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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 24 July 1868


THE WEATHER has been extremely warm and oppressive during the past few weeks, the thermometer having stood at different times during that period at 113° above zero. This does for hot weather. On Sunday evening we were favored with a rain, but more is badly needed.

RADICAL DEMONSTRATIONS. -- After the Democratic meeting on Monday, the Radicals concluded they would have a demonstration. They met that night and appointed delegates to the Fredericktown convention to be held on the 22d inst. We understand there was only nine or ten present to do the business; rather a “phizzle” wasn’t it? The Scripture says something about not puting [sic] your light under a bushel, but to let it shine so all can see it. But we don’t suppose there is anything “Rotten in Denmark” this time.

A FOOT AMPUTATED. -- We are informed by our Bois Brule correspondent that James Andrew Preston, a son of James Preston, Sen., some ten months since was attacked with a very bad disease of the foot, which was finally incurable. It was deemed proper by his physician to amputate it which decision was carried into execution on the 27th of June, 1868, by Drs. Keller, Pollock, Tuning, and Penny.

MARRIED. -- Esquire Bruner at his residence in Bois Brule Bottom, recently, Mr. Robert Cooper to Miss Sarah Compton.

THE RYE IN BOIS BRULE. -- We are informed that Esquire Peter Bruner of Bois Brule Bottom has found in his rye field this year a single head that contains 114 grains. Who can beat that?

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