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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 28 November 1873


DR. A. D. PENNEY, of Chester, Illinois, will visit Perryville on Tuesday the 2d of December, and remain ten days. Office in the parlor of Hooss Hotel.

F  Blanket for $2.50 a pair at A. H. CASHION

REMEMBER that raffle that takes place at Koch’s saloon on Saturday.

PROBATE COURT will convene at the court house next Monday morning, and will probably be in session all week.

PORK is selling at 4 cents per pound in this market, and it is believed that it will be purchased at less figures.

THE BEN. VERMAST property, on the west side of the public square, was sold under a deed of trust last Saturday, Dr. H. C. Murphy became purchaser. he paid $1,761 for the property.

F  All Wool Flannel 30 cents per yard at A. H. CASHION

DIED, on Friday night, the 21st inst., at his residence eight miles northeast of Perryville, Mr. James A. Burns, about fifty years of age. He was born and raised in this county. The deceased was a good, sober, honest citizen, a kind husband, and an affectionate parent. He leaves a wife, several children and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.

F  Jeans Coats at $3.50 and heavy Jeans Pants at $2 per pair at Furth’s.

SALEM TOWNSHIP. -- On Saturday, the 22d inst., ‘Squire Jos. E. Callier held court, it being his regular law day, and among matters there docketed, was the case of Louis Griflaw vs. Prayles Robbins, for the unlawful detention of personal property. The prosecuting was conducted by ‘Squire Theo. Picou, of Claryville, the defendant making his own defense, Judgment was rendered in favor of plaintiff.

F  Water-proof, 75 cents per yard A. H. CASHION

PERSONAL. -- Mr. John C. Doerr and J. J. Seibel, Esq., left for Brazeau Township on Sunday last, the former to collect the revenue, and the latter on other business.

Mr. William Furth left town on Sunday for the city of St. Louis to purchase winter goods, and will return in a few days.

Mr. Emanuel Urban, of Longtown was in town on Sunday, on his way to St. Louis, where he went to buy a big lot of new goods.

Mr. William Litsch left for St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon on business.

MEMPHIS SUFFERERS. -- On Thursday of last week some strangers gave a theatrical performance at the court house in Perryville, the proceeds of which were for the benefit of the Memphis sufferers. Not to be outdone in the matter of charity, the citizens of Perryville gave a grand ball and supper at Burgee’s Hall on last Tuesday night, which was pretty well attended, for the same purpose, and the proceeds are to be sent to the proper authorities in Memphis, to assist in alleviating the suffering among the poorer classes of that terribly scourged city. -- A praiseworthy object.


Died, at Perryville, Missouri, on Wednesday morning, the 19th inst., after a short illness, Mr. F. C. Cobbs, aged 33 years. The deceased was the only child of the late Alex M. Cobbs, and Catherine Cobbs who survives him. Deceased was born in Perry county on the first day of January, 1840, where he resided to the time of his death. He was well and favorably known throughout the county, as a kind hearted, upright and honest man, ever ready to assist in providing for the wants of the poor. Deceased leaves his aged mother, wife, three infant children, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his untimely loss Surely,

"In the midst of life we are in death
"Weep not for him, the pure, the noble hearted,
Who has now gone to mingle with the blest.
He is not dead, he only has departed,
To make more beautiful the land of rest."


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