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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 25 June 1873


CHEAP GOODS. -- For cheap goods, go to John H. Simpson.

MR. W. P. FAHERTY has just erected a porch in front of his business house.

TWO SISTERS were in town this week on business. They were from St. Louis.

BLECHLE & HOOSS have St. Louis Beer, and we tell you it is good, for we tried it.

THE WEATHER has been somewhat cooler during the past few days, but not cool enough for overcoats.

COUNTY COURT was in session on last Monday, as the law directs, to pass judgment upon the delinquent lands of this county.

MR. S. SHULTZ, the deguarrian [sic], will be found at the late residence of Bernard Cissell, where he is prepared to do good work.

SUNSTROKE. -- We learn of several cases of sunstroke in this county, but we are glad to know that none of them have been fatal.

BARGAINS. -- For real bargains in all kinds of goods go to John H. Simpson.

MR. L. A. WILSON left Perryville on Wednesday morning for Ste. Genevieve, to canvass that county in the interest of the Weed Sewing Machine.

THE CHINCH BUG, so we are informed, is doing considerable mischief to the corn in this county, and we notice, through our exchanges, that a number of placed in Southeast Missouri are troubled with them.

RUNAWAY. -- A team belonging to Mr. Thomas Robinson, of Stono, took fright at the saw mill and ran away recently. The animals succeeded in breaking the wagon to which they were harnessed, before they were stopped.

WILL LOSE AN EYE. -- Some day last week a little son of Ignatius Moore, residing in this county, has one of his eyes badly hurt. His father, while attempting to drive a nail, it glanced, striking the little boy’s eye, which opened the ball of the same. It is thought that he will lose this member.

FARMING IMPLEMENTS of all kinds kept on hand or supplied on short notice by John H. Simpson.

MR. AUGUSTUS DOERR is a most fortunate man. On Tuesday of last week his better half made him a handsome present, and they are alive and doing well. On that eventful morning friend Doerr became papa of two bright-eyed and good looking daughters - twins - and, of course, he is the happiest man in the world.

SKULL INJURED. -- One day last week a son of Vincent Cissell met with a bad accident. He was seated upon a load of hay, and while driving his team along, fell, his head striking the ground, injuring the skull badly though not seriously. -- His injuries were properly attended to, and he is now convalescing as rapidly as possible, under the circumstances.

MESSRS. ROZIER & LAWRENCE, of Ste. Marys, Mo., have a bran[d] new advertisement in this issue of the paper. They are live, go-ahead business men, and always keep a full and complete stock of goods, and they sell them at astonishing low figures, their motto being: -- "Quick sales and small profits." -- They have just received a very large stock of new goods from St. Louis. Go and see them.

THE SCHOOL OF MISS MOLLIE BREWER, who has been teaching at the Brewer school house, closed on Tuesday last. The children showed that they had been well drilled, and reflected credit on themselves and teacher. it was made the occasion of a pic nic. Quite a large crowd was present. After the exercises were closed a repast was spread in the grove, where all partook bountifully of a good dinner. The balance of the programme, being swinging music and dancing, was well performed, and showed much practice on the part of the performers.

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