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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 26 September 1873


CIRCUIT COURT convened in Fredericktown on Monday last, and will probably be in session two weeks.

MOVERS. -- Several teams passed through Perryville on last Sunday, en route for Illinois, They were from Dade county in this State.

SICKNESS. -- We are informed that there is a good deal of sickness in this county at this time. No cases of cholera or yellow fever have made their appearance here.

SOWING WHEAT. -- Many of our farmers have already prepared their land and sowed wheat; and others have commenced. It is thought that a larger area of land will be sowed in wheat this fall.

PESTS. -- We understand that a large number of grasshoppers and chintz bugs are found in various parts of this county, and it is believed that they will injury [sic] the crops, but it is to be hoped they will not.

COLORED SCHOOL.-- It is now understood that a colored school will be opened in Perryville in a few days, and it is probable that it will be pretty well attended. A competent colored teacher will have control of the school.

THE CROPS. -- From all that we are able to learn, the corn crops of this county will turn out well. The yield will be large. The Irish potato crop throughout the county is not as promising as it ought to be, yet, it is by no means a failure. A fair yield will be made.

WHO WILL BEAT IT. -- In the office of the clerk of the circuit court of our county, may be seen two mammoth sweet potatoes, grown by Major Huff, residing near Longtown in this county. They are, indeed, fine specimens, weighing 4 pounds each, one measuring 18 inches in circumference, the other 12 inches. We understand that they will remain on exhibition in the clerk’s office until some of our farmers exchange them for larger ones. Who can beat the Major?

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