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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 25 April 1872


POST OFFICES. -- The Postmaster General has established a new Post Office at Claryville, in this county.

CHANGED HANDS. -- We learn that William McBride has sold his hack to Robt. M. Slaughter.

MARRIED, on the 21st day of April 1872, by ‘Squire Vermast, John B. W. Holtmann to Margaret Popp, all of this county.

WRONG DATE. -- A mistake occurs on the first page. The paper is dated the 19th when it should be the 26th of April.

JOHN B. CASHION left Perryville on Sunday afternoon for the State of Kansas for the purpose of looking out a new home.

THE SCHOOL FUND. -- The State Superintendent of public schools has made an apportionment of the school funds of the State. Perry county is entitled to $2,108.32.

SHADE TREES. -- We notice that several of our citizens have gone to work and planted shade trees in front of their property. We think this a commendable move, and we should be glad to see this done by all our citizens.

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Creditors and all others interested in the estate of George W. Hudson, dec’ed are hereby notified that on the first day of the probate and common pleas court, to be held in the town of Perryville, Perry county, Mo., on the first Monday in June, 1872. I will make final settlement of said estate.

JOSHUA HUDSON, Administration

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