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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 24 August 1877


THEY HAVE A CAVE near Prairie du Rocher, and it contains several curiosities.

BALLOU'S MAGAZINE for September has been received, and it is an excellent number.

PROBATE COURT adjourned till the second Monday in November, that being the regular term.

HENRY BARBIER tells us that he has finished the repairs about the Silver Lake mill, and is now for business.

OUR FIRE Department, on Sunday evening last, treated some of our dusty streets to a quantity of surplus water.

Dental Notice. -- L. P. Ruff, resident Dentist, Perryville, will visit St. Marys on Tuesday, August 28th, and remain 5 days. Office at Rond's Hotel.

A RAIN fell in these parts last Saturday evening, and it was quite acceptable, and vegetation was benefitted by it.


THE CHESTER FAIR. -- In another column of this issue will be found an advertisement of the Southern Illinois Stock and Agricultural Fair.

A WARNING. -- Boys, take notice the Marshall has been notified by the Board of Trustees to stop the nuisance of ball playing on the public streets.

THE CONVENT. -- Four Sisters will arrived in Perryville next Wednesday and will, on Monday, September 3d, open the school. They are competent teachers, and hence a first class school will be taught.

A NEW BUILDING. -- Mr. Knollhof, lately of St. Louis, but now residing on the Fredericktown road, about three miles from Silver Lake, has had a new frame dwelling, about 40 by 24 feet, put up on his place.

BURSTED. -- On Saturday evening last, while engaged threshing wheat a short distance north of Perryville, the boiler of the new steam engine of Schindler & Chappuis bursted, but nobody was injury [sic] though business ceased.

THE SHOW that exhibited in Perryville last Monday was no humbug, on the contrary, it was a real good show, but was too much crowded, the inside of the tent being densely crowded. Probably four thousand persons were present.

CHARLES HESSE, proprietor of the Appleton Mills, was in Perryville last Friday, and called around to see us. He informed us that he has just completed repairs about his mill and placed it in an excellent condition for doing work.

A FREE LECTURE. -- A free lecture will be given in the court house on Monday evening, August 27th at half past seven o'clock, by N. B. Henry of Oak Ridge High School. Subject The Theory of Public Education Examined. Come one, come all.

TO THE LOWEST BIDDER. -- A few days since the county court of Madison county let the county printing to the lowest bidder, and Mr. Dunifer of the Farmer and Miner got it, his bid being fifteen cents a square, or less than two cents a line.

JUSTICE COURT. -- On Friday afternoon last, Squire P. F. Halbrook held his regular term, but not much business was transacted. The case of Antoine Faurier vs. M. Pallerin, a suit for debt, was tried by a jury and decided in favor of the defendant.


A REWARD OFFERED. -- Governor Phelps has issued a proclamation, offering a reward, of two hundred dollars each for the arrest of Henry Clay White and Louis Krimminger charged with the murder of William I. Jones, in this county on the 21st of September last.

A LITTLE UNPLEASANTNESS. -- On Friday last a little unpleasantness was experienced in the town of Claryville again. We are told that several persons having imbibed of too much intoxicating beverage, became noisy and a knock down occurred, but nobody was seriously hurt.

A SERPENT, doubtless the daddy of all serpents, was lately discovered wending its way through a part of Bois Brule bottom, and our informant says it looked as large as a big fence rail. Before he could secure assistance to kill the reptile, it launched its huge self into the father of waters and disappeared from sight.

A HURRICANE. -- On Thursday morning of last week Antoine Prost, residing four and a half miles southeast of Perryville, was engaged manufacturing cider near a shed, and while thus employed, a little hurricane visited that section, and tore off the roof of the shed and hurled it to the ground, Antoine Prost and W. D. McAtee narrowly escaping being badly hurt.

BADLY BRUISED. -- Cornelius, son of Dr. C. A. Mann, on last Tuesday evening, concluded to drive his father's horse to the stable, and seating himself in the sulky, started, when the animal became unmanageable and ran against the fence with great force, throwing the little fellow out, injuring him very badly, but providentially not seriously. The vehicle was wrecked.

PROPERTY DESTROYED. -- John Shaner has a farm rented four miles south of Appleton, and upon it he raised some wheat this year, about all of which he had stacked. on Monday night of last week two stacks of his wheat caught fire, by some means or another, which were consumed by the flames. About two hundred and fifty bushels of wheat was thus destroyed, and worth at least that many dollars.

BIRTH. -- On Wednesday, August 15th, a bright-eyed little girl called at the residence of Dr. Feltz, west of Perryville.

     Baby buggy

DIED, on Thursday, August 16th, 1877, at the residence of his parents four and a half miles northwest of Perryville, an infant son of Mr. A. Hagan.

Died, on Tuesday morning, August 21st, 1877, at his residence on the county farm, John Roth, aged about 60 years.

Died, on Monday night, August 29th, at the residence of its parents on Main street in Perryville, an infant child of George Preston.

Died, on Tuesday night, August 21st, at her residence one mile west of Perryville, Mrs. Mariah Covington, aged about 46 years.


All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to me, are requested to make settlement of their accounts. After the 10th day of September, 1877, I shall put all unsettled accounts and notes in the hands of the proper officer for collection.



All those indebted to me for professional services for the year 1876, are respectfully requested to come and pay up on or before Sept. 1st., 1877.


PERSONAL. -- Mrs. Wm. Furth, accompanied by Mrs. S. G. Mills, arrived here last Sunday.

Rev. S. Kleiser of Cape Girardeau, was in Perryville last Friday on a visit.

Dr. H. C. Murphy who has been in Topeka, Kansas, where he has located in the drug business, returned to Perryville last Sunday, visiting his family.

John Kiefner, accompanied by his son Samuel, left for St. Louis last Tuesday on business.

Mrs. Rufus Walker left on a visit to relatives this week.

Miss Louise Cox of French Village, St. Francis county, and Miss Emma Burns of Claryville, are here visiting the family of Jas. Burgee.

Mrs. Alice Silverstone left for her home in St. Louis last Tuesday.

GENTLY REMOVED. -- On last Friday morning a swine of no ordinary dimensions, and possessing considerable skill and perseverance, entered the orchard of Mrs. S. A. Edwards, east of Perryville, for the express purpose of consuming some fruit lying upon the ground, but said swine was prevented from enjoying this luxury, as it was made the beat a hasty retreat. Coming to a large gate that was closed against its exit, said animal very deliberately placed its nose under the aforesaid obstruction to its progress, and throwing the gate upon its back, carried it off a safe distance and dropped it, to the great consternation of all. Hogs are nice things to have in a quiet town or almost any where else, especially if they are apt scholars in gate lifting and other accomplishments.


EDITOR UNION: Major Huff's court was in session to-day, (Union township) and a suit for debt occupied the greater part of the day, which was decided in favor of the plaintiff.

A little stranger called at the residence of John E. Gorden one day this week, and John is happy.

Joseph B. Haselbud & Co. was threshing at Henry Little's the other day, and every thing worked satisfactorily.

Farmers have suspended plowing waiting for rain.

H. F. Quick has erected a dry house on his premises, one half mile east of Eureka.

Mr. Leon, of Schall's store, boasts of an eleven years old girl. She is the right kind of a girl, and she will make somebody a good wife.

Rufus Clifton had his flock of sheep decreased by some toothless cur recently. Blue glass is badly needed.

Health is excellent in this community.



EDITOR UNION: Seven feet of water between here and Kaskaskia.
The elevator is being painted.
Peaches are plentiful.
Jules Rozier is building a store house. Mr. Williams is to build the foundation.
Several of our citizens were in Perryville last Monday to see the circus.
Yesterday we had a heavy rain.
About 10,000 bushels of wheat in the elevator.
Watermelons seem to be scarce.
Philip Karst, formerly of St. Louis is now associated with J. Tlapek, Jr.
Wm. Face will be ready to burn a kiln of brick soon.



Wednesday, August 15th. -- The following settlements were made:

J. F. Renaud curator of Jos. Wimsatt, balance, due $398.52.

George T. Tucker, curator t. A. Moore, balance due $1,267.10.

Jos. Wingerter, curator of Joseph Hotop, balance due $278.58; also for Theresa Hotop, due $286.91; also for Wm. Hotop, due $287.15.

Uriel W. Cox, curator W. Ward, balance due $58.59; also for Delia Clifton, due $58.59.

Jos. G. Weinhold, curator of Joseph Hecht, balance due $132.64; also for Emile and Benjamin Hecht, balance due $304.33.

Emanuel Urban, admr. Jos. Hodel, balance due $32.10.

Robt. A. Garner, curator of Edward M. Garner, due ward $602.96.

The following allowances were then made:

G. W. Vineyard vs. M. Adler $2.25.

M. L. Eddlemon vs. W. L. Lee 37.60

Litsch & Co. vs. "  "  " 90.35

Clotilda Adams vs. C. Ferguson 100.06

J. F. Renaud, curator of Jos. Wimsatt ordered that $150 be appropriated to pay ward's debts.

Sarah Milster, curator of her own children,m made settlement, and continued till further orders.

Miles Yarbrough, curator of Wm. Cook, files settlement and continued.

James I. Horrell vs. Andrew Gorman, administrator Henry P. Cissell on account. Case called, Jury empanneled [sic], witnesses examined and argument of counsel.

An attachment issued for Geo. Killian for failing to answer summons of juror.

Thursday, August 16th. -- The following allowances were made:

H. P. Cissell " J. F. Cissell 1612.50
Boeger & Siruz vs. T. R. Muncy 35.00
Theo. Picou "  "  " 7.15
John T. Pollock "  "  " 31.50
Jas. Preston "  "  " 15.00
Jas. Conlin "  "  " 8.50
Margaret Ripley "  "  " 146.25
A. A. Anderson "  "  " 28.25
M. C. Crissey "  "  " 10.40
C. C. Williams "  "  " 28.33
John N. Osborne "  "  " 5.75
Wm. Fallon "  "  " 17.72
T. G. Chadwick vs. J. Sutterer 293.10
Aug. Doerr vs. William Litsch 455.30
J. A. Burns' est vs. J. Sutterer 82.88
Francis Rohner "  " 34.22
Henry Smith vs. Frank Rohner

The following settlements were then made:

Mary E. Hagar, curator of Fred. Burtelow, balance due $389.90.

Jones A. Rutledge, curator of C. W. Nance, balance due $1,075.07; also for T. W. Nance, bal. due $1,191.25; also for D. W. Nance, due $1.129.50.

David W. Morrison, curator of D. R. Morrison, due ward $99.70.

Mary E. McAtee, curator of Rosaline McAtee, due $325.14.

F. X. Miles, curator of George Miles due $343.42; also Sylverian Miles, due $344.12; also for Christian Miles $343.41.

James T. Greemwell, administrator of Thos.R. Muncy, ordered to sell gold watch at private sale.

Joseph C. Killian, curator of Lewis French, $179.24 appropriated out of ward's estate to pay store bill at Wm. Furth's.

Friday, August 17th. -- The following settlements were made:

Wm. A. Cashion, curator of Emanuel Block, bal. due $476.08; also for Alice Block $477.40; also for Levi Block due $542.46; and for Amelia Block, due $582.82.

Louisa P. McAtee, curator of Matilda C. McAtee, due $169.83.

John B. Tucker, curator of James C. Tucker $23.00.

Thos. J. Moore, administrator Luvina M. Hagan, due $686.88.

S. L. McAtee, curator of Henry Moore, due $129.08.

Jos. C. Killian, curator Lewis French, due $1052.58.

George T. Tucker, curator of C. A. Moore, due $1,290.53; also for T. A. Moore, due $1,259.68; and for Henry R. Moore,due $1,275.49.

Constant Grillion, curator of Justine Grillion et al due $84.20.

Sarah E. Allen against Chas. Hayden $1.85.

James T. Greenwell, administrator of Perry e. Davis, balance due $206, ordered to pay $24 on 5th class claim.

Louisa P. McAtee, guardian and curator of Theresa McAtee, ward in open court acknowledges satisfaction, and curator discharged.

Emanuel Urban, curator Trusten W. and Drury Nance, obtains judgment against Jones A. Rutledge's estate and the securities, Albert G. and Sidney Abernathy for $1,191.25, and $1,129.50, respectively, being balance due said wards.

Probate of the last will and testament of Florence Feltz, Sr., and approved.

Mary O'Brien, widow of the late John O'Brien, makes application to have the personal property of said deceased turned over to her without administration, granted upon proof being produced, as to its value.

Thos. J. Moore administrator of Luvina Hagan, ordered to rent farm a private sale.

George T. Tucker,administrator of Francis Riney, ordered to sell rent wheat at a private sale.

Wm. R. Allen, curator of Wm. R. and Mary L. Allcorn, appointment and authority revoked for the reason that he has left the state.

Thomas J. Moore, administrator of James A. Hagan, report of sale of real estate disapproved, and order of sale renewed.

George T. Tucker, administrator of Charles Hayden, ordered to pay widow $38.70, balance absolute dower, and $50 as part of year's provisions.

Saturday, August 18th. -- James T. Greenwell, administrator of James A. Burns, report of sale approved; also approved in the case of P. E. Davis.

Jas. T. Greenwell, administrator of J. A. Rutledge, ordered to sell rent wheat at private sale, same as admr. of Austin Hogard, ordered to sell rent and corn; same as admr. Chloe E. Ferguson, ordered to sell bed, sewing machine, and truck at private sale. Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. Perry E. Davis, order of publication to sell more real estate; same as admr. of Thomas R. Muncy, sale of gold watch approved, also sale of wheat approved.

Chas. A. Weber, admr. of William Litsch to assign county warrant No. 72 for $1,000 over to Julia Behrle.

Application of Jesse Laws to have contract for real estate with Wm. Stuart's estate rescinded, refused on the grounds that the court had no jurisdiction.

Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of William Stuart, ordered to sell real estate.

John Hof, admr. of John P. Poehner report of sale of old wheat approved.

John Hof being appointed in will executor of Florence Feltz, Sr., files his renunciation of said trust, and Jas. T. Greenwell is ordered to take charge of said estate.

John H. Simpson was appointed curator of estates of David J., Jas. A., Mary and s. D. Abernathy ; also of the estate of Henry Meyers.

Felix H. Layton, admr. of Henry N. Tucker, report of sale of real estate not approved, and sale set aside, and order of sale renewed.

Harrison & Co. vs. S. W. Morey, two judgments field for classification and cause continued.

John E. Aikin, curator of John F. DeLassus, made settlement, balance due $189.59.

Felix H. Layton, admr. of Henry N. Tucker, due estate $25.40.

John H. Simpson was appointed curator of Henry Meyer, and bond approved.

Isidore Cissell, executor of Joseph Cissell, curator of M. L. Cissell, made settlement, due ware $3,832.14; same for M. G. Cissell, due ware $4,598.53; same for M. J. Cissell, due $3,271.28.

Gregory Brewer settled for Mandaville Morgan, due $560.94.

James Rice, curator of Philomine Smith vs. the bondsmen of Felix E. Tucker for curator. Said bondmen came in to court and paid the balance due from said estate, $198.14, and were discharged.

A dispatch of the 20th of August says that the imperial government of China has issued an edict against the use of opium, declaring that its use is bringing destruction upon the Chinese people. It is said that in addition to home production opium is imported into China to the annual value of over $40,000,000 principally from British India.

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