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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 23 April 1875


COMMUNION. -- Quite a number of young persons made their first communion at the Catholic Church in Chester on Sunday last.

BAD LUCK. -- Mr. Miles Dolle, residing near Mr. Henry Yount's store met with quite a loss last week, in having about one hundred panels of his fence burned.

THAT'S RIGHT. -- Mr. S. C. Barbier, residing near Silver Lake, has made some improvements about his premises. It is hinted that he is soon to take a partner.

NEW SCHOOL. -- Mrs. M. A. Varner is teaching a three months school in the building known as the Cedar Fork school house, and she has a good attendance.

QUIT THAT. -- Some persons are in the habit of visiting the Jerome Moranville pond two and a half miles from Perryville to catch fish. They are very politely invited not to do this.

THRASHING. -- Mr. Lawrence V. Moore, residing about four miles south of Perryville, thrashed a lot of his wheat on Wednesday of last week. This wheat was not grown this year.

LAND TRANSFER. -- On Friday last Mr. C. F. Miget purchased the farm belonging to Mr. Cassimere Bey, situated about three and a half miles southwest of Perryville, containing seventy-five acres.

LAWYERS. -- The following attorneys have been in attendance at our court since our last issue: B. B. Cahoon and Wm. N. Nalle, Esqs., of Madison county, and H. S. Shaw, Esq., of Ste. Genevieve.

BALLOU'S MAGAZINE for May is out, and looks as fresh and nice as spring flowers. It is filled with the nicest of reading matter, prose and poetry, and is just such a publication as should be welcomed in every household in the country.

CONFLAGRATION. -- Mr. Alfonza Pecaut, residing six miles west of Perryville, met with a loss on Monday of last week. A rail fence around twelve acres of land caught fire, three-fourths of which fence was consumed by the flames.

HAND INJURED. -- Joseph Nesslein, son of Mr. Aaron Nesslein, residing two and a half miles east of Perryville, while engaged cutting oats a few days ago, had his left hand accidentally caught in the machine inflicting a severe cut near the thumb.

WOLVES. -- Every now and then these unwelcome animals are seen prowling about our county, seeking whom they may devour. A few days since a very large wolf was seen upon the farm of Mr. Joshua Hudson's, eight miles northwest of Perryville.

SHOWING THEIR STRENGTH. -- Some of our farming friends, while rolling timber from their clearing during the past few weeks, have manifested a disposition to lift to [sic] much at once, and the consequence has been that several of them received severe injuries by it, some being compelled to seek their beds.

BIRTHS. -- A bright eyed little female stopped at the residence of Mr. Joseph E. Brewer, three miles south east of Perryville on Wednesday night of last week.

A brick maker called at the residence of Mr. Henry Holtman in Perryville last Monday evening.

A little boy put in his appearance at the residence of Mr. Harrison Bess on Whitewater in this county last Saturday.

     Baby buggy

DIED, on Saturday morning, April 17th, 1875, at her residence five miles south of Perryville, Mrs. Ellen Renaud, aged twenty years.

Died, on Saturday, April 17, 1875, at the residence of his parents six miles west of Perryville, son of Mr. A. and Mrs. Sophia Chappuis, aged about six weeks.

Died, on Wednesday, April 21st, 1875, at the residence of his parents one mile north of Perryville, August Huber, son of Mr. Henry Huber, aged about fourteen years.

COLD WEATHER. -- The weather in these parts was not very mild and pleasant the last three days of last week, the fact is, it wasn't good weather for fruit, wheat and gardens. Old Winter took possession of the throne on the occasion, and seemed determined to crowd spring out of her right. Considerable ice was found upon the ponds. It is thought that the fruit and wheat crops have been injured by it. On Tuesday morning last we were favored with rain and hail stones came down quite lively for awhile.

NOT TO BE CONSTRUCTED! -- For some months past we have been lead to believe that the Chester and Iron Mountain railroad would be commenced and pushed through to completion at an early day. We have been repeatedly assured that capitalists had taken hold of the enterprise, and that early in the spring work would be begun, but up to this date no steps have been taken in this direction, on the contrary, it is now strongly intimated that it will not be constructed at all. This will be a disappointment, at least, to some people who live along its proposed route, but then we suppose they well have to bear with it.

WATERS LANDING. -- We understand that considerable improvement is going on at the above place. We are glad to note this fact. Mr. E. M. DeLassus has just completed a good ware-house at that point, and Mr. William R. Allen has just commenced the erection of a similar establishment. Mr. Joseph Drake is putting up a neat and comfortable frame dwelling house there, while Dr. Bedle has begun the erection of an office building, and it is thought that place during the coming summer. Who knows but that Waters Landing may yet become quite a prosperous little city. We certainly wish the people success.

THE CANINE TRIBE. -- These animals continue to go just where they please, and do all the devilment they want to. On Tuesday night of last week one or more dogs got among the sheep belonging to Mr. Henry F. Miles, residing two and a half miles north of Perryville, killing six sheep outright and wounding as many more, from the effects of which a majority of them have since died.

There are some sheep raisers who are getting converted to the belief that a heavy tax on the canine tribe would not be a bad move after all, the fact is, such a law might be the means of getting rid of a good many worthless dogs, and the lives of a considerable number of the fleecy tribe would have some show of protection.

PERSONAL. -- Messrs. C. K. Hayden and Lewis A. Wilson, visited Perryville on the 15h inst., and left for Cape Girardeau on the 16th. The former gentleman goes to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he expects to spend the summer months.

Mrs. Aug. Mercier and children, of St. Marys, has been here the past week on a visit. Mr. M. J. Hines, of Cape Girardeau county, was in town this week.

Mr. John N. Frank and Mr. ----- Chauteau of St. Louis were in Town this week on business in our circuit court.

Mr. James W. Crawford, formerly of our town, agent for Wilson's Directory, arrived in town on Tuesday last.

Mr. Michael Stieber, of St. Marys, is in town and will remain here this summer, to assist Mr. Gotto in putting up brick work.

Mr. R. M. Young, of Wittenberg, was in town the past week.

MARRIED, on Wednesday, April 14th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. M. Rubi, Mr. William McCauley to Miss Emily Edwards.

Married, on Monday, April 19th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary, by Rev. M. Rubi, Mr. John O'Brien to Miss Josephine French.

Married, on Monday, April 19th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary by Rev. M. Rubi, Mr. Basil Moore to Miss Emily Burgee.

Married, on Thursday, April 15th, 1875, at St. Marys by Father Lilly, Mr. John Tlapek, Jr., to Miss Rosa Bugy.

Married, on Monday, April 19th, 1875, at the residence of Peter Dickerson on Jones' island, by Squire Wm. R. Allen, Mr. Luther Bell to Miss Annie Martin.

Married, on Tuesday, April 20th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. Geo. Preston to Miss Henrietta Seemes.

PERRYVILLE WHEAT AND FLOUR MARKET. Corrected weekly by Fred. Schindler:

Wheat, white choice  -  $  1.00
Wheat, red choice  -  .90
Flour, choice per barrel  -  6.00
Flour, choice per hundred  -  3.00
" XXX per barrrel,  -  5.00
" XXX per hundred  -  2.50
" XX per barrel,  -  4.50
" XX per hundred  -  2.25
Bran, per bushel,  -  .15
Ship stuff, per hundred,  -  1.25

THE LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: The Platonians appeared in force on last Friday night. The meeting proved to be quite interesting. A. N. Huff was proposed for membership. -- A ballotting [sic] for the candidate resulted in his admission. Mr. Huff is one of the apostate sons of the old Perryville Literary Society. He is a young man of considerable ability, consequently, he is received with pleasure into the ranks of the disciples of Plato.

The programme of the evening was called and carried out to the letter and intent thereof. Miss Alice Block read "Curtain Lecture of Mrs. Caudle;" D. W. Crow read "Horatius at the Bridge;" Miss Minnie Chase declaimed "The Drunkard's Wife;" Miss Zora Block and Miss Katie McAtee sung "Beautiful Dew Drops;" Dr. C. A. Mann delivered a lecture on mind. -- The subject, although one of immense depth, was presented very ably by the speaker. The labyrinths of metaphysics were explored, the dangerous path between materialism and transcendentalism was entered, but without a loss of reckoning, the reason -- God, author of all, being kept constantly in view.

The debate on the resolution, "Resolved, that the Legislature of this State did right in voting and appropriating books and other legal documents for the use of the members thereof," was next in order. A number of visitors being present, they were invited to take a part in the discussion. Messrs. A. H. Cashion, C. A. Killian and Rev. H. Dalton spoke in favor of the resolution and Messrs. J. L. Crow, J. C. Noell, A. N. Ruff and Wm. Huff on the part of the negative. After a very interesting discussion, the previous question was ordered, and the action of our Legislature, under consideration, was sustained. Owing to a lack of preparation and a sufficient number of books for the use of the singers, the music was, perhaps, with the exception of the first piece, below the usual standard. The question for discussion on next Friday night is, Resolved, that no person shall be allowed to vote in this country at any county, state or national election, nor act as an elector or representative, who is not the owner of real estate.


THE CIRCUIT COURT PROCEEDINGS -- Thursday, April 15th. -- State of Missouri vs. Thomas Tucker, indicted for disturbing the peace of a family, plead guilty and was find [sic] $25.

Lewis A. Wilson vs. Hayden & Merritt, debt, judgment for $151.

Henry Caho and wife vs. John Endres, ejectment, tried by the court and taken under advisement.

Friday, April 16th. -- John M. Penney vs. A. Drake, appeal from Justice Peace dismissed.

Nicholas Rimbaugh vs. Lunsford Ellis, appeal from justice peace dismissed.

Elijah G. Alcon et al vs. Sarah E. Allen, petition to admeasure dower was dismissed at plaitiff's cost.

Lewis A. Wilson vs. Hayden & Merritt, debt, order for execution to next term of court.

John Black vs. Richard Black, judgment for $362.25, and plaintiff ordered to make a deed to certain real estate.

State of Missouri vs. John Christenson and August Christensen, indictment for an assault with intent to kill, recognizance taken and trial set for the 19th.

State of Missouri vs. Henry C. Hardin, indicted for an assault with intent to kill, recognizance taken and trial set for the 20th.

H. L. Caldwell vs. Thos. Spicer et al, ejectment, dismissed at Plaintiffs cost.

Wm. R. Miles vs. Phillip French et al, partition, sheriff ordered to make deed to Wm. R. Miles, Jr.

Saturday, April 17th. -- John C. Farrar, guardian and curator of the Venable heirs, order of Sale continued to next term.

Andrew Meyer et al vs. Emmett Bloom et al, partition, order of distribution.

R. M. Young et al vs. Lucy Cochran et al, partition, order of distribution.

Emanuel J. Smith vs. Clement J. Fenwick, judgment for $3.05.

John M. Sandler vs. John P. Poehner, appeal from justice peace, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

Wm. Litsch, Treasurer, &c., vs. Jones A. Rutledge, debt, leave granted to answer by 1st of next September and continued.

M. M. Kimmel vs. Elroy Bedwell, bill in equity, trial progressed and laid over until Monday for further hearing.

Sheriff made reports of sales and acknowledged deeds.

Emanuel Block et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale at August term county court.

Monday, April 19th. -- State of Missouri vs. Wm. Howell, recogizance from justice peace, recognizance discharged.

State of Missouri vs. Charles Layton, same as above.

State of Missouri vs. Barney Clifton, same as above.

State of Missouri v. Felix McAtee, same as above.

Henry Caho and wife vs. John Endres, ejectment, judgment for the defendant.

John M. Duvall vs. E. L. Adams, appeal from justice peace, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

State of Missouri vs. John Christenson and August Christenson, indicted for an assault with intent to kill. Trial by jury and verdict of not guilty.

Willie A. Bell vs. James M. Bell, divorce, interlocutory judgment by default.

Tuesday, April 20th. -- Mr. E. McLochlin vs. William J. Morrison, ejcttment, continued to next term.

D. F. DeLassus vs. Francis Hayden and James Wolsey, appeal from justice peace dismissed at defendant's cost.

John N. Frank vs. James Wilson et al, ejectment, trial progressing.

Wednesday, April 21st. -- Everastus Nitscher et al, exparte, partition and order of sale.

James M. Mattingly et al, exparte, same as above.

Thos G. Chadwick and Julia Black, exparte, same as above.

Lewis Dickson vs. James O'Neal, foreclusure mortgage, continued by the court.

Leon Bogy, administrtor of H. B. Kinnison, vs. J. L. Crow, adminstrator of Wm. Allen, foreclosure of mortgage, same as above.

Jas. J. Moore et al, exparte, partition and order of sale.

John Black vs. Richard Black, debt, execution and order of sale.

State of Missouri vs. Henry C. Hardin, indicted for an assault with intent to kill, was continued by the court.

State vs. George Lodes, penalty, the same as above.

Henry Caho, vs. John Endres, ejectment, motion for a new trial overruled.

State ex rel. and to use of Perry county vs. Geo. Lodes, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

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