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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 28 May 1875


PAINTING. -- Messrs. Louis Bey & Bro. are having their business house nicely painted.

A WEEKLY MAIL is to be established between Perryville and Chester, early in July next.

LOSS. -- Mr. Anton Pingel, residing ten miles south of Perryville, lost a good horse last Friday.

BIRTH. -- A big boy stopped at the residence of Mr. A. H. Cashion near Perryville on last Friday.

     Baby buggy

MOVED. -- Mr. Jules Vallroy has moved upon the farm he recently purchased from Mr. Pius Cissell, and is now at home.

LIVERY STABLE. -- We understand that a gentleman residing at Jackson has purchased a half interest in the Perryville livery stable.

BRICK. -- Messrs. Gotto & Voorde, at Biehle's store, have already manufactured one kiln of brick, and will soon commence another.

DIED, on Thursday night, May 20th, 1875, at his residence eight miles east of Perryville, Mr. Henry Dietrich aged about 55 years.

MR. SAM. D. MERANDA, the gentleman who sold our citizens fruit trees, &c., last fall, is here and intends to do the fair thing by his customers.

ATTENTION, FIREMEN. -- There will be a drill of Fire Company No. 1 on Wednesday, the 2d day of June, at 5 o'clock P. M., by order of the foreman.

TRANSFER. -- Mr. Isidore Tucker has purchased the property known as the Jones farm containing 180 acres, situated four miles northwest of Perryville.

SPELLING MATCH. -- There will be a spelling match at the public school house on Saturday, May 29th. Exercises to commence at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

THE CUT WORMS, the mischievous things, have appeared in considerable numbers in the fields and gardens in these parts, and are giving us some trouble.

ARMY WORMS. -- Some of our farmers tells [sic] us that these pests have put in their appearance, but it is to be hoped that they will not do much injury to the crops.

PRETTY GOOD. -- Mr. Josiah A. Dean, residing nine miles northwest of Perryville, showed us a fleece of wool a few days ago that measured just eleven inches in length.

HAND MASHED. -- On Thursday of last week, Mr. Thos. Brown, son of Mr. Ireneaus Brown, residing four miles northeast of Perryville, accidentally fell, and had his right hand badly hurt.

A LARGE TREE. -- Mr. F. W. Engert, residing in Brazeau township, in this county, recently cut down a tree, from which he got ten cords of wood. We call this a tolerable profitable tree.

ATTORNEYS AT LAW. -- By reference to another column of to-day's paper will be found the law card of Messrs. Carter, Clardy & Noell. All business entrusted to their care will be promptly attended to.

FOURTH OF JULY. -- We learn that the two musical organizations of our place, viz: the Perryville Cornet Band and the Concordia String Band intend to get up a first class celebration on the 4th of July next.

COMMENCED. -- Mr. John B. Gotto has commenced the foundation of the brick structure for Mr. Maurus Biehle, ten miles south of Perryville. This building is to be fifty-two fee long, fifty-two feet wide and one story high.

A CURIOSITY. -- Mr. John B. Gotto showed us a young deceased chicken Saturday evening last, which had two heads, two perfect bills, and three eyes, and had the little fowl lived, Mr. Gotto would probably have sent it to Mr. Barnum.

AN ELECTION. -- The annual election of officers of Perryville Fire Company No. 1 will take place at the regular meeting of the company at the court house on Monday, June 7th, 1875. Every member of the company is requested to be on hand by order of the foreman.

PERRY COUNTY NOT BEHIND. -- On Wednesday evening of last week a horse race was run at the Chester fair grounds, and one of the animals in it was from Bois Brule bottom, known as Bald Stevens, and belonging to one of our farmers. He came off second best in the contest, and received a premium of twenty-five dollars.

MESSRS. JAS. DOUGLAS & SON. -- Those gentlemen's advertisement will be found in to-day's paper. For a number of years Mr. Douglas has had Marble Works established in Chester, Ill., and he guarantees to sell monuments, tombstones, grave stones, &c., ten percent cheaper than any agent or establishment. -- They are experienced workmen.


CHANGED OWNERS. -- The mill property belonging to Col. Rm M. Brewer, located three and a half miles northwest of Perryville, has been purchased by Francis H. Layton and Lawrence H. Tucker, they paying three thousand dollars for the same. We understand that these gentlemen intend erecting a flouring mill on their property. We wish them success.

THE SHEEP have had a hard time of it in this section of the country. They are not permitted to live as long as they would like to. One night last week the dogs got among the sheep belonging to Mr. Serapion Moore, residing two and a half miles north of Perryville, and killed three of his sheep and crippled several others of the flock; also in the same neighborhood, Mr. Felix Miles and Mr. Henry Huber had a number killed and wounded.

TO THE LOWEST BIDDER! -- There are two newspapers in Ste. Genevieve, hence the county court of that county gave its printing for the coming year out to the lowest bidder last week, and friend Smith of the Fair Play, was the successful publisher, he taking the contract at less figures than his competitor. We believe that the court done exactly right, and we further believe that all legal advertising should be given to the lowest bidder.

CANNOT BE BEATEN! -- Mr. John C. Doerr, our efficient and gentlemanly County Collector, makes a better showing at this date in collecting the taxes for the year 1874 than for any previous year. Last year this gentleman collected about 96 per cent of the entire taxes levied upon the people of this county, and this year he has succeeded in collecting over 97 per cent, not 3 per cent of the taxes levied being returned delinquent.

MARRIED, on Sunday, May 1, 1875, at the residence of the bride near Eureka in this county, by Rev. Jas. Warren, Mr. Eli Adler to Miss Eliza E. Burns.

Married, on Sunday, May 23, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. J. W. Nations, Mr. E. H. Lee to Miss G. A Nations.

Married, on Monday, May 17th, at St. Mary's Seminary by Rev. m. Rubi, Mr. S. C. Barbier to Miss Eliza T. Yates. We made an error in this last week, hence republish it.

A REPORT of the Perryville Public School for the whole term: Number of scholars in the first department was 46; number of scholars in the second department 66; total 112 average attendance in the first department 35; average attendance in the 2d department 40; total 75. Pupils standing above 90 for recitations in the first department: Jon Kiefner, Douglas Farrar, Alice Block, Emma Burns, Willie Cashion, Zoe Burgee, Chas. Litsch, Moritz Berhle; in the second department Levi Block, Martha Weber, Eddie Killian, and Henrietta Doerr.

DEPARTED THIS LIFE. -- Died, on Tuesday, May 25th, 1875, at his residence near Uniontown in this county, Mr. Charles F. Schneider, aged about 46 years. The deceased was born in Baden, Europe, and early in life left his native home and emigrated to Missouri and settled in this county, where he resided up to the hour of his death. The subject of this notice was an intelligent and thoroughly honest gentleman, and during his residence among us held several positions of honor and trust. But a few years ago he represented this county in the lower house of the General Assembly of Missouri. He was a member of the Catholic Church and lived a christian life. -- He leaves a wife, several children, and other relatives and friends to mourn his demise.

PERSONAL. -- Judge J. B. Robbins, who has been confined to his room here by sickness the past few weeks left for his home in Ste. Genevieve last Sunday.

Miss Minnie M. Chase who taught school here during the past eight months, bid us adieu last Monday and will soon return to her home in Ohio.

Mr. George W. Entler and family who have been residing at Memphis, Tenn., something over a year, returned to Perryville last Tuesday. -- Mr. Entler looks several years younger than when he left us, from which we infer he has been faring well.

Mr. Fred. Klein, sister and children returned home on Wednesday morning.

Two Sisters who had been here on a visit left for St. Louis on last Wednesday.

COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS. -- May 17th, 1875. -- In matter of the Rocky branch bridge, the commissioners reported, and it was ordered to be let out to the lowest bidder.

Erroneous assessments were stricken from the tax books of 1874, and credited to the Collector's account.

The personal delinquent list and land delinquent list was allowed and credited.

In the matter of a proposed change in the Farrar Landing road, the commissioners report was filed and continued to the next term.

Marcus S. Hughey, road overseer of district 12, made his report, which was approved and he was reappointed to said office.

John F. Miles, road overseer of district 5, made his report and was discharged.

Tuesday, May 18th. -- Andrew Gorman, road overseer, made his report and was reappointed.

James B. Young, road overseer, made his report and was reappointed.

Nereus J. Tucker was appointed road overseer of district 6th.

Joseph Taylor was appointed road overseer of district 5th.

Wednesday, May 19th. -- James E. Elder, road overseer of district 9; Jos. E. Callier, of district 11; Jas. F. Tucker of district 8; E. L. Adams of district 15; Stephen T. Moore of district 4; Herman Burfeind of district 2, made their annual reports, and were reappointed, the latter gentleman being appointed for district 1 and 2.

Ignatius Trapp, road overseer of district 3, George M. Brewer of district 16, Joseph Taylor of district 6, and Ireneaus Brown of district 10, were appointed for the ensuing year.

The report of E. L. Adams was not approved, and the court referred it back to the assessor for correction.

Henry Maesser of district 1, James A. Bull of district 3, John Mour of district 10, and Joseph Taylor of district 6, made their reports and they were approved.

The following allowances were made To Rev. M. Rubi, road damages, $32.50; J. f. Mile, road overseer $8.50; to W. H. Booth, for publishing county finances $10; to John Maur, road overseer, $18.70; to Basil Moore, surveying St. Mary's road, $7.50; to John E. Atkin, freight, &c., on blanks $2.05; to John Kiefner, pauper coffin $5; to each Judge $15; to James Burgee, record and indexes $107.50; to Henry Nacsser road overseer, balance $58.68; to Herman Burfeind, road overseer, balance $73.59.

The quarterly account of expenditures was presented and approved.

Dramship licenses were ranted to sundry applicants.

The road commissioners report on the Schreiner road filed, was referred back to the commissioner for correction.

Mr. John C. Doerr, our county collector, settled for the county revenue and for the road tax.

The bond of Charles L. Tucker, constable of Bois Brule township, was approved and filed.

Part of the Allen Landing road from the field of Jos. Klump to the township line between 35 and 36 range 12 was detached from Gorman's road district, and was attached to the district of Jas. B. Young.

The court ordered that the school fund mortgage of Wm. Drury be foreclosed, the sale to take place at the August term of this court.

The court adjourned until court in course.

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