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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 24 October 1873


F3 1/2 pounds of the best Coffee and 9 pounds of No. 1 N. O. Sugar for one dollar at Furth’s.

AN IMPORTANT notice will be found in another column from Mr. John B. Gotto.

JOHN B. ROBINSON, ESQ., moved on last Saturday in to his office in Koch’s new building.

THE BRICK WORK of J. B. Gotto’s residence is completed, and ere long it will be finished and occupied.

JACK FROST has put in his appearance in these parts, and the weather has become some what cooler.

MR. GEORGE KOCH has had a nice sign painted over the front door of his new saloon. Mr. Lewis Meyer done the work.

FSalt at $2.75 per barrel at Furth’s.

NEW BOAT. -- The Memphis Packet Company have just added a new steamboat to their line of steamers. It is called the "John A. Scudder." steamboat

STE. MARYS. -- A fine building is being erected in Ste. Marys, by Mr. Rounds of that place. Our townsman, John B. Gotto, is doing the brick work.

GRAND BALL. -- On Friday night a ball will be given at Hooss’ Hotel, and the charges will be moderate. -- Everybody are invited. A good time will be had.

KEEP WARM. -- Messrs. Blechle & Hooss have put up a stone coal stove in their saloon, the first, we believe ever used in Perryville. We understand some others intend to follow the example.

F  Best Men’s Brogans at $2 per pair, and good heavy Boots from $3 to $4 a pair at Furth’s.

A TEACHERS’ INSTITUTE was held in this county on Thursday of last week, and up to going to press, have received no report of its proceedings. We understand it was not very largely attended.

A CUTTING AFFAIR. -- An altercation took place between two persons in Perryville on last Wednesday, and one of them was stabbed twice in the right arm, and though badly cut it will hot prove serious. The party doing the cutting was arrested.

BEATS THEM ALL. Emanuel Urban, Esq., of Longtown, showed us a sweet potato this week, raised by Mr. William B. Farrar, in this county, which weighs eight pounds exactly, being the largest ever seen at this office. We don't’ believe it can be beat.

F  Good Water-proof Cloth for ladies’ cloaks and dresses, at $1.10 per yard at Furth’s.

MR. JOSEPH MASTER departed this life on the night of the 19th inst., and was buried on Tuesday last. -- He was forty-seven years of age. -- The deceased was born in Germany in 1826 and emigrated to this country at an early age, and settled in this county. he was an honest, industrious and frugal man, and acquired some wealth. He leaves a wife and several children, and many friends to mourn his loss.

PERSONAL. -- Messrs. Chas. Weidt and Lewis Meyer, of Cape Girardeau, arrived in our town last Monday, and remained here until Thursday. These gentlemen are publishing two journals in Cape Girardeau, one being a German newspaper and the other an English one. The former is the business manager. They were here securing subscribers and other business for their publications. They gave us a call and we were glad to see them.

Sheriff Robert N. Dean and Wm. Doerr, in company with Ernst Cousin and Daniel M. Lewis, left Perryville on Wednesday afternoon, for Jefferson City, at which place the latter individuals will remain for the period of two years.

Dr. C. A. Mann returned home on Sunday last from Memphis, and reports the yellow fever abating.

Mr. George S. Phillips and Nicholas Berry, Esq., of Lebanon, Ky., arrived in town on Wednesday.

F  Good Jeans at 35 cents per yard, best at 6 cents per yard, heavy plaid flannels at 35 cents per yard at Furth’s.


W. W. Mattingly, Wittenberg, Mo.
Joseph Davis, Marion county, Ills.
John T. Barber, Brazeau, Mo.
George Doerring, Altenburg, Mo.
Erich Pape, Bollinger county, Mo.
L. M. Lincoln, Bollinger county, Mo.
Martin Bingheimer, Apple Creek.
George B. McNew, Saline Creek.
Lunsford Ellis, Ste. Marys, Mo.
Chas. Weidt, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Lewis Meyer, Cape Girardeau.
R. M. Sawyer, Pocahontas, Mo.
W. H. McGuire
James A. Bull, Brazeau. Mo.
Columbus Blur, Brazeau.
Bernard Palish, Altenburg
Jacob Schmidt, Altenburg
Sheriff Walker?, Franconia county
John F. Bush, Farmintong [sic], Mo.
James Anderson, Cape Girardeau
Smith Brickey, Ste. Genevieve
M. Biehle, Biehle’s post office.
John Beseneckar, Uniontown.
O. Ambs, St. Louis
Leo Bryd, Brazeau, Perry Co., Mo.
Joseph Price, "
Otho Price, "
L. C. Hughey, "
J. L. Lane, "
Miles Cleary, "
Jas. F. Bedwell, Apple Creek, Mo.


Judge W. Carter, Farmington, Mo.
M. L. Clardy, Farmington, Mo.
Thos. L. Wilkinson, St. Louis, Mo.
Emanuel Urban, Longtown, Mo.
Greeley Dickson, Longtown, Mo.
L. H. Miller, Appleton, Mo.,
Robert Temple, Sparta, Ills.
Loundes H. Davis, Jackson, Mo.
W. H. Dennis Jackson. Mo.
Henry Bauer, Jackson, Mo.
Dr. D. T. Pace, Jackson, Mo.
W. M. Morrison, Chester, Ills.
J. D. Smith, Chester, Ills.
Otho Price, Brazeau, Mo.
J. O. Abernathy & land, Longtown Miss Agnes Huff, Longtown, Mo.
Miss Mary Huff, Longtown, Mo.
Nicholas Berry, Lebanon, Ky.
Judge J. B. Robins, Ste. Genevieve
Henry L. Caldwell, Ste. Marys

F  The most goods for the least money, always to be had at Furth’s

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