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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 23 December 1870


BEN. FAINA was, this week, lodged in our county jail, charged with stealing a horse.

A DROVE OF CATTLE, numbering eighty head, passed through town on Monday morning, en route for Chester, Illinois.

MR. HENRY HOLF [sic] and family have moved into their new brick residence in town. Sensible, friend Rolf. It is a neat and comfortable dwelling.

MR. JOHN B. ROBINSON’S residence is completed, and he with his amiable companion, will soon occupy it. It is a handsome home.

TEAM RAN OFF. -- On Sunday morning inst. a team started off on a run down the Jackson road, but it was stopped before any serious damage was done.

DR. S. T. HALL, of Fredericktown, will visit Perryville on the 10th day of January, at which time he will attend to business in the line of Dentistry. -- Remember this.


FIRE, FIRE, FIRE -- Yes, fire, that is the chimney of Mr. Thomas Hooss’ hotel was on fire on Sunday noon, and the sut [sic] in it was pretty well burned out. No other damage was done by this conflagration.

THE INSTITUTE -- Remember the Teacher’s Institute will convene at the Brewer School House next Monday, and a full attendance should be present on the occasion. A pleasant time is anticipated.

A KNOCK -- On Saturday last while Mr. Peter Hausman was at work on Weber & Co.’s building, his foot slipped, which caused him to be precipitated against a joist, hurting his mouth quite badly, though not seriously.

CUT HIMSELF. -- Mr. Alben Prost, one of our farmers, while using a knife about some work, the other day accidently [sic] cut his leg with the same, however, the wound will not prove fatal, though it has caused him much pain.

PERSONAL. -- Louis Doerr, of the firm of Doerr & Bros. left town for St. Louis on Sunday to purchase goods.

William P. Faherty, who has been in St. Louis [to] purchase merchandise, has returned home.

C. A. WEBER & CO have just had a coat of white paint put upon their new business house on Jackson street, which is now being built. We understand that this building will be completed and ready for occupation some time in February. Perryville is steadily growing, and we are glad to note the fact. We should like to see one hundred houses go up in Perryville during the coming year.

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