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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 27 March 1874


SEVERAL NEW CASES of the cerebro spinal meningitis have been reported in the northern part of this county.

MR. JOHN C. DOERR has been confined to his residence a few days the past week from the effects of rheumatism.

GARDENING. -- We notice that some of our citizens have already commenced putting in "garden truck." It will grow.

A MAN was thrown from a mule on the east side of the public square Sunday evening last, but, fortunately, he received no serious injuries.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Pius McCauley is having a new double door put in his building near the Postoffice, as well as some other needed improvements.

MR. HENRY HOLTMAN, our neighbor, has commenced operations at his brick yard, east of town, and ere long, will have another kiln of brick to burn and sell.

THE WHEAT is growing finely, and is, at this time, looking well, and if we are not greatly mistaken, Perry county will produce a good crop of wheat this year.

CHINCH BUGS. -- These pests have already made their appearance in some portions of our county, and it is feared that they will do considerable mischief to the crops.

THE SALE of the late Mrs. Campbell’s property took place last Saturday. There were many ladies in attendance, and, a times, the bidding became quite spirited.

TRANSFER OF PROPERTY. -- Mr. Jno. Hooss has purchased Col. J. C. Killian’s town property, paying for the same $950, and will take possession of it some time in May next.

SHIPMENT OF LEATHER. -- We noticed three loads of leather, from the Lukefahr tanyard in this county, passing through town one day this week, en route for St. Louis.

PICTURES. -- Ladies and gents wishing Rembrants [sic], Photographs or Gen. Pictures now is the time to get them cheap, Gallery at Burgee’s Hall.

RATHER RATTY -- On last Saturday while busy engaged in working about the stable belonging to Mr. J. C. Doerr, our efficient collector, Mr. Thomas Bridgman compelled sixty-seven rats to give up the ghost and die, and it was not an overly good day for rats, either. This is rather a ratty story, nevertheless it is strictly true, and there are now sixty-seven less of these animals about Mr. Doerr’s premises than there were a week ago.

THE GRANGERS. -- The landability of the grange movement was discussed last Friday evening by the Literary Society of this place. The subject has been discussed but little in this immediate vicinity. Many of the members were not fully posted, but the discussion was creditable to the society; and should not be discouraging to the patrons of husbandry, as in the regular debate it was decided in their favor, although the contrary opinion prevailed in the irregular debate.

PERSONAL. -- Dr. Glen, of Bollinger county, was in town last week, and paid us a visit.

Mr. Luke J. Hutcheson and Mr. Ponder, of Uniontown, was [sic] in town last Sunday.

Mr. Clemens Schindler left for St. Louis on Sunday on business and returned on Wednesday, with some repairs for his mill here.

Mr. Tobias Farrar returned home on last Wednesday from Redwood City, Cal., where he has been engaged in the drug business for the past two years. Life on the Pacific slope seems to agree with him, as he is looking much better than when he left here.

Theo. Pleuss, with Gauss, Hunicke & Co., was in town this week interviewing our merchants. Pleuss has succeeded in raising a moustache which almost visible with the naked eye.

F. R. G. Pisani, the colored gentleman who recently taught school in Perryville, is now teaching a school in Cape Girardeau county.

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