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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 25 April 1873


MEASLES. -- Our two little boys have been afflicted with the measles for the past week, but are now nearly well.

SMALL POX. -- John Sandler, residing seen miles northeast of Perryville, so we are informed, has the small pox in its worst form.

JOHN B. GOTTO has sold his saloon to William Holtman, and on Monday the former gentleman moved in to Judge Bennett’s residence.

WASHING AWAY. -- We are informed that the bank of the Mississippi river on this side, between Chester and Allen’s landing is washing away badly.

CHEAPER THAN EVER. -- A. H. CASHION has opened a notion store in the building where the Wilson Sewing Machine is kept for sale, and is selling notions, candies, cigars, and chewing and smoking tobacco at starvation prices. Go and see him.

RUN AWAY. -- On Tuesday evening the team of Mr. Henry G. Kiesler, while standing at Boettner & Lang’s blacksmith shop, got frightened and run away, but was brought to a sudden stop on the southwest corner of the public square, having upset the wagon and emptied the contents into the street. Nobody was hurt but the wagon was damaged.

THE WEED SEWING MACHINE. -- Over 100 of these machines have been sold in this county this winter, without a single complaint. Below we give the names of a few of its purchasers, to whom we refer any one desiring to purchase a first class machine:

Thomas Hooss, Perryville
John C. Doerr "
Chas. A. Weber, "
Cassimere Chappuis "
E. Urban, Longtown, Mo.
Burgett Everett, Ste. Marys
George Bond "
Thos. Elder, Bois Brule Bottom.
Louis J. Tucker "
Wm. Morgan "
Clement J. Fenwick, eight miles north of Perryville.



...Court opened at one o’clock P. M. The following composed the Grand Jury, specially summoned by order of the court, to serve at the present term, viz: George Huff, Foreman, Perry C. Davis, Jas. M. Manning, Joshua Hudson, William Doerr, Stanhope Clifton, R. F. Burns, Nicholas Guth, Jos. G. Weinhold, Herman Winter, Jos. E. Underiner, Wm. Ponder, Frank Rudiell, Henry Zoellner, Lawrence Brewer, John Endres and Greg. Brewer
...Lucretia Phillips vs. Austin Phillips, divorce; plaintiff concluded not to be divorced, and cause dismissed at plaintiff’s cost. ...

Note: Some pages of this issue had the date "April 10, 1873" in error.

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