cent of the purchase money to be paid in hand, the residue in twelve months, the purchaser giving bond with approved security for said residue.


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