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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 25 December 1874


SHORT. -- Last Sunday was the shortest day in the year.

SEVERAL DEER were killed in our county during the past week.

SL[E]IGH RIDING was the order of the day the early part of this week.

DON’T FORGET the Ball of the Perryville Cornet Band on the 31st instant at Burgee’s Hall.

A BALLOON ASCENSION will take place at 12 o’clock on the night of the 31st from Burgee’s Hall.

POULTRY. -- Turkeys are selling at six dollars per dozen, and chickens at one dollar per dozen in these parts.

MR. THEISS, residing some six miles north of Perryville, has just completed a new barn upon his property.

PREACHING on next Sunday morning and night at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Subject: The Birth of Christ.

FATHER RUBI is making preparations to erect a commodious barn on the St. Marys Seminary farm in Bois Brule Bottom.

A PANTHER. -- We understand a panther has been seen in the river hills in the eastern part of our county near Mr. John Wilkinson’s.

A SURPRISE party was enjoyed at the residence of Mr. John Hooss on Thursday evening of last week, and a good and pleasant time was the result.

NEW DWELLING. -- Mr. John Smith is erecting a comfortable residence upon the farm belonging to Judge Bennett in Bois Brule bottom, which will soon be finished.

BUILDING. -- Mr. G. Blanc who resides near Silver Lake, in this county, is erecting a good, substantial barn on his farm, and is making other valuable improvements about his property.

A RUNAWAY. -- A few days since while Mr. Eli Chappuis, who resides near Silver Lake, was on his way home, his team became frightened and ran away. Mr. C. wagon was broken to pieces.

TIN ROOF. -- Mr. Arsan Callier has had a tin roof put on his new brick building. Nearly all of the buildings which have been put up here within the last few years have these roofs on them..

OLD AND NEW MOON. -- A lady remarked in our presence lately, that we would soon have a new moon.. -- A young girl present asked very innocently, "What becomes of the old moon when we get a new one?"

ATTENTION LADIES. -- The Perryville Cornet Band will present a large and finely ornamented cake to the most popular lady present at their ball on New Year’s eve, to be decided by a vote of the gentlemen.

MOVING. -- Mr. Frank Walter has moved his tin shop into the first story of the building recently occupied by Dr. Staley.

Our new baker is now residing in the Campbell property.

MARRIED, on Sunday the 13th of December, 1874, at the residence of the bride’s parents, twelve miles east of Perryville, by Squire Joseph E. Callier, Mr. Lewis Griffau to Miss Amanda Rhyne, all of Perry county.

MR. JOSEPHUS MCNEW, who is at the present time reaching a school at what is known as the Cedar Fork school house, was in to see us on Sunday last, and he informs us that the daily attendance at his school is thirty-five scholars.

A LARGE YIELD. -- Mr. John D. Zahner tended nine acres of land in Bois Brule bottom the past season, and from it, so we are informed, he gathered five hundred bushels of corn. Can anybody in Southeast Missouri beat this?

MR. WM. E. DEAN, who has commenced a four months school in the Preston school house, seven miles northeast of Perryville, tells us that the daily attendance at his school is twenty-five scholars, and that he is meeting with better success than former teachers.

WINTERISH. -- Last Saturday evening these parts were visited with a snow and sleet storm, the ground being completely hidden from view, and all nature was clad in white. -- It is time old winter was assuming his place upon his throne, if he intends to rule the season.

BIRTHS. -- A little girl stopped at the residence of Mr. Gabriel Tucker, seven miles west of Perryville on Friday last.

A little girl put in her appearance one day last week at Mr. William Nannie’s residence, nine miles north west of Perryville.

     Baby buggy

AN ACCIDENT. -- Mr. Josh W. Burgee, when near Perryville on Thursday of last week, had occasion to alight from his horse, and while attempting to again mount the animal with one foot in the stir[r]up, he lost his hold and fell backwards to the ground and was dragged some distance, but escaped uninjured.

NEXT SATURDAY. - Remember that the Democratic county convention convenes at the court house in Perryville next Saturday, for the purpose of selecting delegates to attend the district convention at Jackson on the 6th of next month, so be one hand and do your duty. We want good delegates to attend the State convention, and such are Maj. Dennis and Dr. Rider.

ENDORSED. -- Referring to a communication published in our issue week before last, in which Major Dennis and Dr. Rider were recommended, the Cape Girardeau Western Press says: "We fully endorse the sentiment expressed in the above so far as the qualifications necessary to make a good member, and we think better material for the position than Major Dennis and Dr. Rider would be hard to find."

ON THE MUSCLE. -- Our neighboring village of St. Marys was slightly on her muscle last Saturday, or at least we should judge so from the number of wounded that were hauled out of that burg by some of the benevolent and peaceable citizens of this county. We did not learn whether President Grant has been asked to send troops there or not, but as St. Marys is not in Louisiana, we suppose they can get along without federal interference.

ATTACKED ON THE HIGHWAY. -- A young gentleman, named Charles Lorenz, residing some ten miles west of Perryville, while on his way home from school one evening last week, was arrested and attacked by as stranger, and in the encounter, young Lorenz was stabbed in the right side, but providentially no other damage was done than the cutting of his clothing. The perpetrator of this deed fled the country and was nowhere to be found after the attack.

RATHER STRANGE. -- On last Saturday a son of Mr. Frank Gagnepain, residing some two and a half miles west of Perryville, took down his gun and went out of doors to soon a swine. He got a bead on the hog and pulled the trigger, when the animal gave up the ghost and died. -- Mr. Gagnepain says that after the bullet struck the hog, it rebounded, and struck his son’s thumb on the right hand, but as good luck would have it, it done him no serious injury. This is the first case of the kind we have ever heard of.

TRANSFER. -- Messrs. Louis Guyot and F. L. Guyot purchased a tract of land last Saturday from Priest Anderson located in Bois Brule bottom, containing over sixty-four acres paying eight hundred dollars for it. We understand that the purchasers intend to commence at once to clear and fence it up, and prepare it for cultivation.

Mr. John Boland has just purchased the farm belonging to Mr. John Blair, ten miles northeast of Perryville, near the Allen Landing road, but will not farm it.

PORK. -- Hon N. J. Colman, the granger Lieutenant Governor elect of this State, is getting subscribers for his agricultural journal, the Rural World, by offering imported pigs as premium to those getting up clubs. Mr. C. U. Prost has secured some twenty subscribers for it, which entitles him to one of the pigs. With out wishing to disparage the merits of the chromos given by some publications as premiums, we must say that if we were offered our choice between those pictures and the pigs of Norman J., we’ll take ours in pork every time.

PERSONAL. -- Albert Cissell and Andrew Preston, who have been absent attending school, returned home on Sunday.

Mrs. Anna Springer, wife of Mr. Fritz Springer, of our town, left for the city of St. Louis a few days ago for medical treatment.

Judge Robinson left for the city of Ste Genevieve last Sunday morning to hold a two days term of the circuit court, and returned home on Wednesday evening.

Dr. S. T. Hall will be in Perryville next Tuesday and will remain one week.

Two piano tuners arrived in our town a few days ago, and they come well recommended

Mr. Oscar Morgan, residing two and a half miles north of Perryville who is represented not to be sound in mind, was taken to St. Louis on Wednesday morning last, for medical treatment.

DIED, of spinal meningetis, on Saturday, December 19th, 1874, at the residence of her parents near Allen’s Landing in this county, a daughter of Mr. John M. Belsha, aged eight years.

Died, of spinal meningetis, after a prolonged illness of nine months, on Saturday, December 19th, 1874, at the residence of his parent, eight miles northeast of Perryville, a son of Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Mary Hudson, aged 13 years, 8 months and 17 days.

Died, a few days since at the residence of her parents, seven miles northeast of Perryville, Spicer Cochran, aged three years.

WALK UP AND SETTLE GENTLEMEN. -- All persons indebted to J. & L. DeLassus, DeLassus & Bro., or Leon E. DeLassus, are hereby notified that unless they pay up on or before February 1st, 1875, their notes and accounts will be put in an officer’s hands for collection.


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