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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 23 August 1867


THE TEACHERS’ INSTITUTE. -- Pursuant to notice a number of teachers and others interested in the advancement of education met at the court house in Perryville last Saturday, and organized a teachers institute the proceedings of which will be published in our next week’s issue.

JOHN KIEFNER. -- Read the advertisement of this gentleman’s in another column of to days’ paper, and then if you need furniture give him a call, and he will suit you both in style taste and price.

MR. JAMES F. EDWARDS, Assistant United States Collector was in town this week.

PIC NIC. -- Some of our citizens had a pic nic on Thursday of last week. The national brass band was present to enliven the scenes of the day. We understand the pic nic was enjoyed hugely.

RAIN BADLY NEEDED. -- Rain badly needed in this portion of God’s vineyard. Vegetation is suffering for the want of it. Heavy rains have fallen in other portions of the country during the past week, but no rain have we had for lo these many weeks. The weather clerk must certainly not be attending to duty promptly. It is hoped that the parched earth will be refreshed by rain.

THE DUKE OF BRUNSWICK is the last of his race. After his death his dynasty, one of the oldest in Europe, will be extinct.

Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate

Notice is hereby given that under and in virtue of an order of the circuit court of Perry county, Mo. made at the April term for the year 1867, I the undersigned sheriff will offer and expose to sale on Tuesday the 15th day of October, 1867, at the court house door in the town of Perryville in said county between the hours of 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. of said day, and during the term of said court to the highest bidder the following described real estate situate, lying and being in Perry county, Mo., to-wit:

255 acres of land more or less being the tract of land granted to one Thomas Cochran under one David Clark, in Bois Brule Bottom in Congressional township No. 36 north range 11 east, and known as survey No. 117 and is the same tract of land conveyed to Austin Hogard by Joseph D. Simpson, the then sheriff of Perry county, by deed dated June 16th, 1841, recorded on page 63 and 64 of volume 4, one of the Perry county land records, situated in Perry county, Mo. Said land is sold to make partition and division among James Preston, Jones A. Meridith and Ann his wife, Calvey Cochran by her guardian Jones A. Meridith, Thomas Cochran and Mary Hogard.

TERMS OF SALE. -- Ten percent of the purchase money to be paid in hand the residue in twelve months the purchaser giving bond with approved security for said residue.

A. H. Cashion,
Sheriff of Perry county, Missouri.

The Perryville UNION PRINTING OFFICE is prepared to do all kinds and description of Job Work at reasonable prices.

Strayed or Stolen


From the undersigned on the night of the 14th instant, a mare of a dark color with a white star in her forehead, one of the hind feet white, twelve years old last spring, and about 15½ hands high. I will pay for information or delivery of said horse.


F  All kinds of blanks printed or order at this office cheap for greenbacks.

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