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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 23 July 1875


BIRTH. -- A little boy stopped at the residence of Mr. Alexander Grass in Bois Brule bottom recently.

     Baby buggy

PEACHES are getting ripe, but they have not made their appearance, in the Perrryville market yet. We have seen a few.

PAINTING UP. -- Mr. Raymond Schindler, residing about one mile east of Perryville, has had his dwelling nicely painted, and Mr. Fritz Springer done the work.

COUNTY COURT was in session on Tuesday last, and passed judgment on the county delinquent tax list; also issued bonds to pay off the Apple Creek bridge builders.

FIXING UP. -- Mr. George Bergman is now having his residence, five miles northeast of Perryville, treated to a coat of paint. This does not only help the looks of the house, but preserves it.

MISS EMMA NOELL, daughter of James C. Noell, Esq., formerly of Perryville, has been engaged as one of the teachers of the public school at Marble Hill, Bollinger county, for the ensuing year.

CUT HIS FOOT. -- A son of Mr. Aaron Nesslein, residing two and a half miles east of Perryville, while engaged cutting oats on Thursday of last week, accidentally cut his left foot, but not seriously.

A HEAVY RAIN, last week, done some mischief in our county. It washed great gullies in some localities and made old ones a great deal larger than they were, however, no other harm was done.

FOUND. -- The body of Mrs. Clifton who was drowned near Bailey's Landing the early part of last week has been found. It was taken out of the Mississippi river at Wittenberg a few days ago.

SUN STRUCK. -- Mr. francis Parres residing about three miles west of Perryville, while busy at work on Friday last, was sun struck, but we understand that he is recovering, and will soon be about.

RECOVERED. -- The body of Mr. William Doerr, who we mentioned in our last issue as being drowned in the bayou at Jones' island on the 10th inst., was recovered last Friday about one mile below the island.

NEW TIN SHOP. -- Preparations are now being made to erect a brick addition in the rear of Mr. William Litsch's business house, which, when completed, will be occupied by our gentlemanly tinner, Mr. Otto C. Nabert.

A LARGE HAWK was killed on Thursday of last week by a son of Mr. Mark Horrell, residing eight miles south of Perryville. This chicken destroyer measured just four feet and seven inches from tip to tip of wings. IRISH POTATOES, of the early variety, have made their appearance in our market, and are selling at seventy-five cents to one dollar per bushel. We understand that there has been quite a fine crop of early potatoes raised in our county.

KILLED. -- A serpent, or a large black snake, measuring four feet in length, got in to trouble last week. It intruded its ugly self in to the residence of Miss Martha Hagar, four miles southeast of Perryville and it was not permitted to retire alive. -- The reptile was killed.

NOT SO BAD. -- We are glad to inform our readers that the loss in Bois Brule bottom from the late rise in the river, proves not to have been as bad as first reported to us. We understand that our old friend, Mr. Joseph Deger, did not have more than three acres of land under water. The river continues to fall.

HONORARY MEMBERS. -- Mr. James Burgee, our worthy and efficient Circuit Clerk, and Hon. William H. Bennett, have just received appointments from Governor Charles H. Hardin. These two gentlemen have been appointed honorary members of the Board of the State Centennial Managers. The appointments are good ones. So Perry county will be represented.

Since the above was in type we learn that Judge Weinhold has been appointed an honorary member.

TRANSFER. -- Mr. Ireneaus Brown has purchased Mr. R. A. Howard's interest in the land belonging to the estate of Mrs. Sarah Brown, decease, paying for the same $450.

Mr. Henry Six is now the bonafide owner of the property known as the Behrle place, situated near the Schnurbusch Chruch in this county, Mr. Biehle having given him a deed to the same one day last week.

CHAS E. WISE, who was arrested some time ago on a charge of forgery, and taken to Jackson for safe keeping, where he was released on a writ of habeas corpus, was rearrested on last Tuesday morning at the city of Cape Girardeau by deputy sheriff Luke J. Hutcheson. -- He was brought to Perryville and lodged in jail, and will have a hearing on the 31st inst.

     Ball and chain

WOOLLY. -- Mr. Alex. Courtois, residing two and a half miles southwest of Perryville, recently had eleven nice sheep killed by dogs. The canine tribe seems to have a strong liking for mutton, or the blood of the same, as they give the innocent sheep but little chance for life in these parts. A large number of the fleecy tribe have been compelled to give up the ghost and depart this life during the past few months, and it is very probable that a good many more will be forced to do the same thing during the next few months.

MARRIED, on Sunday morning, July 18th, 1875, at the residence of the bride in Perryville, by Rev. Charles Demetro, Mr. Herman Kahle to Mrs. Anne Koch. The couple, soon after the marriage ceremony was performed, left on a bridal tour.

Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, west of Perryville, on Thursday, July 15th, 1875, by Squire John F. Dickinson, Mr. Thos. Tucker to Miss Mary Cecil.

Married, on Thursday, July 15th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, west of Perryville, by Squire John F. Dickinson, Mr. Ed. Tucker to Miss Sarah Cecil.

Married, on Saturday night July 17th, 1875, in Perryville, by Squire Halbrook, Mr. James Bowen to Miss Amanda Cooper.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Thomas Hooss left for the city of St. Louis on Saturday last, on business, and returned on Wednesday.

Mr. George W. Gostorf, of St. Louis, arrived in Perryville Saturday on a visit.

Mrs. Grattias, of St. Louis, arrived in Perryville Saturday on a visit.

Miss Isabella Behrle left Perryville for Cape Girardeau on Monday morning last, at which place she will attend the St. Vincent Female Academy during the coming school year.

Mr. Anton Hunt visited Cape Girardeau on Monday last, and returned on Tuesday.

Rev. Father Wiggers, of River au Vases, and Rev. Father Moelbock, of Punjaub, both of Ste. Genevieve county, have been in Perryville this week on a visit.

Mr. W. B. Harris, agent for Fry's patent chemical mill stone dress, was in town this week.

DEPARTED THIS LIFE, in the city of Chester, Ills., at one o'clock on Friday, July 16th, 1875, Mr. John Young, in the sixty-ninth year of his age. The deceased was born in Otterburn, England, emigrated to America during the year 1833, and was a resident of Chester upward of forty years. We have been acquainted with the subject of this notice since the spring of 1850, and we knew him to be a thoroughly honest man and a Christian gentleman, and was fully prepared for the change that has taken place. The deceased is the father of Mrs. Dr. Mann. He leaves several relatives and a large number of friends to mourn his absence from the family altar and home circle.

DIED, in Bois Brule bottom, on Tuesday, July 13th, 1875, Mr. William Grass, aged about 21 years.

Died, on Saturday morning, July 17th, 1875, at the residence of its parents, five and a half miles north of Perryville, an infant child of Mr. George W. Taylor.

Died, on Saturday evening, July 17th, 1875, at her residence four and a half miles west of Silver Lake, in this county, Mrs. Alice Young, aged about 60 years.

Died, on Sunday morning, July 18th, 1875, at the residence of its parents in Perryville, Theodore, youngest son of Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Caroline Strobel, aged nearly four months.

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